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Gazing upon my mates handsome face as he slumbered in the darkness of our room, the blue tint to my night vision turning him into even more of a glorious marble statue in the bed. Carefully, I lifted a hand, stroking at his face and wondering how I had such a creature willing to spend eternity with me. He looked hard as steel, I mused, with all that solid muscle , the back of my finger drawing over his cheek and feeling the slight give of the silky skin beneath it, betraying the rest of the hardness. Long, dark lashes fluttered and instantly shot open, not a hint of drowsiness in the swirling crimson depths as he grinned at me; shark like teeth glimmering, eyebrows raising and dropping in a suggestive movement. I knew exactly what he was thinking, rolling from my side to my back as he mounted me, lips mashing against mine with ferocity and I drifted off into the pleasure...

Only a few days since I had returned, and I had already come into heat once more. Therefore, like most animals, I had become easily irritable, yet susceptible to pretty much any affection from Alucard - becoming the laughing stock of the entire mansion. I hold no shame when I say that my mate and I, we aren't always the quietest two when it comes to sex, and with me now in heat, Alucard had taken every opportunity he could to molest me. I didn't mean just straight out sex, he would pop out from the walls to grope a boob or my ass, even stealing kisses and trying to start full out sex right in the middle of the barracks only minutes before the geese arrived, then phasing out to leave me, naked on the top half. The bastard just wouldn't leave me be. It even got to the point where I was walking bow legged after being taken six or seven times in an hour. Integra had begun sending the vampire out on more missions now, telling me in private that she thought I needed the break. I had promptly thanked her and went for a long, hot bath to ease my aching core.

Coming back to the present, I was achingly sore again, signalling slightly rough usage, and my wings had cramped up from being tucked beneath me for so long.
Alucard was still above me, his thrusting stopped, and he was resting on his forearms, gazing curiously down at me.

"Have you returned?" He grinned, flexing his hips and causing me to gasp. He took that as a yes and continued, upping the speed as he pounded into me. With the rate we were going, we only lasted a few more minutes before I clamped down on him and he spilled his essence into me.

We lay in silence for a few moments, the only sounds being our slightly heavy breathing and the rustle of feathers as I made myself more comfortable, stretching out my wings until I had worked out the kinks and the huge wingspan had brushed through the heavy curtains surrounding the bed and had grazed the walls. Alucard stroked along the bones at the top of the wing, the sensitivity of said limb feeling brilliant as his strong fingers massaged gently. I took all his affection in my stride as the date for the final battle drew closer to us and stress levels were rising. When he rolled off me and extracted himself - both of us groaning in disappointment and loss - he took my hand, standing and summoning his clothes to himself; the dark swirling shadows drawing themselves away from delicate, crimson edged swirls to cover his body.

"Come," he murmured, taking the back of my hand against his mouth and laying a kiss against it before pulling me up. Like a proper gentleman, he took my black silken robe and hung it over my shoulders, allowing me to pass my arms through the sleeves. He carefully positioned my wings and watched as they flexed through the slits in the back of the gown. Taking a moment to admire me, I laughed at his expression, like an artist pondering over a fine piece of art. Alucard laughed with me, landing a stinging slap to my backside, and, squealing, I ran up the stairs to the main part of our cottage... And stopped.

The bedroom above ground... It was... Muscular arms wrapped around my belly, gently stroking the flatness, and I could feel as he transmitted thoughts of pride and love to me as I gazed upon the room. The walls were bright white, painted simply, but effectively, light against the crimson carpeting. A dark wooden set of drawers sat in the corner, multiple cuddly toys perched atop it, including a cuddly Baskerville. It was a playroom, for any children we will have. Sniffling slightly, I turned to my mate and kissed him, just a simple kiss, but one that showed how appreciative I was... In fact.

"Later," I purred seductively, "I'll show you how much I really love it," he responded instantly, pinning me to the wall with a feral growl. Well, that was, at least, until Integra's screeching became too much to ignore. We both promptly allowed our shadows to take us to her, my clothes reforming on the way.

..."And finally,what have I told you about ignoring me?! The entire mansion could be put at risk because of your INCESSANT SHAGGING! What if we needed you and there you are, fucking away in your basement," She sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of her nose in irritation. Immediately, there was two men at her side, eyes wide before they glared at each other with spite. Wrath and Lust - two incredibly powerful demons in Hell - had adopted her as their mate-to-be, unfortunately for both of them, Integra had spurned both their advances and despised them both. Lust's hands massaged her shoulders, and although you could see the instant relief, you could also feel the anger radiating from her as she swatted him away, also back handing Wrath, who had a cup of tea in his hand ready for her... It was sad, in a hilarious, creepy kind of way.

"Integra, my sweet," Lust leaned into her ear, whispering to her. I glanced at Alucard, who wore a shit eating grin whilst watching his master, obviously he would be no help, so I took control. Smacking both of the demons across the black of the head, I clutched their pointed ears and dragged them away from the Hellsing heir, towards the door, before promptly kicking their asses out into the corridor. Snarling sharply at them, I held back a giggle at the pouts on their faces, knowing just how dangerous these two were.

"As I was saying, I think its time you enrolled with the mercenaries, Lilith, youneed to get used to each other's style of fighting before we go to war with the Legions of hell. Captain Bernadotte will show you them ropes. For a moment, a look of fury passed across Alucard's face, before he carefully schooled it back to the original grin. I knew what he was thinking though, it wouldn't be hard when you spent so much time with him - he hated me being around any other males, especially since I was in heat, but since a humans nose wasn't strong enough to smell it, I assumed the Geese would be fine from his wrath. Except the captain and his outrageous flirting, but his punishment would most likely come from Seras.

"Alucard, you are meanwhile tasked with discovering what happened to the angels. We know they are collaborating with the demons, but we have yet to find any true motives with this, now go, my servants," She commanded. As with any order Integra gives, it was followed immediately as I stretched my wings and sketched a bow, leaving in a flurry of feathers and shadows. Alucard made to follow, but was held back by his master, who told me to go on. Instead of following orders, a part of me snapped, and I lashed out, my mind on a frenzy at the thought of being alone. There was a low howl of mourning and a whine, then the feeling of arms restraining me. The world was narrowed down to tunnel vision, blurred around the edges but sharp at the end, everything highlighted in red. There were words, soft words spoken in my ear, sounded like... A name? My name, that belonged to me, how I was referred to. Warmth surrounded me and I felt the weight of a coat on my shoulders as I crouched in the corner, arms surrounding me, not comfortingly, but controlling.

"Will she be okay Alucard?" Integra's voice sounded bored, but I knew underneath there was worry. She cared for all her soldiers, even the inhuman ones.

"She has been lapsing into a state of wildness recently, after she returned from Hell, it happens usually when she is away from me for too long. She fears they will take her again." He turned to me then, and I gazed up at him with what I imagined were frightened eyes. "Get a hold of yourself, you are a demoness, not a frightened kitten, now, go and train I'll be back later, you know that. As does the child within you," with that, he leaned down, kissed my stomach and teleported away to wherever he was going. Of course I would be carrying with the amount of sex we'd been having, that was the end result was it not? Excitement flowed through me, another baby! Without a second thought, I stood up - Alucard's coat having disappeared with him, unfortunately - and left for the door. Integra said nothing as I skipped away in childish happiness, my lapse forgotten.

"No Cherie, put all of your weight behind it, like this," Pip showed me for the hundredth time, showing me how to thrust the butt of the gun into the stomach of the big potato sack on a stick. Apparently, I wasn't doing it right, and he continually complained. Finally fed up with him, I summoned my swords, the darkness around me swelling, and bringing with them the twin blades, long and curved. Let's see how he would fare against this.

"Defend," I shouted, and he immediately brought up his gun, eyes widening, unsure of what to do. I lunged, spearing one sword in the direction of his belly, the gun was shoved in the road, the edge of my blade cutting into the hard metal of the weapon. Strike after strike came, sometimes he blocked it with the gun - on those times, I made it my mission to strike harder, putting to use some of that supernatural strength - other times, I would stop the blade as it made contact with his clothing. Sweat dribbled down his forehead and the sweet stench of fresh perspiration filled my nostrils as we battled onwards. But the humans stamina could only last so long against my superior strength, and eventually, he took one hit to many, ending up on his back, with one sword buried in the cloth on his shoulder, the other at his throat as I straddled his belly.

"Well done Cherie, you have me down, now what?" He chuckled somewhat nervously, but I had an idea, one that would test the group without the chance of being injured badly.

"Pip, gather the geese, we're going to have a test run," I grinned sardonically, "Let's see how good you really are, stand back," he moved away, alerting the Geese to stand ready as I flexed my wings out, feeling my power shiver through the feather, ruffling them like a light breeze. My cerulean eyes drained to black for a moment and I slashed the air, body aglow with dark, demonic powers. This was a power I had not utilised in a while, and was used widely for training more powerful young demons - my sword and power had opened a rift to the demonic world, only the lower realms of course, where the mischief demons, and nightmares played. Now for the final touch, bringing my thumb to my mouth, I pressed it against the dainty fang tip, feeling the skin puncture and the scent of blood leaked forth. My hand made contact with the rift, stretching it like a rubber barrier before it accepted my blood and spilt open, swirling darkness inside.

"Don't look into it, " I instructed the men and they all immediately turned from it, "For when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes at you." As I finished my quote, all hell broke loose. Literally.

The men responded in an instant to the small, monkey-like Red Devils who spewed forth from the tear, larger, dog-sized black ones following them, screeching like beasts as the gunfire tore them apart, grenades blasting them to pieces. I stood by, grinning as I was splattered with black blood and chunks of gunk, picking a small demon from gnawing on my wing - which settled in the heat of my hand, glancing up at me with gaping eye holes that bled profusely. It cheeped - a loud, excited noise and made itself quite comfortable in my hand before its little body began to morph, stretching two little feathery wings outwards like my own. I patted it lightly on the head and brought it up to sit on my shoulder. The geese continued to battle its brethren and it looked on without a bothers there was no trust between blood in Hell. The only way to trust was to be trusted, and this little creature had sought out my protection long ago, becoming my infiltrator.

"How are you little guy? Hear anything lately?" I asked, watching as it nodded enthusiastically, leaping up and scrambling up my shoulder. I paused it for a second, closing the rift by holding my sword horizontally across it, binding it shut once more and watching it close. The influx of demons stopped, and the remaining ones were shredded by sub-machine guns and assault rifles. With a simultaneous gasp of relief, the Geese collapsed in a bundle of exhausted sweaty soldiers. The little demon tapped my cheek and I turned to it once again, huffing on its little face.

"Nata! Tek kantaf Rikog" It cried, telling me that Hell was ablaze now... Well, in all honesty, the complete translation was 'everything's fucked! Legions are amassing'

"I know, but have you heard anything," I hissed at it, to which it cowered and began sputtering everything it knew to me, I'll simply translate it this time as there are some sounds in the demonic language that can not be spelled with the human languages.

'Lucifer is organising the remaining sins and their followers, but the demons are rebelling amongst themselves, there is much death and suffering, but they aren't bothering with the small demons, we aren't a threat. They plan to attack in the next week, when the rebellions are quelled, but the angels have been silent, no news there.' It babbled on a bit as I wondered where Alucard was just now, then remembering that I need not worry about my mate at all, he would be just fine wherever he was.

"Zhat is all for today, head to the showers men!" Pip called, the mercs groaning and heading off, leaving me to summon another rift to send the little demon back. It scurried away, pleased with its task.

Heading back to the cottage, I stepped down the stairs, opening the heavy door to our room and slinking inside. Expecting to be sleeping alone for a while, I was surprised to see a shape on the bed, hunched over itself. For a moment, I almost ran to him - for the shape was clearly male - but then two huge, graceful shapes rose from its back, curling around the figure as he sat there, raising his head and I heard him draw a deep breath in through his nose. There was a moment of utter stillness and quiet, then, he stood, allowing himself the liberty of a stretch before parting the curtains and striding out to meet me.

Gasping, I looked the man, no, he was more of a teenager than anything, still long and lanky whilst growing muscles pushed outwards. He had the most stunning set of wings, the feathers were not black as they should be, but were instead the most stunning dark red I had ever seen, his tail was the same colour as it curled around his leg in what looked like a nervous gesture. There was no doubt who this creature was, it was there in his eyes, one dark blue, the other a shimmering red, swirling depths staring at me with confusion.

"He told me you were a monster, a beast, he never told me how... Human you would look," His voice was unsteady, his breathing harsh... Was this demon going to cry? "You, you are the one who carried me, my... Mother?" I nodded, not sure of what to do. I wanted to hold him, the son I never knew. He stepped towards me, who stood frozen as I watched his facial features - he had a square jaw just like his original father - before the demon seed took its place - his high cheekbones were mine. He would have been a stunning boy, if not for the horns sprouting from his head, and the jagged teeth too big for his mouth, distending his lips, and the curved talons that were on the ends of his fingers.

"Your name? What is your name?" I asked, wanting to wrap my arms around his huge, bulky body, covered in demonic armour and no clothing except a pair of dark jeans that fair bulged out at his thighs and calves.

"My lord calls me Leviathan," He nodded his head, tipping his black hair forward over his face, "May I know the name of my mother?"

"Lilith," I said simply, "Why have you come to me?"

"I always get to know my target, its more fun when they know I'm coming. My lord says I'm quite the hunter," He grinned and my heart stopped, it was the grin that his father wore, the grin of the vampire king. "What of my true father?"

"He's not here, but don't think you can take me boy," my voice became more forceful as I spoke, "Why would you do this!? I am your mother, your true family! I would take you back if you gave up on your so-called Lord," I was grasping and straws, having a moment of pride as he looked confused, glancing back and forth across the room, "Come son, come to me," I stretched my hand out, beckoning him to me. His face twisted into a snarl, and he dropped to his knees, clutching his head, an ear piercing shriek coming from his mouth.

"NO! He told me of your lies! You only want me to stay so you can lock me in that torture basement! You only want to kill me... You lie! You don't love me, otherwise, would you have replaced me so quickly!" He pointed accusingly at my belly, which I wrapped my arms around protectively, shielding the brand new life within. "You're nothing more than the vampires whore! I swear I'll kill you, I'll make you watch as I tear the child from your womb," With a final roar of frustration, he simply vanished, leaving nothing more than his scent behind.

Irony would have it that Alucard rushed in then, snarling and finding me, still standing, arms draped by my sides, my wings limp behind me; lying on the floor listlessly.

"What's wrong? What happened?" He shouted, teeth bared as his eyes glared around the room, searching for the cause of my upset.

Gazing up at him, my eyes watered, "I just met our dear son."

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