Chapter 1: Gregor

The Virginia air below softly across Gregor's face. His life has been peaceful ever since his family has moved from busy New York City to his deceased grand-dad's farm in Virginia. It felt weird knowing that he will never see the Underland with its giant animals and pale and violet eyed inhabitants. It seems years ago even though it has only been a year since he had last been in the Underland, falling into the Underland, the fight with the Bane, everything except Luxa. He missed her most of all. Every time he thought of her he felt a pang of sadness.

He reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a little plastic black bat. He carried it with him everywhere because it reminded him of his bond, Ares, who had been killed when Gregor had fought an enormous white rat called the Bane.

"Gregor dinner," His nine year old sister Lizzie called. He headed inside and sat at the table.

"Mrs. Cormaci called today," His mother said, "Your friends, Gregor, Larry and Angelina have been helping her on Saturdays." He nodded, wondering how his friends were doing. Ever since he had first gone to the Underland he felt separated from Larry and Angelina. He finished his dinner and headed to his room, which wasn't a closet like his first one. He flopped on his bed and fell asleep immediately. He dreamed of white rats scratching on the house trying to break in. He woke up in a cold sweat, his eyes fixed on something on the opposite wall. As if written with claws was,

"You can never hide from us Warrior…."