So, hi again. Anyways, here is chapter 3. It's got a bit of cussing, and an assault. Otherwise, yeah..

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Without much problem of finding things to make a pallet on the floor with, Kairi begain her work of making her spot. She needed to call Riku, so he knew the situation, but she needed to check back with Roxas first.

"Hey, Roxas, you okay?" she asked, concerned. She didn't get a reply, but had a strong shaky feel crawl her spine. Suddenly, she felt a presence come up behind her, not knowing Roxas had left his room.

"Yeah, I'm fine..." He spoke out, lazily. Kairi turned around swiftly, scared by the sudden presence. "You need to get sleep, Roxas. You look..rough." She stampered out, not meaning to be rude. "Before that, Kairi..can you help me? me out of commiting suicide?" He asked, with a blank stare.

At first, Kairi could have sworn she was hearing things, but Roxas had said what she was least hoping for. "Wh-What?" She bubbled out, trying to not loose herself.

"Well..since I don't have Sora, then I have no point being here, right? What the hell do I live for? I'm not fucking happy, a- and.." Roxas looked down, with balled up fist, his urge to cry steadily rose.

" can't..Roxas. You're my friend. A-and Sora wouldn't want that. H-he'd want you to be happy. take care of your friends. You've got a bright future, Roxas. Open your eyes, and see that!" the redhead called out, fighting back tears. "I've lost one friend! Do you want to put more stress on everyone, damnit?! Stop!" Kairi's level of sanity was about to break, until she looked up, and found a calmer Roxas, staring down at her.

"Kai, you' Just..nobody excepted me. Everyone thought I was a fucking lunatic, and..and never wanted me around. You're wrong, Kairi.." He replied, looking right through her.

"No, Roxas. I'm not the one who is's you! Do you not realize how much you mean to me and everyone else?! W-"

Without being able to finish, Kairi found herself pinned to Roxas's wall, unable to move. He moved closer to her face, and gave her a half smirk.

" want to MAKE me happy? Then, DO what I SAY!" He yelled, thrusting his tounge into her mouth.

Kairi stood with fear, and shock, unable to move. Roxas was alot more powerful than her, so she couldn't do much.

Moving her head left to right, she tried her best to fight the angry and confused blonde off. "Ro- Roxas! Ge-Get off of me, Goddamnit!" She screamed out, inbetween the forces of kisses.

Her tone just made Roxas more fired up, still unsure of what he was doing. Yet, he wasn't sure why he was assaulting his friend. With a cloudy mind, Roxas was in his own daze, until he felt a knee go into his stomach, making him clench it, and move back.

He looked up at Kairi, who was now sunk to the floor, crying deep sobs. "Wh-what..have I done?" He looked down at his wrists, that were cleaned gently, and showered with love, by the one he just hurt. Not just pshysically, but more mentally than the other.

Roxas pulled himself up to his feet, walking to the scared girl, who was now shivering in the corner, hiding her face behind small hands. Her wrists were a slight purple, due to a tight hold Roxas wasn't aware of.

"'t hurt m-me!" She protested, inbetween grossly cries. Instead of staying away, though, Roxas pulled her closer to him, leaving her no way to escape his hold. Instead of his tight hold he had her in, he held her in a comforting embrace, trying to calm her shaking figure.

Roxas pulled away, for the sake of Kairi and looked down at her. Her eyeliner was now smudged, running down her cheeks. Her light pink and white top was now spotted with blood, and her messy bun was knotted in the back, where she was held against her will.

"Kairi..I'm..I'm so sorry.." he told her, giving her as much room as he could.

There was a silence between the two, that started to choke up Roxas. At that time, Kairi was already calmed down, but didn't dare to look up at the male infront of her. Roxas laid flat on his back, on the pallet Kairi fixed before the attack. If she wasn't going to talk, then he felt like saying nothing was best.

Kairi looked up from her knees to peak a look at the blonde. He looked like he'd been in a battle with himself, trying to calm down. His chest moved swiftly, until it started to calm down. She wanted to say something, but her mouth closed, as soon as Roxas sat in position.

"You can leave. I understand if you don't want to be here, now...I just..I don't know what got into me, Kai." Roxas reached over towards a pill bottle, that was atleast new. He stared at it a minute, and tossed it towards a wall, accidentally landing before Kairi.

Kairi stared at the pill bottle, and then glared at Roxas. She snatched up the bottle, and carefully read the information, through blurry vision.

"Roxas Hikari: take two pills a day, as dirrected for depression and anxiety. Do not take with acohol, or if you're pregnant, or may become pregnant. Stop taking immediantly, if signs show to be worse."

Kairi looked at the date, and the number of pills. There were 60 pills inside, and were filled a week ago. Yet, the bottle stated to take everyday.

"You..need to take these.." Kairi whimpered out, throwing the bottle back at Roxas. Roxas didn't hesitate, if it would help Kairi feel better, than he would. He gulped down the pills, spilling some water into his mouth, and tossing the bottle back into his drawer.

"I guess so...they make me..different." He told her, now walking her way. Kairi looked up at the extended hand, that was now reaching for her. The black and white rings on Roxas's fingers made her think of the first time he's ever helped her, and now he wanted to take back what he did. Kairi didn't hesitate to reach for Roxas's hand, but jerked back as soon as she was on her feet.

"No need to be sorry. It's just going to take me some time to..get over that." She stated, putting a hand to her lips. Roxas's lips felt intoxicating, and dangerous, making her shake with chills. Roxas nodded, and opened his bedroom door. "Thanks, Kai. Oh, can go home. I promise, that I will not do anything stupid, and I will call you before I go to bed." He replied, with an embarrassed tone.

Before Kairi could answer, headlights caught her attention. "O-okay. Riku was supposed to pick me up after an hour anyways. Goodnight, Roxas." The teen told him, waving a small hand.

He waited until she was out the door, to give his reply.

"Goodnight, Kai."

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