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Riku looked into his friend's sorrowful eyes. The bright light that held the friendship of two bestfriends, slowly crumbled. Crumbled right infront of him. Riku lowered his head, and put his arms around her slender frame, holding her tightly. Her quiet sobs grew louder, as she pressed her head to his chest. Riku couldn't help but feel like his heart was being stabbed, and dropped. The aburn haired girl raised her head, looking into Riku's emerald eyes. She looked like she just lost her bestfriend.

Which was the case. Her bestfriend since she was 4, gone, away, to never be able to stand beside her. He was gone. His chocolate brown hair to never be seen again. His smile to brighten her would never be there again, and those blue eyes, they wouldn't be able to melt her heart again.

"It-It's okay Kai..." Riku told his friend, hugging her more. Kairi's pain was let out earlier, and now she was weakened, and Riku knew she needed him now. She needed someone to pull her through. He watched the girl bang her fists agains the wall, screaming, and hitting her head on the hard wooden floor. She wasn't in her right mind, nor was she sober. "N-No...R-R-Riku it's n-n-not..." she cried out to him. "H-he-he's gone." She slid to the floor, causing Riku to lose his grasp on her. Riku lowered to his knees, sitting infront of her. He tried holding back his tears, but the urge to cry jerked, and pulled, yet he still held it back.

"Sora is there for us..he's j-just..not here. He is. We just can't..see him." The silver haired youth told her. He got up to his feet, and pulled Kairi up to hers, holding onto her greatly. The smell of cheep wine filled his nostrils, as he pulled her closer. He wasn't surprised, she was like that for the past few days. He couldn't leave her for five minutes, or she'd get drunk.

Kairi placed a hand on Riku's shoulder, helping herself walk. Her hair was a mess, her clothes were torn, and bloody from where she tore up her fists, which Riku caught her just in time from breaking anything. Riku walked her to the bathroom, and setting her on the toliet seat. Kairi looked up to the mirror infront of them, and studied the girl that stared back at her. She saw a blonde, that resembled her, but then saw herself. She looked rough. Black under eye circles, smeared makeup, and hair that was knotted. Her lips quivered at the sight, as she looked back up at Riku. "I look..terrible..." she slurred out, trying to calm herself.

Riku shook his head. "No you don't, Kai. You just need to relax." Kairi nodded, putting her head in her hands. Her headache grew into a migraine, causing her to grip her head. "Damnit.." she whispered out. Riku sighed, as he turned to the red head. "I'm running you some water. You need to clean up. Then, you can come stay with me tonight. Sad to say, but I don't trust you to be by yourself." Kairi gave Riku a stare. Her blue eyes seemed to be souless, which made her seem like an empty shell.

After her water was ran, Riku walked out, and shut the door behind him. He hoped and prayed to god she wouldn't do anything stupid. Sora's been dead for three days, and everyone's basically fell apart. It's amazing what a car crash can do. Riku was thinking hard, when Kairi came out, and broke his thought.

He looked up, and noticed she was just half ready, her top half covered in towel. "Kai, just put on something comfortable." Riku told her. She grabbed a night bag, and tossed some pants, and a half altered crop top into her bag, along with some medication, and a hairbrush. A pink iPod sat in her lap, and both of her ears plugged with a pair of lime green ear buds. Riku got the memo that she was giving, which meant "Shut the hell up. I don't care to hear what you're saying."

Kairi turned her back towards Riku, and pulling off the towel. Riku didn't mind, because he felt nothing for Kairi in that way, and looking at her body wasn't what he cared for. She put on a laced bra, and a loose white shirt, giving Riku a fake smile. "Well..I'm ready when you are, Riku." Riku nodded, taking her bag for her, leading her out. Kairi stuck her key into the door, twisting the lock.

Once they got into Riku's car, Kairi placed her head on the window, looking out the window, staring into the sky. Riku looked over, at her, and placed a hand on hers. She looked over, and gave Riku a confused look, but held his hand.

The ride to Riku's house was quiet, but peaceful. Kairi felt mentally abused, but Riku's comfort gave her somewhere to hide...somewhere to rest. Kairi took out one earbud, and looked over at Riku. "Thanks, Riku.." She whispered out. Riku nodded. "It's no problem, Kairi. We're friends."

Riku pulled into his driveway, and grabbed Kairi's things. He helped her out the car, and unlocked his door. He placed Kairi's bag on the couch, and headed to the kitchen. There, he pulled out a bottle of pills, and some water, handing it to Kairi. "That will help your headache. Since you're not to drunk, you should feel better in the night." Kairi did as told, swallowing both pills, and gulping down the water.

"Riku..where do you want me to sleep?" Kairi asked. "I will sleep on the couch, you can sleep in my bed. I don't mind." He replied "Bu-...Riku..please. Lay with me..." Riku turned and looked at his friend, who was looking at the floor, bangs covering her eyes. Riku scratched his neck sheepishly. "W-well..okay." Kairi followed Riku to his room, and making her way towards his bed. The bed was big enough for both of them, but Riku's never even thought to lay with her. He kept his interests from her, because Sora and her were into each other. He knew. He could tell.

Riku walked towards the bathroom, stripping to his boxers, and placing on a plain t-shirt, and pajama pants. He then walked back to his room, peaking in. Kairi was lying still, which made him think she was asleep. He climbed onto his side of the bed, and made a comfortable spot. Kairi moved closer his way, and looked at him. "I..I-" Riku sighed and shook his head. "It's okay." Then on cue, Kairi placed her head on Riku's chest. What the hell was she doing? Were girls this needy? And why was she doing this?

Riku patted her head, and looked down at her. She seemed...at peace. But the way she breathed told him different. She breath fast, but a small smile pursed her lips. "Sora..." she whispered out. She must've been dreaming about him, Riku assumed. She hugged closer to Riku, putting a death grip on him, scratching his side a bit. He made a groaning sound in pain, filling the stinging come from his side. Her peacful face turned into a confused one, and soon turned into an angered one. "Stop! Get off!" She called.

"Kairi?" Kai! Wake up!" Riku shook her, and patted her face, bringing her into reality. She looked down in embarrassment, trying to hide the tears rolling down her cheeks. "I-I-I'm sorry..." She cried out, looking over at Riku, and to his side, where a bit of blood stained his shirt. He shook his head. "Stop. Okay? Stop apologizing. Stop crying, and don't worry about me. Just..try to go to sleep." He pushed her down gently, and hugged onto her. Kairi's eyes were wide in shock, but she soon let the tired era of her body take her over, sending her to sleep. Riku on the other hand, was lost, mad, confused, and upset. He didn't want to do this to his friend.

But maybe, she needed to get a grip on reality.

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