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Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing stood at her desk, hands pressed into the wood as she leaned over it, locking eyes angrily with a pair of red orbs lurking in the shadows. She had first noticed it as the moon clouded out of sight, hidden by masses of grey and black, the only light in her dark room was the solemn glow of the lamp on the desk, which flickered pitifully in it's fight against the darkness. The shadows, however, were far from natural, dancing in the corner just out of sight, with the occasional flash of crimson eyes or white fangs showing. Alucard. He had been a thorn in the knights side for too long, but he was too much of an asset to be destroyed, if he could be. He was possibly the best chance that humanity had against the freaks and ghouls, and besides, he was hers to command, hers to control. He must have been reading her mind, for the grin floating in the shadows widened and stretched, revealing more shark-like rows of teeth. However brave a face she put on, those teeth would haunt her darkest nightmares, nobody with any sanity could look at those jagged ivory fangs and not imagine them ripping... Tearing...

"My master," Came the bass purr from the formless mass, writhing together and shaping into a human body. Alucard was tall, his intimidating lean body standing at over six and a half foot, perilously close to being considered as giantism, Integra mused internally. He had a lithe build, thin, yet you could see the flexing of powerful muscles underneath the scarlet coat, legs that seemed to go on forever, but this was one woman who didn't care for his looks, only his abilities to control the undead population.

"You called?" The vampire prompted, gazing steadily at his master, the one woman who had gained his respect. It was hard to believe that this... Human, with her long, blonde hair, icy blue eyes behind thin framed glasses, so frail, so breakable, yet he bowed to her commands like a dog. However, she had earned her nickname of the 'Iron Maiden' with her supreme sword-fighting skills and her abilities with a weapon.

"Why were you not at the tower of London when we needed you? There was a minor attack today. You're just lucky that the troops could handle it," Integra growled, her hands fisting on the desk, she was so close to just punching the smirk off of his stupid face, although the attack was minor, she had lost several men to the vampire scum until they managed to take him and his army of ghouls down. True, she had sent Alucard and Seras away further North to deal with a group of vampires that had been killing women outside nightclubs, but he should have come when called, after all, it didn't take a full day to kill a few vampires.

"We were at another mission." He stated, rolling his eyes then continuing at the stern gaze from Integra, "The group turned out to be larger than we had assumed, and you requested I did not send police girl,"

"That's only because Seras can't handle herself yet!" Integra was getting pissed now, although it was hardly Alucards fault that they didn't know the exact amount of vampires in the group, clearly they had been making more as they went, but it was unimportant now. What was important was the fact that Hellsing was now considered undermanned in the supernatural cop list, and she doubted that there was anything half as powerful as Alucard running around that she could bring under control. With that final thought, she dismissed the vampire, just as Walter brought her tea in. Walter had been loyal for years to her, and before her, to her father, so she voiced her concerns to him and watched his aged face twitch as she mentioned her though of having another creature like Alucard under her command. Integra knew instantly that the butler knew something she didn't.

"Walter, what aren't you telling me?" She asked, and he scowled, looking towards the door as if he wished someone, anyone, to come in and distract her from this topic. It was something that had been shut away years before Alucard had been imprisoned before Integra released him, something that had been sworn to secrecy long before now. Perhaps, he thought, now that Sir Integra had grown up, that she would be able to control this beast as she did the one already freed from his cage. The only problem was that all of the Cromwell restrictions on Alucard meant nothing to the other beast that was locked in the dungeons, the room only accessible with a particular key that had been hidden - read, lost - many years before. "Walter..." She warned, bringing his attention back to her, smiling and acting as if nothing had happened. If Integra were to open the door which hid...It. Who knew what would happen. This creature had all the abilities of Alucard, some that even he didn't, but none of his restrictions. Even if it wasn't as powerful as the ancient vampire, it was still a formidable opponent in battle, and had rightly earned the titles that it carried.

"There may be one option, Sir," Walter sighed as Integra's curiosity peaked, he could almost see her ears pricking at the comment, her eyes sparkling and waiting for him to continue. "The dungeons, where you found Alucard, well, he wasn't the only creature imprisoned there by Van Helsing, he was one of a number of them, but only two survived the harsh experimentation and torture that went on, or survived with most of their sanity at least, but I don't know much on the subject," Integra's face fell into a frown, her eyebrows mashing together and her forehead creasing. "There was a book on the experiments however, which would contain all the information about the creature you seek, but the journal has been in the care of a highly protective source for a while now,"

"Alucard," She simply said.

"Alucard." He confirmed.

The shadows were glowering at her now, as they searched the No-Life King's room, with it's high-back throne and glossy black coffin. They were looking for the journal that would lead them to the next clue in the puzzle of finding this 'other experiment' that Van Helsing had kept captive. How this man managed to keep so many powerful creatures without harm coming to him was beyond Integra, goodness knows how he even managed to capture the brutes in the first place. Had he outwitted this one? Had he simply used force, or blackmailed it into coming with him? Was this creature as bad as Alucard? Was it worse? So many questions that would be answered soon enough, when they found the wretched book. All they had fond so far were numerous grey dust bunnies, that danced in the breeze of movement around the room. Soldiers were raking through the sparse scattering of belongings whilst Integra kept a silent vigil, only ever speaking to make comments on her idea of the hiding place. They had already questioned Alucard, but he had been - as per usual - ignorant and avoided the interrogation with all the wiles of a five century old being. Instead, he now just glared at the intruders to his sacred resting place, leaning back against the wall with arm crossed tightly against his chest. They were defiling the one place he could be alone, and he hated that.

"Where is it Alucard?" Integra voice raised in volume, standing straighter against the harsh gaze of red. The vampire simply shrugged, returning with the answer of 'I don't know what you're talking about,' for the hundredth time that night, then went back to staring blankly at the room. Thunderous growling was heard as they opened the coffin, depositing the lid on the floor and tugging at the silk insides, pulling at the interior and checking for any 'extras' in the lining. Little did they know, Alucard huffed mentally, that the large, leather-bound book was strapped securely into and inlet on the lid, underneath the coating of smooth silk, but they hadn't thought to check there yet. Yet. He could hear the aggravated sighs as they lifted the heavy lid to replace it on top of the base, the golden lettering standing out from the ebony darkness of the rest of the coffin.

'The bird of the Hermes is my name,

Eating my wings to make me tame,'

He mused that this creature they were looking for had a similar line imbedded not in a coffin, but on its hip and across it's rump. However, it was not to hold in the power, it was merely for decoration, the delicate scrawl of ink - penned into the pale skin, holding deeper meaning than merely a cage for it's extensive powers. Alucard remembered the very day that he was taken to those dungeons, hearing the sound of a whip cleaving meat and muscle from porcelain bones, stripping the flesh from it's hide; and there was still no screaming. Even when the noise was not a slap, but a thick, wet noise, the only sound was that of husky voice jeering at it's captor, mocking him into flogging harder and faster until Alucard could smell nought but the blood, even the thin trickle through the door of his cell. It had been the creature's blood that bound him to that room, so much blood sacrificed for the sake of some witch-craft to keep him locked up, unable to escape. The sound of Integra's booming voice chiding the soldiers for not checking the lid of the coffin startled him from his memories. He had to work hard at keeping totally neutral, his expression void of any emotion as they thoroughly scoured the top of the lid, flipping it to check the inside.

Integra didn't miss the miniscule twitching of Alucard's mouth as she ordered for the lid of the pristine coffin to be searched, even if they had only found some Romanian dirt in the other part, buried underneath the silk, which some of the newer members had found suspicious until it was explained why. Only then did they shy away with what seemed like disgust on their face, seemingly avoiding touching the soil at all as they continued the searching. There was a collective gasp around the groups as one soldier took out a small Swiss army knife and cut a narrow slit down part of the lid's interior, slicing the silk open as if it were warm butter, and the material parted with only the slightest of sounds, a delicate hiss. Inside, was what appeared to be a wooden door, secured by a small golden padlock, which was broken easily by a strong tug from one of the more muscled men. Such weak defences on something so important? But then, it was never made with the intention of being searched with Alucard's permission, it was probably assumed that he would have defended his property better than this. The door was levered open, revealing a dark book encased in tattered leather, the binding made of some thick string threaded through two holes in the far left of the cover and the yellowing pages.

"This is a bad idea, my master, even I cannot help you with this mission, I have no wish to meet the creature inhabiting the dungeon again, however much I may have enjoyed it's formidable company, it has no bindings they way I do and has not been removed from that cell for twice the length of time I was imprisoned, if it escapes with sanity intact, I would be surprised." Alucard said, pushing away from the wall to stand by Integra, running a finger over the cover of the book and feeling it's familiar contours and wrinkles, remembering the days when Van Helsing would spend his time with torture, then scribble for hours across the pages, marking down his experimentations in the tight, crabby script that he seemed so fond of. Then he would disappear for a few more hours, only to come back, the blood on his hands renewed with a sweeter smelling substance than his own dead blood, then continue his findings as if there were nothing wrong. Perhaps, to him, everything was right, he could harm these creatures and they would never feel pain, never feel humiliation at being topped by a mere man...

"I'm sure I can handle whatever is down there, servant, if I can handle you," Integra grumbled, pulling the book away from Alucard's exploring fingers and frowning at the condescending tone in which he spoke, caressing the cover of the book which held so many undiscovered secrets, hidden away long ago. She could feel that although the book looked solid, the pages were frail, and could be torn with ease, so she would have to be careful with it. Turning, she ordered the soldiers to fix the coffin lid, striding out of the door towards the office, leaving the repair crew to sew up the gaping slice in the fabric and deal with Alucard's fury. Little did she know that the vampire simply watched her leave with a solemn expression, his last thought before he blended into the darkness being, 'Don't be so sure, my master," He was sure that Integra heard it through her mind as he found himself outside, stepping across the dewy grass of winter as the first snowflakes tentatively flew from the sky to land lightly on his raised face. Once there, they did not melt, but perched precariously on his chiselled jawbones and the tip of his nose. The stars were clear tonight to his supreme vampiric sight and he gazed up at the creamy moon, dominating the sky... And prayed that Integra was right.


Seating herself at her desk, Integra opened the book with a hesitant excitement, she both wanted and didn't want to see the contents of the cruel treatment her ancestor has bestowed upon other living things, the things he had done to them... He had treated them like science projects, constantly changing and making them stronger, with a deep breath, she opened the pages and began to read.

It has been three months since I brought in the vampire, that terrible creature with so much power. He boasts about how he used to impale the thousands, even his own people! What a foul monster! I allowed him a taste of what he had done to his own people and had him chained up to the wall whilst having a long spear projecting up through him. Of course, when I removed it the next week, he healed within a matter of moments, cursing the day I was born. I hope I can perfect the other one as well, whom I have locked in the room perpendicular to the vampires, however I have had to put a much sturdier lock on the door due to the fierce fury that she puts into throwing herself at the metal. Numerous bones have been broken in her attempts to escape, but to no avail.

Digesting this piece of information, Integra quickly scribbled some notes on her own pad, noting that the creature - as told in the text - was female. She chewed on the end of the pen for a moment before writing about the possibility of her being physically stronger than Alucard, or perhaps just with less self control than the vampire. Her eyes flicked back to the page as she gnawed on the stationary, scanning over the next few lines of the next days entry.

I have wondered what would happen if I were to place both of the creatures in a room together. They both show high levels of intelligence, much over that of a human; I fear that if they plotted for freedom, I would not be able to stop them both. However, would they care to think of it? Or would they fight like vicious animals over territory, each trying to tear out the other's throat? Perhaps, but maybe not. Maybe they would simply get together and copulate, as from what I've known of the years studying the female subject, she seems to go through period's of being 'in heat' as a dog would, and now seems to be her time, as she is much more aggressive than the usual placid jesting that occurs. If I could find a way for to make them reproduce, perhaps I would have more servants to help destroy the ghoul and vampire population, a better, more tameable kind of creature that would combine the best of the two, whilst having the weaknesses of neither. Having managed to tame the No-Life King, would I be able to do so with any offspring of the two in the same way? If I could perhaps bring about some change in the female's reproductive system, it may indeed be a viable plan, with a possibility of creating a completely new species!

So he had tried to breed this woman to Alucard, all for the sake of creating more powerful creatures to use in his battle against such creatures. The excitement could almost be felt through the messy handwriting at the end of this note, coupled with the drops of ancient blood, turned brown with age and a slight smell wafting from it. This could either be the blood of the thing in the basement, or Alucards, but she had her answer a moment later when he materialised behind her, lifting the book to his face to inhale the scent. His mouth parted and his eyes closed for a moment and Integra wondered if he would lick the stale blood from the page, but he simply dropped the book back onto the desk - where it landed with a loud thud - then disappeared again, no doubt back to that basement where he resided. The pages fluttered until the back cover was bared, revealing a key imbedded underneath a thing layer of leather, the shape clearly distinguishable through it. A quick cut with a letter opener did the trick and a rusted brass key slipped from it's resting place onto the wood, watched with great interest by Integra who flipped back to the page she was at and continued reading the next entry.

It worked! I managed to alter a pheromone within the female that seems to bear a great attraction to the male during her 'heats.' With this I have also managed to change the scent of him, that will only be noticeable to the finely tuned sense of smell of the other creature. Although, I am still trying to work out what she is, she claims to be an angel, but there is nothing in Heaven that would be as unholy as her! Even her name means darkness! I am inclined to believe she is in fact, the fallen angel she claims to be, as she sports a large pair of black, feathered wings, however, she is more likely to be a demon than an angel. She is a powerful creature, though not nearly as much as the vampire, she has some of his abilities due to my testing of her, and with time, she may have full control of them. As I have not yet been able to bind her as I did with Dracula, I have left her with numerous silver chains binding her to the wall of her cell, with spells and the likes containing her in the room. I know she will not die, as she has the ability to feed from very strong emotions and the fear in the basement from the other subjects is almost tangible, even to a human such as I am, so it must be a great meal for her. Any merry events have been cancelled for the moment until I have found a way to block this ability. I would not wish for her to drain the power of everyone during one such gathering and have the energy to break free.

More notes were scrawled onto the pad, any nuggets of information that could be valuable in the handling of such a being. Integra decided that it would be an idea to visit the dungeons whilst her two vampires were awake for the night, and have this first meeting out of the way as soon as possible so she could decide whether or not this newly-found 'fallen angel' would be a valuable asset to the organisation, or a formidable opponent, as she was to her grandfather. Groaning inwardly, she called out to Alucard with her mind, requesting that he bring Seras as well.

The dungeons were just as dark and dank as they usually were, Alucard decided, his Cheshire cat grin on his face, revealing his fangs. Ruby eyes were glowing in amusement at their little mission down here to seek out the other creature that Van Helsing had captured when Alucard was brought in. She had been a fighter when he was trapped, with the black straight-jacket holding his arms tightly bound as she was brought in with the most delicious, sweetest smell permeating the room, coming from her. It had made him hard almost instantaneously, his nostrils flaring to gather more of the smell, as much as he could whilst she writhed and snarled, trying to free herself from the wheeled contraption that she had been tethered to by multiple strong chains and straps, like some kind of bondage device. His lips curled up devilishly as the good doctor Abraham told him of the experiments and why he had felt that way, that over-whelming urge to mate and dominate, with only the scent of her to blame.

The smile quickly turned to a frown as he picked up traces of that same fragrance once more, the sweetest perfume he had ever had the pleasure of smelling. She was going through one of those weeks again, had she been going through it the entire time she had been concealed? Perhaps, but he had lost interest once he had faded away into an old corpse, awaiting the day his masters blood would awaken him to fight for the family once more. Oh how surprised he had been, not to see the son that Arthur Hellsing had wished for, but instead, he had come face to face with the young girl who was now strutting confidently in front of the group leading to the darkest part, where he was once prisoner. There was a smell of putrid dampness, and he wondered briefly if the angel had been laying in her own leavings for all the years, but then remembered that if she only fed on energy, the only waste was the used energy seeping back out of her, so the fear that once ruled down there would be replaced by only a minor feeling of dread, a much weaker feeling than what it previously was.

He stopped dead as Integra strolled up to the door and removed a key from her pocket, shoving it through the old lock and twisted, much to the chagrin of the door, which squealed at the abuse on the cogs in the lock as they turned and clicked open. Hinges groaned as Seras and Pip, the captain of the Wild Geese soldiers, pulled at the old door, coppery rust and blood flaking down from the frame as it scraped along the concrete ground, grinding the floor to dust beneath it's weight. Inside, Alucard could hear the barest whisper of a weak heartbeat, sluggishly pumping blood through the filthy body that sat there. As flashlights descended on the creature in the corner, there was a furious hiss, accompanied by some of the men gagging, some vomited, even Integra gasped at the sight before her. Alucard was momentarily shocked at the creature before him - no longer was the lithe, muscled powerhouse of a fallen angel, with her cobalt blue eyes flicking energetically as she took in her surroundings, or her black hair flying as if it had a mind of it's own, so much like his own... Now her eyes were listless and wild, the flashlights reflecting from the dark blue with a feral gleam, her black hair was creamy white, much like his had been after the years. Her wings - once her pride - were now reduced to a few pieces of thin skin stretched across thin bones, a few mangy, faded grey feathers still clinging in place, the quills a pure ivory. Her entire body, once a deadly weapon, was little but a mess of bones and fibres, held in place to the torture device with chains and straps, as he had once seen it. To make it worse, she was completely naked, with only blood covering her; in the darkness, one might think it was underwear, but when you moved closer, you could see the scars from wounds that had bled onto her and covered her bare body with crimson.

Somehow, in spite of the damage she had been done, there was the slightest flame of recognition in those dead eyes, the slightest brightening of her grey face as a flush swept her features. She laughed then, and the sound was something you would expect a lion or tiger to make when it caught it's prey, revealing glimmering white teeth, the slightest hint of delicately pointed fangs peeking out, not nearly as large as Alucard's, but just as deadly. The nails on both her hands and feet had hooked into deadly claws that her kind possessed and her fingers flexed, bones popping from lack of use. The woman smiled widely at her new audience, paying special attention to nod at the vampire, then looked to Integra, cackling again. It appeared that all manner of sanity was gone from this creature, until she spoke, a husky, deep voice that sounded like a broken record, a mere shadow of what it used to be.

"Ah, the fear in your men inspires me! I have not had such a meal in decades!" Her eyes brightened, but whether it was from her 'meal' or the prospect of freedom, one didn't know, "Count, how lovely to see you again," she purred, seemingly oblivious to the state she was in.

Alucard nodded in acknowledgement to her, "Lilith, it has been a long time,"

She grinned then, a maniacal expression that would have scared the strongest of men, too close to Alucard's smile when he was lost to the bloodlust for Integra's liking. That sunken face looked to the ceiling as if she could see something they couldn't, then inhaled deeply; glancing back to them with a contented smile.

"What a beautiful night."

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