A/N: You need to read the chapter titles or you will be confused.

A Diviner crept through the halls of Morganthe's stronghold, blood dripping from the tip of her amethyst sword onto the Spider Queen's priceless marble floors. Not that she -the Diviner, that is- cared. She grinned to herself in a rather demented way. She might finally get revenge on the woman who ruined her life.

Making sure to be absolutely silent, the Diviner continued to tip-toe down the corridor. Just as she began to wonder how long the marble-floored passageway could possibly go on, she came to a vast outdoor arena made of a shining material she didn't recognize. The Diviner almost shut her eyes from the light, but she managed to keep them open. Closing her eyes would go against years of training.

Gazing around the arena, she saw no trace whatsoever of the Spider Queen's trademark brand of magic: Shadow. The Diviner was not so sure that Morganthe had fled.

"I have a score to settle with you, Morganthe!" the Diviner yelled, a manic fire in her normally icy eyes. "I want to see your blood on the pavement!"

Morganthe Sauda seemed to appear out of nowhere, smirking and adding a sinister air to an arena already crowded with a different form of madness. "Spirited, aren't we?" she asked.

The Diviner's eyes flashed with hatred. "Skip the banter and let's fight," she said. "I'm not letting you escape again."

"But banter is half the fun," Morganthe said in a mock-disappointed voice.

"This isn't a game, Morganthe," the Diviner said, gritting her teeth.

"Au contraire," the Spider Queen said conversationally, "I find it's rather like chess."

The Diviner was not amused.

"Very well," Morganthe said, raising her black-bladed dagger. "If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get."

She whipped her dagger in the precise movements of a black widow's body, but by the time she'd finished, the Diviner had already conjured up a tower shield. Now it was the Diviner's turn to smirk as she raised her blood-coated sword.

"I'm not the helpless little girl I once was, Morganthe," she said. "You can't make me cower in the corner anymore."

Morganthe scowled. "That didn't make any difference to your mother," she said, "She was a grown woman and she still fell at my feet."

The Diviner did her best to seem unfazed, but her eyes betrayed her. For just a moment, the mad fire in her glare disappeared and was replaced by troubled waters. Then it was gone.

"My mother," the Diviner said, "hadn't been training herself to fight you for almost 7 years."

She vigorously slashed at the air, exciting a purple spark that Morganthe deflected with a mere wave of her dagger.

The Spider Queen rolled her eyes. "That's hardly-"

But the Diviner learned what her spell hardly was, because she'd made a near-fatal hit, a flash of yellow lightning, in the time it had taken Morganthe to from that half sentence. Morganthe Sauda was left on her knees, virtually defenseless.

The Diviner approached her mother's murderer, relishing every step. "Do you know how long I've waited for this moment?" she asked. Then, after a brief pause, she answered her own question. "7 years."

"I've waited 7 years to give you what's coming to you. 7 years of training to kill the woman that ruined my life and ended my mother's. 7 years to have you at my mercy," the Diviner growled, fire in her eyes blazing into a white hot inferno, moving her sword just parallel to the Spider Queen's bare throat. "And I finally have you."

"Wait, I've seen this beforeā€¦" she said, not even flinching, "that look in your eyes. It reminds me of someoneā€¦"

The Diviner scowled and prepared to strike.

"Ah yes," Morganthe said, grinning crookedly, "That's the look I wore when I cast that parasite spell on your mother."

The Diviner froze.

"You know, you and I aren't so different."

"You're wrong," the Diviner told her. "You kill without purpose. I'm killing to avenge my mother's murder."

Morganthe chuckled. "Do you honestly think that I kill without reason? I'm not a monster. That would be too easy wouldn't it? To swipe that sword and just put down a rabid dog? You think you're such a hero? So moral? So righteous? You think you are the better woman? Then prove it. Kill me and I destroy what ever it is you hold dear in here!" Morganthe reached out and jabbed the Diviner's chest. The girl flinched.

"You can stand aside and lose me for another few years," the Spider Queen continued, "or you can kill me and, in turn, become me. Is your soul really worth my life?"

The Diviner scowled again, "I'll take my chances."

"Oh, that's right," Morganthe chuckled, "Your soul shattered a long time ago, didn't it? Is that why you joined your dear daddy? To prove you were still worth something?"

The Diviner's sword dug into her enemy's neck, starting a trickling stream of crimson.

"You really aren't that different from me," the Spider Queen said, "We both have no place in utopia."

The Diviner's sword bit into Morganthe's neck, and the slow trickle of crimson became a steady stream. The Spider Queen was dead in a matter of minutes.

"Give my regards to Malistaire," the Diviner said icily, just as her sworn enemy's eyes were closing for the last time. "Tell him his little princess says hello."