The next few days feel like the fastest week of my life, and before I know it, it's the day before I leave. I wake up extra early, mainly because I can't sleep and walk down to the barn with two apples in my hand; one for me and one for Spartan. I reach the barn and see Mallory and Badger already starting morning chores.

"Hey, what are you two doing?" I ask confused. Mallory looks up from the stall and leans against her pitchfork,

"Well, as much as you don't want to believe it, your leaving tomorrow so this is your last day here for…..a while, so Badger took the day off to help me with chores so you can take the day off; pack some more, go out to lunch, ride, whatever," Mallory says with a smile. It's so weird when she says something with out a sarcastic remark at the end. To be honest, all I really want to do is do my usual routine; I don't want to make a big deal out of anything, but Mallory's right, I should pack some more and spend time with Spartan….and Ty. After a long pause I look back at Mallory and Badger.

"Okay," I say resistently, "I guess I'll take Spartan for a ride," I say, grabbing his halter and letting myself into his stall, "Thanks."

"No problem," Badger and Mallory say before resuming there mucking. I lead Spartan out of his stall and feel a pair of arms wrap around me from behind.

"Hey going for a ride?" Ty says. I smile and turn around before kissing him sweetly. You're not going to invite me?" Ty says, pretending to look hurt.

"I thought you had work today?" I say skeptically. Ty grins.

" No; I took the whole day off so we could spend time together," he says before kissing me again. "So, can I come?"

"Hmmmmm, I don't know. I guess so…but what's in it for me? You're going to have to give me something in return," I say smirking.

"Anything you want," Ty says with a simper.

After we tack up Spartan and Harley we head out for the trails. I want this trail ride to last for as long as possible, so we just walk side by side, holding hands. When we come to the huge field Ty drops my hand and picks up his reins.

"Race-ya to the other end!" he says before kicking Harley into a canter.

"Hey!" I yell, "Unfair start!" I laugh and kick Spartan into a fast gallop. Soon we're galloping, no more like flying across the grassy plains, laughing as we urge our horses foreword. I pull ahead of Ty and yell "See ya!" We reach the end of the field and let our horses, who are now out of breath walk. We walk the rest of the way until we reach Heartland. I hop off Spartan and untack him before letting him out into his paddock. Ty does the same with Harley then walks over to me and puts his arm around my shoulder.

"What now?" he asks. I sigh.

"Well I promised Soraya that I'd have lunch with her before I left…so want to head over to Maggie's with me?" I say looking up at him.

"Of course I do," he says with a smile before kissing me again.

After we eat lunch with Soraya, we drive back to the house where I see Lisa's Porsche in the parked in driveway. We walk into the house and see Grandpa carrying a small suitcase from his room to the kitchen. I look at him, then the suitcase, then back up to him.

"Going somewhere, Grandpa?" I ask holding back my smile.

"Look I know the timing's weird, but Lisa has a reservation at this fancy resort and spa and she made me feel bad about cancelling so I promised I'd go with her," Grandpa says with a sigh. Just then Lisa walks into the kitchen,

"Oh come on Jack, you're going to have tons of fun," she says walking up from behind him. Grandpa manages a smile then walks out the door to put his suitcase in the car. "Besides, I thought you two would like some alone time" Lisa says, looking at Ty and I. I look at Ty then back to Lisa and smile. A couple hours later, Lisa manages to drag Grandpa into the car and out of the driveway. I turn back to Ty and wrap my hands around his neck before kissing him passionately. It's now about 6:30pm so Ty decides to make me dinner. Lou, Peter and Katie go out for "family" dinner so Ty and I are alone. After dinner we walk down to the barn together. Ty wraps his arm around my waist and leads me down and into the barn. I stop at Spartans stall and give him a carrot that I had stuffed in my pocket. I moved on the Blitz's stall and gave him one too.

"He's really coming along great," Ty says, referring to Blitz.

"Yeah, Mallory is doing a great job with him. She said she's going to try cantering soon, since he's perfected his walk a trot and doesn't try to buck anymore," I reply. We walk up the stairs to Ty's loft and I take my jean jacket off and sit down on Ty's bed. He quietly shuts the door before joining me. His lips meet mine and I kiss him feverishly. He takes of his t-shirt before positioning him self over me and kissing me again. He unbuttons my pink plaid shirt and I shimmy out of it before meeting his lips again.

"I love you," I whisper into his ear.

"I love you too," he replies then he wraps his arms behind my bare back, and kisses me softly on the neck. I close my eyes and take it all in. The last night of the life I know. The last night at home. The last night with Ty….my body stiffens at the thought and Ty stops and looks at me.

"What's wrong?" he says concerned. I shake my head.

"Nothing," I reply. I let go of everything and melt into Ty's body. Tonight, I don't care about anything or anyone else besides the guy I'm in love with.

The next morning, I blink my eyes as the sun blares through the window of Ty's loft. I turn to look at Ty and smile, thinking about last night. I slowly slip out of the covers, careful not to wake up Ty and grab my clothes from the floor. I quickly get dressed and sneak out. It's about 5 in the morning, so hopefully I can sneak back to the house before Lou and Peter wake up. I reach the house and tip toe to my bedroom. Once I've reached safety, I curl up under the covers of my bed and try to get some extra sleep; which I could really use. A couple hours later I wake up again. It's now 9, so I hop out of bed and take a shower before getting dressed. I walk into the kitchen and see Lou making breakfast.

"Good morning," she chimes, "Eggs?" She asks holding out a plate for me.

"Sure, thanks," I reply pouring myself a glass of orange juice.

"Late night last night?" Lou asks with a smirk. I give her a look, and she just smiles and doesn't ask any further questions. I can't believe I leave today, I think to myself, sipping my orange juice. I hear the screen door slam and Ty saunters in with a yawn. He smiles when he sees me.

"Good morning," he says walking over to the coffee machine. After breakfast I finish packing everything up and lug my enormous suitcase into the kitchen. I have pretty much cleaned my closet empty. I'm still a little nervous but mostly excited now. Ty loads my bag into his truck and helps load my saddle and show gear in too. I walk back down to the barn just as Grandpa and Lisa pull in. I say good bye to Spartan and give him a big hug before walking up to the house. Soon Mallory and Badger arrive to see me off as well. We are all in the drive way; Lou, Peter, Katie, Grandpa, Lisa, Mallory, Badger, Ty and I. I hold back my tears and hug everyone before jumping into Ty's truck. I wave good bye through the window as we pull out of the place I call home.

About two hours later we pull into Eric's Stables. The driveway is lined on either side with big maple trees and there are huge field where horse are grazing on either side. My heart starts to race with excitement; it's the most amazing barn I have ever seen. Ty pulls up to where all of the other cars are parked and stops the engine. We hop out of the car and I see Eric walking over towards us.

"Amy! So good to see you again!" he exclaims. We are so excited to have you here."

I smile and reply, "I'm so happy to be here." Eric shows us around his facility which is massive then we walk back to the car.

"Well, I'll let you two say good-bye," Eric says, "and I'll meet you in the tack room," he says to me.

"Okay," I reply, "Thanks." I turn to Ty. This is the moment I've been dreading. I look up at him and fall into his arms. I force myself not to cry but I feel tears flooding to my eyes. I hastily wipe them away and pull him in for one more, long kiss. He picks up my hand and fiddles with my promise ring then looks into my eyes.

"I love you," he says.

"I love you too," I say fighting tears. I pick up my bags and watch as Ty gets into his truck.

"I'll see you soon," He says smiling. "We can do five months right?"

"Piece of cake," I say smiling back. Then I watch as his blue truck gets smaller and smaller down the long driveway. Once the tiny speck disappears I turn around with my bags in my hand and walk into the barn; ready for my new life.

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