Legend of the Guardians 4: Rise of the High Tyto

Chapter 1: Coup of Silverveil

Two weeks since the Battle of Eternal, all has been peaceful in the world. The Guardians have resolved Night Eternal and Mordecai, the Owl God of Darkness, has been sent back to hell. The sun is shining once again and the moon is bright white and full again. As the peace has been undisturbed for two weeks, all have been recovering and people who suffered moonblinking in Night Eternal have been treated. Ambala and Ga'Hoole have been taken back by their leaders and the Great Tree is still disposing of the Pure One banners and other assorted weapons.

However, since the Pure Ones have been defeated and their queen, Elanore Brix, has been severely beaten, but is still alive. Anyway, a new leader has risen in her place and promised her marriage. A young Barn Owl Prince, with the same scarlet eyes of their queen, has become the new Lord High Tyto. He is Nyroc, but he was once the son of Lord Coryn and Queen Liana and brother of Princess Amethyst. He was once known as Prince Coryn-Zayin, but since he has been turned evil, he refuses to be called by that name. People who have been executed, and are asked about, the higher ups say they "disappeared".

Nyroc has been working on his first attack and plans not to fail. He says to his Pure Ones that he is going to seek vengeance for what the kingdoms armies and the Guardians did to his lover and their queen, Elanore. He makes another unforgettable address before they take to the sky. Elanore, who is assisted by her guards, watches on from the balcony of her bedroom. Before being ushered back to bed, as she is still weakened by fatigue and her injuries are critical.

In Silverveil, the two remaining members of the Perrin Royals, King Lucas and his younger sister, Princess Maria are minding their own business when the army of Pure Ones attack. The Pure Ones came by the dozen. They are going to kill Maria and Lucas and take their kingdom, the usual Pure One coup. The two siblings won't let their kingdom fall to the Pure Ones as they lead their army in attack. The battle intensifies when both sides finally meet and being to fight.

Princess Maria Perrin, the seventeen year old Princess of Silverveil goes head to head with Nyroc as she courageously fights him. She has been trained for these sorts of things, as well as her brother and it is up to the siblings to defend their kingdom.

As the Pure Ones continue their bid for Silverveil, a game change happens. Nyroc grabs Maria and tosses her into the palace. She then is knocked unconscious from the blow she takes. King Lucas Perrin, the 21 year old King of Silverveil and Maria's elder brother, sees this and picks her up, carrying her in his talons as he no choice but to retreat. He remembers his deathbed promise he made to his father that he would protect his sister, no matter what happens.

He flies out of the kingdom with his head hung with shame, as he let his kingdom fall, as he swore that Pure Ones would never threaten his people. However, he has kept his sister safe, which is the important thing when it comes to what he promised.

Meanwhile, in Ga'Hoole, Queen Liana of Middle, the wife of Lord Coryn, is helping organise the celebration for the harvest festival. She is directing and overseeing all that goes on in the city centre. Then, when she is speaking to a member of the "Decoration Crew", the gong at the Southern Gate chimes. Liana sees an army on approach and she knows who they are. They are all staring as they enter the Ga'Hoole vicinity and Lucas lands, after placing his sister down. Liana goes to see if they are ok with the Medical Chaw and the others who are concerned.

Lord Coryn, who is in charge for the week, notices the commotion and wants to know what's going on. He is King of Ga'Hoole while Josh is in the Northern Kingdom looking for a boarding school for his eldest daughter, Sina, to attend and while Lydea, Queen of Ga'Hoole and North is at a Northern Council meeting. He flies up to Liana and she is speaking to Lucas, before he leaves with the Medical Chaw that is carrying his sister in a basket to take to the hospital.

"Liana, what is going on?" Coryn asks

"Silverveil has fallen." Liana replies