Hello readers! I was looking through the Borderlands fan fiction archive and realized it is sadly lacking, so I thought I'd give fanfic a shot myself. Feedback is always appreciated, but do be gentle, this is my first story. I have one OC in this story, but other then that I tried to stick to the already existing characters. So without further ado, my story!

Chapter One: Their New Home

"All of you in the back wake up, it's a beautiful day full of opportunity!" yelled the bus driver as it pulled into the school drop of circle. The bus screeched to a halt, the unpleasant noise a testament to its old age and horrible condition. The doors swung open and out walked a teen with creamy white skin, dark red hair, and most noticeably, many strange blue tattoos that covered much of her body. The girl looked up at the school she had been sentenced to by her "loving" family. The school building looked more like a prison, with a large electric fence surrounding it and each window barred with steal rods. "Hey Lilith, what are ya standing there for, we gotta get moving!" said a strange boy with a scar running across his face and dark brown hair.

"Sorry Luke," Lilith responded "I was just checking out our new home for the next 6 years."

Luke chuckled "C'mon Lilith, it ain't so bad, with our past we'll fit right in!"

Just as he finished his sentence, a loud voice blared through the microphone. "This is your principle, Handsome Jack. I would like you all to know that with hard work and good moral you will be fixed and become ready to re-enter, aww who am I kidding, you little bastards are gonna be living in hell for your sentence. You aren't gonna change and you never will, but on behalf of the Hyperion Corporation we would like to thank you for the entertaining escape attempts. Honestly, it's fucking hilarious, just remember you're gonna be wanting to saver your money for the respawn machines, or else you're dead for good. As much as I'd like that I'm pretty sure my salary get's lowered every time one of you bitches gets offed. So with that I'd like to welcome you to Pandora Juvenile Correctional Facility, now get to class!" The loud speaker cut off with a static noise and the students started to run to class.

"Man, that guy sounds like a dick!" said Luke

Lilith nodded "He sounds just as insane as the rest of us"

0000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000

They found the door they were looking for, room 205. Lilith opened the door and saw an interesting crowd sitting in desks around the room. Many of them were armed to the teeth in weaponry and many of them had strange masks with what looked like an upside down V with a circle around it painted onto it. Luke, without hesitation, sat right down with a gorgeous girl with white make up and a large top hat. He would, thought Lilith as she looked around to try and find another open seat. The only seat left was next to a boy with dark colored skin who was sharpening a large bowie knife, something that did not make her entirely comfortable, but despite the scary look it was sitting next to him or a screaming midget kid who looked like his mind wasn't entirely there. She decided it was the better of two evils and sat down next to him.

A Hyperion robot walked through the door and turned to the class. "Attention class," it stated in a metallic monotone voice, "We are now going to fill your dirty criminally insane minds with knowledge about important things. My name is Hyperion Teacher Model 84556, and I will be filling you with said knowledge. I enjoy a relaxed class, but there is one rule: don't shoot at the teacher. All caught shooting at the teacher will be fined a total of thirty five dollars and thrown into the grinder." The robot pointed to a machine that looked like a giant paper shredder. "Now let us begin class"

The robot started to ramble on about Hyperion's glorious achievements, not noticing that no one was paying attention. The masked boys started to attack each other and scream "I'm gonna eat your babies!" Lilith decided she was going to avoid them. Lilith felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a large boy covered in intimidating, mismatching armor. He smirked at her with a look of pure lust, a look that made her feel very uncomfortable.

He finally spoke up and said, "Hey baby, wanna take a ride on the Sledge express!"

Lilith rolled her eyes "Sorry, that train may be two small for both of us, go bother some other girl"

Sledge growled and grabbed her arm. Lilith screamed and tried to pull away, but he was too strong. "Honey, I think you may want to reconsider," he whispered sinisterly into her ear.

"Let go of me!" yelled Lilith as she hit tried to reach for the revolver Luke had given her. Just as Sledge started to lean in, something suddenly pulled him off. She turned to see the kid who was sitting next to her holding up Sledge by the collar and Sledge whimpering and kicking like a little bitch.

"Don't touch her, is that understood!"

"Yes Roland!" whimpered Sledge, who Lilith was pretty sure had just wet his pants.

"That's what I thought" Roland dropped Sledge on the ground, which soon scampered to the other corner of the room. Lilith looked in awe as Roland then sat down at his desk and continued to sharpen his knife like nothing had happened. I should thank him, she thought, after all he did just stop that brute from doing whatever he had planned for me, not that I couldn't have handled the situation myself. Lilith walked over to Roland and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up and gave her a curious look, almost as if a stranger had stopped him on the street.

"I just wanted to thank you for, you know, not letting me get killed by that guy," said Lilith

"No problem, I was planning to beat the shit out of him anyways for burning down my friend's locker anyways"

Lilith nodded "I'm new to this, err school, and I was wondering if you mind showing my friend and I around."

"I don't know," said Roland "I got stuff I gotta do and…"

Lilith cut him off by leaning in so close he could feel her breath and seductively whispered in his ear "Please, I'm gonna need a big strong man who knows his way around to help protect me the time being"

"Uhh, ummm, okay," stammered Roland, obviously falling for her seductive charm.

Lilith smiled and walked back to her desk, she couldn't believe her act had actually worked! Lilith was no helpless woman, but she knew how to "recruit" a man's help when she needed to.

After class Lilith met up with Luke to tell him about Roland taking them on a tour of the prison. Luke was somewhat hesitant to trust this guy, he didn't like the looks of many of his fellow students and would be crushed if he let one hurt Lilith. But since Lilith seemed to trust this Roland guy so much, he decided just to go with it.

0000000000000000000000000000 0

The two met up with Roland near the "All Hail Hyperion" flagpole after they had finished their classes. Lilith was extremely excited to see Roland again, she didn't know why though; she had just met the guy. Something about him made him different from the rest at this school. She started to speed up to try to get there faster but Luke suddenly held his arm out in front of her.

"Uh, what are you doing?" she raised her eyebrow, giving him a judging glance

"You didn't say he was bringing friends," said Luke, pulling his favorite revolver from its holster. Lilith slapped the revolver out of his hands and shot him a death glare. He picked up his revolver and put it away, grumbling while doing so. The two continued to walk over to meet the group.

"So you're just gonna let this random chick into our group?" asked a boy in an army getup with sandy blonde hair

"I told you, she needs help getting used to this hell hole"

"I for one, think our group needs another girl, you idiots are all just over paranoid" said a girl with strangely similar tattoos tow Lilith's.

"All of you shut up, here she comes," growled Roland

Lilith waved to the strange group, but Luke was still weary, his hand hovering over his revolver. The blonde haired boy noticed Luke's pistol and said, "You better tell your friend to calm it down with that handgun"

Lilith elbowed him and Luke begrudgingly took his hand away from the gun.

"Sorry about Axton, I guess he's as cautious as your friend over there" Roland nodded towards Mordecai.

"It's OK," giggled Lilith, "he's not to bad once you get to know him"

"Well this is our group, the blue haired girl is Maya, you've already met Axton, the big guy is Brick, the short guy is Salvador," Salvador yelled in protest but Roland continued, "and the one with the katana is Zer0."

Lilith looked around at the huge group; it was like one big, dysfunctional family.

Any suggestions on writing or story would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading!