Sadie's POV

As soon as we heard the screams Walt and I Sprinted upstairs, only to find the great room in shambles. The ankle-biters were running around the couches screaming their heads off with cut up sparking crayons in their hair. Mel and Sean were fighting with khopeshs over what seemed to be a smeared cupcake. Felix was swinging off the side of the Thoth statue which was now wearing an apron and was covered in bird poop, I guess that was because someone let my brother's stupid griffin in the house. Carter was desperately trying to get everyone's attention including Freak's.

I had only been in the room for three minutes and I had already had enough of this. I pressed my thumb and finger in between my lips and whistled as loudly as I could. Everyone stopped what they were doing as if I had pressed a pause button and looked over at me. I gestured to carter and they all looked over to him.

"Thanks, now what the heck is going on who let Freak in here?" he practically screamed at everyone. I didn't know how everything started but I guess Freak had gotten lose in the house and everyone just went crazy. At least that was what I was getting from the situation.

"No one, he just got in here and everyone freaked out. No pun intended." Julian spoke up among the crowd. Ha ha I am good.

"Okay well . . . just let me put him on the roof, and everyone start getting your stuff for school the bus should be here any moment." Carter told everyone. Just as he finished his statement the bus horn honked. Carter ran upstairs calling after Freak to follow him.

I stood there for a few moments as if staring down the hallway carter had just disappeared down. I still needed to talk to him about the fire dragons and why Bast seemed so nervous afterwards. Just as I was on that thought I saw walt's hand waving in front of my face.

"Earth to Sadie, aren't you coming?" walt asked in a warm voice.

"Yeah I'll be there in a second."I said prying my eyes from the hallway to look over at Walt. I kissed him on the cheek and followed carter's path to the roof.

I found carter tying up griffin in a hurry to catch the bus. I had to talk now or never.

"Hey Carter" I walked up to him just as he finished.

"Didn't you go to catch the bus?" Carter asked running to get his backpack which was leaning on the wall.

"You and I need to talk about what happened this morning with the fire dragon." Did he really believe Bast when she said we could wait until after school.

"I thought Bast said there was practically nothing to worry about." Apparently he did.

"Didn't you see the way both Bast and Zia were acting all nervous."


"You can be so thick sometimes, brother dear, but now we have to catch the bus. We can talk with Zia and Walt at school." I said then turned around to grab to grab my backpack. As if on que the bus horn sounded again for last time. Carter and I raced down the hallway to catch it.

"So what was that about?" Walt asked as sat down next to him on the bus.

"What was what?" I said.

Walt chuckled a bit. "I know you, Sadie, you don't stare off into space unless something serious is on your mind. . . are you still thinking about the dream."

"No, just carter and I were talki-" I was cut off by the bus pulling up to BAG. That must have been the shortest bus ride ever.

"I'll tell you out lunch. Ok?"

"Sure." Walt said and we all filed into school.