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Chapter Fifteen: New Save File

"What are you waiting for genie, destroy them!" yelled Jack. For some reason, the genie seemed to be standing menacingly in front of the raiders. "What's going on, is it broken?" asked Axton, still staying on guard just in case. Suddenly a deep and voice that shook the mountains came from the shrine.

"A price must first be paid by the one who holds the lamp!" it bellowed.

Jack looked around and said, "What are you talking about, what's going…" Jack was cut off when the lamp started glowing in the alter and shot a bright white laser at Jack's head. He held his face and screamed in agony as the his face started to glow and smoke came out from the aura that covered him. The raiders watched as Jack removed his hands and revealed his new face, and it was not pretty. A blue vault symbol was burnt into his head, running across one of his eyes, causing it to become milky white. His lips were torn and his eyebrows singed, plus he also had a streak of white running through his hair. Jack saw his reflection in the marble that made the alter and started to laugh madly. He turned to the genie and yelled, "You've taken my looks, NOW TAKE THEIR LIVES!" The genie lurched into action and tried to jump on the raiders.

"Start firing, try to find a weak point, something anything!" yelled Roland as he dove under cover. The genie roared and extended its wings, shooting orbs of slag into the air. The orbs started to home in, causing violent purple explosions whenever they touched anything. "Alright genie! Take 'em out!" Jack cheered from the sidelines. Roland rolled out of the way of one orb and ran backwards as he tried to shoot the rest out of the sky. Mordecai saw what he was doing and gave it a shot. With his incredible precision, he shot down each of the genies orbs, causing them to explode in the sky. The genie swept its tail, knocking all the raiders backwards except Lilith, who managed to phase through it. Axton got back up and threw down his turret and started to lay down heavy fire on the beast. Maya used phase lock to pick up a boulder and hurl it at the genie, but it just smashed through the projectile like it was nothing. Salvador pulled out two bazookas and started to fire a barrage of missiles as he yelled, "All together amigos, we can do this!" Salvador's bravado inspired the rest to not give up and continue the fight, they were ready to fight to the death to stop Jack.

Moxxi ran towards the genie, firing her SMG at its eyes. The beast didn't even seem to notice. With a snarl, the genie brought its foot down on Moxxi, who thought she was done for sure. Brick ran over to her and gathered all his strength. Shockingly, he was able to hold back the genie's foot as Moxxi escaped. "Brick jump out from under it now!" yelled Roland as he tossed the most powerful grenade he had towards it. Brick dove away and the grenade took his place under the stone lion's foot. The genie turned and faced the raiders and was about to fire a slag laser when the grenade exploded, taking one of its feet. The genie stumbled backwards and roared in anger. Just when the raiders started to celebrate, the genies foot reformed right in front of them. "Yes, go genie!" cheered Jack, "you guys can't beat it, the thing is basically a GOD!" The genie continued to trash them, it was practically unstoppable! Gaige and Death Trap ran towards it, but were immediately shut down by a slag laser that it fired at Gaige. Death Trap immediately put itself between Gaige and the beam. The resulting explosion knocked the two back into Brick, who had just recovered from the last attack. Mordecai tried to charge the genie but was immediately swatted aside with its enormous paw. Roland and Lilith charged it together, both firing their most powerful guns. The genies blocked the bullets with its enormous wings, and sent out a wave of fire that burned both of them.

They were beaten up and all badly hurt, but raiders didn't give up; they all charged the genie at once, firing their weapons together. The genie shielded itself from the fire with its arm. Maya used phase lock to pull the beast's arm away from its face. "Fire at its mouth!" yelled Roland, hoping to God that it would be a weak point. Everyone focused their fire at the genie's mouth as it wailed in pain. As it struggled to release itself from Maya's its body started to lose its purple glow. "The mouth is the weak point," yelled Lilith, "keep firing!" The genie finally broke free of Maya's vortex and stomped its foot, sending a shock wave that knocked the group down.

The genie whipped its tail at them, but this time the raiders saw it coming. They all vaulted over its stone tail and continued to fire at its now obvious weak points. The genie wailed in pain, then took to the air. It took a deep breath then shot an icy beam towards the raiders. They dived out of the way and sprinted away from the laser, jumping and ducking under the rubble to escape an icy death. Mordecai turned towards the genie and dived to the side right as he took a shot with an explosive round, causing a fire explosion to go off in the beast's mouth. The genie roared in frustration as Jack yelled, "C'mon genie, what are you doing?! Protect your God damned mouth!" It swooped down towards them, ready to crush the raiders. "Ready amigo!" Salvador yelled towards Brick as he and Axton bent over and cupped their hands. Brick nodded and let out a battle cry as he started to charge. He jumped onto Axton and Salvador's hands and they launched him into the air towards the genie, which was on a crash course towards them. Brick let loose a monster punch and knocked the monster out of the sky and into the side of the mountain. Angel watched in awe as the raiders did their all to stop the genie. "I don't believe it," she said to herself, "they're actually killing it!"

"And now it's time to do our part," Angel looked over and saw Zer0 standing up and walking towards her

"What do you mean?" she asked

"Its time for you to help me finish my contract" he answered, holding out his hand to her. Angel smiled and took it, it was time she got revenge on the worst dad in the world."

Roland and Axton both through their turrets onto the side of the genies head. Once the turrets deployed, they started to unload on the genie's head as it tried to swat the machines off its cheek. Lilith and Maya quickly followed up with a siren combo they made up on the fly. Maya phase locked Lilith and launched her towards the genie. Lilith phased through all of the monster's attempts to swat her out of the sky. When she got close enough to its mouth, she released a phase blast, causing the genie to reel back in pain. She fell out of the sky towards the ground, didn't think that part through. Roland ran out and caught her before she hit the ground. "Thanks," she said as she smiled up to him.

"Uh Lilith, now isn't really the time," Roland said as he looked at the recovering genie.

0000000000000000000000000000 000

"Jack, I've come back to claim your life," Zer0 yelled to Handsome Jack. Jack turned around and smiled at Zer0 with his newly deformed face. Angel soon caught up with Zer0, holding a pistol in one hand and an orb of energy in the other.

"God this is what I don't get about you villains," Jack laughed, "you know the hero's gonna win in the end and yet you INSIST on fighting on!"

"You're no hero Jack, just an asshole!" yelled Angel

Jack shook his head and said, "Tsk Tsk Angel, watch your language. It looks like I'm gonna have to teach you two some manners myself!" Jack drew an SMG and started to fire at Zer0, who spun his sword rapidly, blocking Jack's attack. Angel threw the energy orb at Jack, who jumped out of the way with surprising speed. "You know Zer0, I've been checking out your deception technology and you know what?" Jack's body flickered as suddenly two more of him appeared next to him. "I think I like it." The three Jacks charged towards Zer0 and Angel, who began to defend themselves. Zer0, swung his sword through one, causing it to flicker away. He then turned as the another Jack tried to hit him with the but of his gun. Zer0 ducked and sliced the gun in half, then turned and stabbed the fake Jack. Angel saw as three more Jacks quickly surrounded her. She smiled and thought, Jack is more stupid then I thought. She released an energy pulse that short circuited the fake Jack's and left the real one standing. "Smart Angel, but not good enough as always!" he yelled as he punched the siren in the jaw. He ran toward Angel but was immediately kicked away by Zer0. Jack got up and blocked Zer0's next attack with the bayonet of his gun. He pushed Zer0 backward with a surge of strength and the assassin stumbled backwards. Jack pointed his SMG and tried to fire, but his gun exploded in his hands. He got up and saw Angel holding out her hand, she had short-circuited his gun! Jack grinded his teeth, he had had just about enough of his 'daughter'.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000

The genie slammed its paw into the ground, causing the earth to shake. It too had ad enough of these pests. It let out an ear-shattering roar and let out a pulse of purple energy. It gained its glow back and was ready to continue the fight. All the raiders stared in disbelief, all the fighting they had done and it had healed off all the damage, just like that! "It's un beatable!' yelled Maya, who was just about drained of all her energy.

Axton panted in exhaustion, "I hate to say it but I agree, I can't take much more of this."

"At least if we die, we'll go down fighting!" yelled Roland trying to rally everybody up, but it wasn't working. The genie could be hurt, but it could heal off any damage done like it was nothing. There was no stopping it. Suddenly a purple streak shot through the sky and struck the genie, knocking it over. As the genie recovered everyone looked towards the smoldering spot where the projectile had landed. Out from the smoke rose Luke, at full power ready to fight. "What are you all doing just standing there," he yelled, "get up and fight!" The genie tried to swipe at him but he teleported away and reappeared in the air in front of it. He let loose a volley of arrows, all landing right in the genie's mouth. The lion roared in frustration and swiped, but Luke was too strong. He caught the beast's paw and through it on the ground, then appeared with the raiders. This gave the group a new spirit as Salvador yelled, "TOGETHER!" The Crimson Raiders, including Luke, charged the genie ready to finish the fight. Gaige summoned Death Trap and jumped onto its shoulder. The robot flew her and Roland up close to the genie's face, where they started to unload. "Get 'em Death Trap," cheered Gaige as her robot shot lasers and powerful electric shocks towards the beast. Roland pulled out a minigun and started to open fire at the genie as it held it's hands up to protect itself. Luke ran up to Lilith and offered his hand. She smiled and took it, "I'm glad you're back Luke."

"Good to be back," he said as he carried her up to join the fight. The two landed on the genie's shoulders and started to wail on it from there. Salvador fired of rockets towards it, gleefully laughing as the monster started to crumble, overwhelmed by their power. Maya managed to give one final move before she fainted in exhaustion. She gathered all her power as her siren wings unfurled from her back and phase locked the WHOLE genie. The beast cried in pain as the Crimson Raiders killed it, all together.

0000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000

Jack and Zer0 fought hand to hand, blocking and punching each other. Jack threw a punch at Zer0, who grabbed his arm and twisted it, breaking the limb with a crack. Jack cried out in pain as Zer0 brought his elbow down on his head, and then followed with a swift knee to the chest. Jack stumbled back, but Zer0 wasn't done. He brought his fist around and caught the fascist on the side of his messed up face. Jack stumbled backwards in disbelief; he was losing. "I'm not going to die here, I still have the genie!" he screamed at Zer0 as he walked towards him to finish the job. Just as Zer0 raised his sword to kill Jack he heard a screech come from the genie. He, Jack, and Angel all looked over and saw the once great stone lion start to slowly crumble away. "It is over Jack, your genie is dying now, you have lost this fight!" yelled Zer0, bringing the point of his sword to Jack's throat.

Jack started to laugh maniacally, "You think this is over bandit? I came here with a back up plan!" Jack then turned to the dying genie and screamed to it, "Genie, grant me my second wish! Give me your power, so I can kill these FILTHY BANDITS!"

The genie roared as it crumbled and a purple laser hit Jack and lifted him into the air. "We have to stop him somehow!" yelled Lilith as wind started to whip up around them.

"I don't know how! We can't kill Jack if he gets the genie's power, if only there was a way to negate its effect,," said Roland

"Wait," exclaimed Luke, "the lamp is where it gets its power from, maybe if we destroy it we'll be able to destroy the genie's power too!"

Angel ran over and yelled, "You can't destroy it remember, you'll lose your memory as soon as you touch it!"

"That's why I have to do it, if Angel can use phase shift to keep my cybernetic parts on track, it should be enough to destroy it!" explained Luke

Angel shook her head, "That will overload your circuits and kill you for sure. Luke you life depends on those machines! Not to mention the resulting reaction will probably wipe all of our minds clean!"

Luke looked towards Lilith; this was truly the only way to keep her safe. "I have to, this is the only way" Luke started towards the lamp when he felt Lilith hug him from behind.

"You are the best friend I've ever had Luke, I'm going to miss you…"

Luke smiled at her and said, "I'm going to miss you too Lil, just try to remember me." With those final words he walked up to the alter and picked up the lamp. Angel focused her phase shift as the lamp kept emitting pulses, trying frantically to stop Luke from breaking it.

Jack saw what was going on below as he was charging and screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING LUKE, I GIVE YOU LIFE AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME!" Luke said nothing to Jack, but kept squeezing the lamp in his hands as it started to crack. Zer0 saw this was going to be the end, so he decided to say his last words before his memory was wiped. He looked straight at Jack and yelled, "Mark my words Jack, memory or no memory if you live the last thing you will feel in your life is my blade through your stomach!" Jack screamed in protest, trying to stop Luke, but he was losing his power as the lamp continued to break. Salvador, Gaige, and Brick gave each other a solemn hug while Moxxi and Mordecai gave each other one last kiss before they forgot; an example that was soon followed by Maya and Axton. Zer0 and Angel hugged each other, promising that one day they would be together again. Lilith looked to Roland and smiled faintly, "well I guess this is it…"

"Yeah, it's been fun," Roland said awkwardly. Lilith pulled him into a kiss and said, "Promise me no matter what, we'll still love each other after this." Roland nodded and embraced her, never wanting to let go. Luke said to himself, "it's time to finish this." With those last words he crushed the lamp, causing a blinding white light to rush from the relic and engulf the whole planet.

Lilith woke up and found herself on a planet she did not recognize. Dazed and confused, she looked around to try to find where she was. She found a wet sheet of paper on the ground and picked it up to read it. "Welcome to Pandora," she said to herself, not realizing it was a greeting poster to the visitors of the Pandora prison. "I guess that's what this place is called." She walked down the barren landscape of this 'Pandora and came across a strange symbol, an upside down V with a circle around it that she strangely recognized.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000

Seven years later…

"NOOOOOOO," screamed Jack as the warrior let go of its last breath, "this can't be happening, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!"

Zer0, Axton, Salvador, and Maya stood in disbelief; they had just destroyed the legendary warrior! "Holy badass- I think you killed it! Never hurts to make sure though, hit the button on the moon shot console!" exclaimed Lilith in shock, as she lay next to Jack in the protective shield of the vault key. The four vault hunters ran over to the command console, ready to finish the thing off. "Would you like the honor, Salvador? asked Axton.

Salvador nodded with glee and yelled triumphantly, "Adios puta, see you in hell!" He slammed the fire button and a huge mortar shot came down from Jack's moon base hand hammered the already down warrior. A bright light flashed and Jack's shield started to dissipate. Lilith, Axton, Salvador, Maya, and Zer0 all turned towards Jack, who was bent over, horrified that he had been defeated.

Jack stammered, "No no no… I can't die like this… not when I'm so close… and not at the hands of a FILTHY BANDIT! I could have saved this planet! I could have actually restored order! I wasn't supposed to die by the hands of a CHILD KILLING PSYCHOPA!" Zer0 cut off Jacks last word with a swift stab to the stomach. As Jacked coughed his last Zer0 leaned in and whispered in his ear, "The one thing I know, the one thing I remember, I swore to kill you."

Jack dropped to the ground dead, it was over. It was finally over. Brick walked over, helping Mordecai come and congratulate the four vault hunters, now the heroes of Pandora. Axton reached down to pick up the vault key but Lilith stopped him. "You don't want to touch this thing right now, trust me." She reached down to pick up the key as she said, "God, if I ever see this thing again it'll be too soon."

Right as her hand almost touched the key, a purple pulse shot out, stunning the group. Lilith held her head and for some reason a name popped up in her head, Luke. Suddenly a map, showing the locations of millions of vaults, opened out right in front of them. "Are those all vaults.." said Brick in disbelief.

Mordecai laughed, "you know what that means..."

"Yeah, heh," Lilith said with a smile, "ain't no rest for the wicked."

0000000000000000000000000000 000000000

Two weeks after the death of Jack and his warrior…

Lilith visited Rolands grave in Sanctuary on a cold night, much like the one in New Haven where she had thought they had first started dating. She leaned down and placed a flower on her hero's grave and stood back up. "Hey Roland," she said, trying not to cry, "I just thought I'd drop by and pay a visit today. You know everything's been so great ever since the vault hunters defeated Jack, you would have been so proud. I took the mantel as leader of the Crimson Raiders, if you don't mind. I just figured I would try to lead them in the direction I know you would have wanted…" Lilith couldn't hold herself together anymore; she broke down right on Roland's grave. "I'm sorry Roland, but I've been having these memories ever since I touched that vault key. I remember a time before this that I never thought happened and a time where we were the happy couple I always wished for. I recalled knowing Zer0, Maya, Angel, Salvador, and all the others before this somehow, and I don't know why. Please, I loved you Roland, you can't leave me with this. I'm sorry I couldn't save you, I…" She was cut off when a sheet of paper hit her on the side of the head. She looked at the piece of paper and saw it was a Hyperion advertisement for their New U stations set up across Pandora. Lilith suddenly knew what this could possibly mean and laughed. "Wow Roland, even from the dead you are the perfect strategist."


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