Innocent Allure Part 1

The sound of girls rang down the empty hallways of the high school, with a mixture of teen squeals of excitement. The school idol. Yuki Soma simply looked their way, causing an uproar and a nervous mouse to back out the door hurriedly.

"Hello ladies. If you will excuse me I must be going now." And with that be shut the door quickly and a breathy sigh. The charming and graceful smile on his face, suddenly vanished and was replaced with a sadden one.

'Why can't I be like normal. Everyone here must think I am some sort of freak.' The mousy boy thought to himself as he gently rest his forehead against the door of the classroom, listening to the sounds of normal teens laughing and smiling without a care in the world.

It was that precise moment in time when a younger member of the Soma family happened to be wandering down the hall. With his hands folded behind his head, he made his way along the high school minding his own business for once. The bi-colored man's ear twitched as a sound echoed down the hall, it was very far away but he could still make it out perfectly Girls, and several of them making a fuss over something 'heh, probably nonsense' he thought to himself. Yet still, the curiosity got the better of him and he made his way to see what the commotion was about.

As he neared the hallway he heard the squeals become much louder. And then a soft voice was heard. A voice that he recognised all to well and he felt his heart flutter. Quickly he dashed down an adjacent hallway following the footsteps of his beloved cousin Yuki. He grinned as he dashed into a classroom nearby.

He was ready, waiting patiently for the mouse to approach. As he laid his head against the classroom door Hatsuharu crept up behind him sliding two arms around the mousy boys neck and spoke seductively into his ear "What's wrong Yuki? Why do you look so sad?"

"Wahhhh!" A shiver shot up his spine as he cringed and his face burned red. Only one one person in the whole damn school dared to touch him like that. "AhhHaru.."

The smile quickly back to his lips in a light smirk, turning to the side in his younger cousin's arms. He place the back of his hand gently on his chest, giving a push. "Are you black today? You are being very lewd." He purred softly, passing him a side glance.

Haru smiled as he felt the soft hands on his chest. He could swear Yuki could feel the pounding in his chest and he leaned into the mouse a bit before suddenly being forcefully pushed away. "Gah" he called out as the force shoved his body but he kept his balance keeping him on his feet.

Haru was having a pretty good day and since the cat was not seen today he was in fact, white. Was. Haru felt a pain in his chest, his light silver hues now darkening a bit and he glared at his cousin crossing his arms over his chest. Haru was known to switch personalities at the snap of a finger, and Yuki had snapped. "Well Geez thats no way to treat someone who was just trying to cheer you up"

His voice was full of anger as he spoke, yet he remained calm and collected "Comeon Yuki, you know I could make you feel so much better" He chuckled "and you would enjoy it" By this time the girls had heard the commotion and gathered around the doorway watching with eager eyes "What do ya say? Let's give these lovely ladies a show eh?" He smirked reaching out and pulling the older close to him and giving his cheek a light peck.

Yuki flinched as he saw the boys calm demeanor shift into something dark, angry, and sexy. The heat rushed back to his cheeks quickly, turning his head away from the kiss and franticly looking back to see if anyone seen. Just when he thought this could not get any weirder that, curious voices gathered around the door and the door shifted slightly.

"Hara-kun, please calm yourself." He whispered in a panicked voice, trembling slightly. People already thought he was weird. This was not what he needed. The whole female student body of the school to catch him in an embrace with his YOUNGER cousin.

"Awww whatzamatter, my sweet Yuki?" The ox gleefully purred to the other. Unlike the mouse he could care less what the other thought of the two of them girls especially. He always thought it was adorable how much the students of this school seemed to oogle over him, as well as his his cousins Momiji and Yuki. Of course Yuki was his and he knew that with pride despite what they believed in their sheepish minds.

Dark Silver hues glanced at the clock overhead. Almost time for the bell. Hatsuharu did not obey but instead pulled the boy closer. He felt his discomfort and wanted to sooth his dear cousins pain.

"Fine, how about we make a deal. I'll let you go, if you agree to skip your last class and come home with me" He chuckled. He had heard that Shigure was to do his shopping around this time and obviously that damn cat was at school. He saw him and Yuki walking together just this morning, as if they had become the best of friends and Haru couldn't stand it. Nevertheless it meant only one thing. The Soma house was empty and Haru was going to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Yuki could clearly see the wheels turning in the head of his cousins and it sent chills down is spin to wonder what sinful thought could be plaguing his young mind. But curiosity was slowly taking hold, and he really didn't feel like running from the waves of teen female hormones.

His eyelashes fluttered as he gently pressed his body close to his. You knew his cousin was attracted to him, and fully intended on using this to his advantage. After all it had been a while since Kyo has visited his room with that girl snooping around the home. His fingers laced in his hair, pulling him close to ghost his lips gently over the males.

"Alright. Just lets get out of here before before they all come running out again." He spoke in a hushed whisper as he grabbed hold of the rather muscular arm of the two toned haired boy. "Where is Momiji anyways?"

At the feeling of the boys lips the cow felt shiver climb up his spine. Was this for real? Yuki agreed. And despite that he was actually acting as if he was showing interest. The duel haired boy smirked and began to walk off with his cousin. The Somas lived very close to school, so it would be a short walk but hopefully it would be enough to distract him from the unneeded sensation growing between the boys legs.

He cleared his throat, not being able to speak would be a bad thing at that moment. "M..Momiji?" Why the hell does he want to know about Momiji all of a sudden? The ox wondered. "I dunno, he came to school with me as usual, I guess he is in class?" The last thing on his mind was that rabbit, all he wanted right now was him and Yuki to reach their destination.

"I was just wondering." The door to the large empty home slid open as the older of the two Soma boys stepped in, kicking off his shoes in a neat fashion and set off down the hall to be sure they was alone. Yuki has never done anything like this. Skipping school was behavior reserved for the orange cat. A surge of excitement ran down his spin and he inwardly smiled.

It was his turn be misbehave and the other was going to be his guide to doing things he would never do on his own. He pushed the door open to his room and turned back to him glancing down the stairs. "Haru kun..come here." He smirked lustfully, backing into the room and calling for him with his finger seductively.