This is a sequel to my other story Choices, if you haven't read that, please do; everything will make a lot more sense. I don't own any characters; all rights to cbc...anyways enjoy :)

I run my fingers through Spartans forelock and rest my head against his neck. It was only about a week ago that Eric Lamaze left with his horse Echanté, or better known as Te that's I had helped. He offered to take me on as a working student and go on the show circuit. After much thought, I had accepted, and I left in a couple months at the end of the summer. I'm really going to miss home. I will be gone for about 5 months, and although I'm excited, I don't know how I'm going to be able to leave Spartan, home and most of all Ty for such a long time. The sound of foots steps interrupts my thoughts. Mallory walks into the barn dragging her feet with a depressed expression on her face.

"Hey what's wrong?" I ask.

"Well, my 16th birthday is in 5 days and as of now my only plan is to come here and shovel poop out of Copper's stall," she says in an irritated voice. I shoot her a sympathetic look.

"Why don't you get together with you friends?" I ask putting Spartans saddle away.

"What friends?" she says, "Jake and Jamie decided to get back together and are to obsessed with each other to even care about me." She slams Copper's bridle on the hook and grabs a curry comb before letting herself into his stall. Then I have an idea that I know Lou will love.

"A surprise party?" Lou asks as she attempts to shove baby food in Katie's mouth. Katie shakes her head and seals her mouth shut. "Come on Katie it's delicious!" Lou says waving the goo around.

"Delicious?" I say, "You couldn't force me to eat that either." I say looking at the orangey slim.

"Ugh fine," Lou says throwing the spoonful of baby food in the sink. "So what were you thinking, invite all of Mallory's friends over and a bunch of other people and set it up so she comes up to the house…?"

"Yeah, whatever works. It's her sweet sixteen and I think she was really looking foreword to a party. Anyways, I have to get back to work, but I'll send you a list of stuff we're going to need and then I'll send out and e-vite to people," I say.

"Wow, look at you Miss Planner. You used to hate surprise parties," Lou says. I give her a glare and walk out of the house.

Ty's POV:

I hop out of my truck and walk into town headed for Maggie's Diner. I still can't believe Amy is leaving for 5 months. What am I going to do? I think to myself. But I know that it's such an amazing opportunity and I'm happy for her. I'm about to open the door to the diner when I see a familiar face out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head, shocked…

Haha...Cliffhanger, don't worry I'll update soon :) hope your liking it so far, I know the first chapter is a little short, the next one will be longer :)