Chapter 4: Gregor

"You can never hide from us Warrior."Those words haunted him every day. He had covered it up and hadn't told his family about it, they might worry and he didn't want that not wanting to move again. Were the rats after him again? After the death of Bane the rats and humans had made peace with each. But maybe that peace treaty didn't include him. He was an Overlander not an Underlander after all and that might mean rats were chasing him down so they can take revenge for their leader, Bane.

A knock sounded on his bedroom door. "Gregor you were supposed to take us to park," said Lizzie's quiet voice.

"Coming." He put on his sneakers and opened his door.

"Come on Gregor." His little sister Boots called. Ever since last year she had been able to call him by his name. He used to be Gre-go and Ge-go.

"Dad we're going to the park." Gregor told his dad, who was watching some science show.

"Be home before dark." That was the most important rule in the house now, it used to be "stay together" but after the Underland incident it became the golden rule.

Luckily the park wasn't that far, they just had to go up the hill with the elm tree and the park was at the bottom. Gregor followed his sisters his mind lost about the words on his bedroom wall.

"Gregor are you okay?" Lizzie asked with concern. Gregor pushed the words to the back of his head. He didn't need to worry Lizzie.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lizzie smiled,

"Well let's go catch up to Boots." His little sister had taken off running towards the park while they were talking. By the time they had caught up to Boots they were at the top of the hill. When the three siblings arrived at the park Boots and Lizzie headed towards the sandbox. Gregor sat on the bench and kept a watchful eye on his two sisters. He remembered how the cockroaches from the Underland had kidnapped Boots right in front and he didn't notice it until a few minutes later. He never glanced away from his sisters until he heard a rustling noise behind him. His heart pounded. They should leave now. He stood up,

"Lizzie, Boots we should go back." The two girls glanced up.

"Why?" Lizzie asked.

"Boots don't wanna go." Boots complained. Gregor walked over to them and kneeled down.

"We have to go the sun is setting. We have to be home before dark remember. We can come back tomorrow." Gregor spoke with a comforting tone. Boots pouted but got up and walked on his left holding his hand. Lizzie walked on his right.

"What's wrong Gregor? Please don't hide anything from us. We're your family, you can trust us." He sighed. She was right.

"I think it's," but he never finished. He realized his hand was holding thin air.

"Boots!" Panic filled him. What if the rats had got her? He glanced back at the playground.

"Gregor she's by the elm tree on the hill." Lizzie said. Gregor let out a sigh of relief. She was safe. They caught up to Boots.

"Boots," Gregor panted, "Never, ever do that to me again. We could have lost you." Boots pointed towards a hole that had once belong to a badger.

"Rat. Big. Go down there." A rat? But how could that be possible. There were only several passageways to the Underland. Maybe she was just talking non-sense.

"Boots, there are no big rats in Virginia. At least there can't be." Gregor could feel panic creeping through his body. If there was an Underland rat here, then they should hurry.

"Let's go beforeā€¦" He never finished his sentence. At that moment the earth beneath opened like a gaping and hungry mouth. He lost his footing and he and his sisters fell into the black abyss.