( This is my first Fanfiction story, and I'm excited, I'm updating it so sorry if I spam anyone's inbox. )Chapter 1

Chapter 1

( Narrator's POV)

It had been quite a pleasant day in Toontown, the birds were chirping, the butterflies flying about. The sky was a brilliant baby blue, not a cloud in sight.

On Loopy Lane, there was a hideout. This hideout was occupied by five friends. There was Kitkat, a beautiful maroon cat with ocean blue eyes, played the flute, and loved being with her friends.

Then there was a brown dog with the name Ginger, she had mocha-brown eyes. She was a tomboy, she loved skating, football, and food.

Straxxor was a red cat with brown eyes, he loved just about any sport. Basketball, baseball, football, occasionally he'd do ballet with Kitkat, he could do a wonderful Grand Jete.

There was a periwinkle monkey with the name Mr. Curly with hazel eyes, he loved to make barbecue, sing, and made devices handy for missions.

Last but not least, there was Noisy Lollipop Dizzychomp. A slate blue tall dog with brown eyes, he was a great computer hacker, he could hack just about anything.

They all shared one love, fighting crime. They called themselves The Furious Force. Together, they took down one villain at a time, making Toontown a better place.

Everything seemed perfect that day, until the television blared with a sound of warning. "Awww! My show!" Complained Curly as he finished a root-beer. "Chill, dude." Ginger poked him. All of a sudden the words "Breaking News" flashed on the television.

Their newsman, Dynamite Bubblepow, had a worried look on his face. "Hello Toontown, I'm your news anchor, Dynamite Bubblepow. We have a diar emergency, the famous crystal blue diamond from the Toon Museum has been stolen!"

"This is terrible, just awful!" Cried Noisy. "Who would have done such a thing?!" Straxxor exclaimed. "My Dog, people these days." Ginger muttered. Mr. Curly remained speechless.

"Guys, calm down. It's okay." Kitkat reassured them as her beautiful eyes sparkled in the sunlight. "I think I may know who has done this, I knew something like this would come, so I planned ahead."

"Well Kit, who could have done this?" Ginger questioned her, all eyes were on her.

"My best guess is either the CJ, or CFO." Kitkat said, pulling out a blueprint of how they could track them down and find the diamond. The timer for Noisy's hot wings had just went off, he stood up to go retrieve them.

A couple minutes later as the group was planning, Noisy came back in. But, when he saw the blueprint, he went wild. "Let me see that!" He snatched the paper, hot sauce all over his paws. The paper was covered with sauce.

Kitkat had some problems when her ideas got ruined, this was one of those times. Straxxor saw her claws come out, and she hopped up from the couch to attack Noisy. Straxxor jumped up and grabbed her around the waist. "Kitkat, calm down!" He squeezed her hard until she stopped struggling. She muttered some words under her breath and walked into a different room.