Chapter 17: Teenage Renegades

Just as Coryn tells the parliament that his son has married Elanore, they all are just feeling plain sick. Coryn also tells them that Sina is ok and Lydea breathes a sigh of relief. She has been worried as of late about her eldest daughter more than Josh. Just as Lucas and Josh are planning to kick the Pure Ones out of Silverveil, Maria and Caspian decide to take matters into their own hands.

Maria is getting her gear ready when her brother sees her and swipes her other battle claw.

"Hey!" Maria exclaims

"I don't want you getting hurt, Maria. You are not going to go and fight against those bastards again." Lucas says as she is trying to take back her battle claw

"I am actually trying to help, unlike a certain owl that let Silverveil fall into the control of the PO." Maria exclaims

"I had to save you, Maria. It isn't my fault it fell." Lucas replies sternly

"You promised to mother and father that you wouldn't let Silverveil fall. You are breaking your promise and not taking action." Maria replies with venom

"Don't bring mother and father into this!" Lucas exclaims

"I will. You didn't live up to your promise." Maria replies

"I did, Maria Perrin! I did uphold my promise. I took care of you and ruled our kingdom all the same." Lucas replies "How could you say that I didn't uphold it?" he asks with fury

"You gave up Silverveil and retreated." She replies

"I gave it up to save you!" He replies with tears "You are my baby sister and I didn't want you to die. I promised mother and father that I would protect you. I know that Caspian will take care of you someday, but while you are not come of age, I have to keep you safe."

"I miss mother and father!" She cries

"Me too!" He replies

The sibling owls hug and they start to cry. They miss their parents after the eight years that have been dead. Lucas knows he will never take the place as a father to his little sister. The day that their mother and father died haunts them dearly.

"If I don't go and save Sina Schana… I don't want Josh and Lydea being like us. They would be devastated if their daughter dies. Please, Lucas. Think of what we can do for others and for me. I could practice my sneaking around and…" She pleas

"Alright… but stay close to Caspian at ALL times, Maria. If you can fix my capes and make beautiful ones, you are a Perrin. Mama and father would get me if I didn't let you go." He gives in

"Thank you, big brother." She squeals in glee

They share a hug. Lucas feels like his parents are smiling down on him and Maria. He would want to make them proud of her, since she was only 8 or 9 when their parents died. Caspian arrives and Lucas puts on her other battle claw and he kisses her head before placing her helmet on.

"Take care of her Caspian Charid. If you want to be alive to take that throne, you have to make sure she comes back alive." Lucas sternly says to Caspian with a claw raised

"I will, Lucas. I don't want the worst happening to her too." Caspian replies

With a swift nod from Caspian and a rising of wings the two 17 year old owls take off into the wind. The elder brother of the female Tasmanian masked owl watches on with eyes full of tears and with silent prayers in Ke'va being said. Lydea, Queen of Hoole, watches the two owls leave. She remembers when she and the rest of her friends had ditched curfew and flew off. She knows that they are going to rescue her eldest daughter, but she hasn't bothered to tell Josh. She had heard them planning to leave in the middle of the day, but thy dropped it back by hours. This queen says some silent prayers in Naya'va.

"…May you come back safely, Perrin and Charid. Nya will be watching over you and she will never forsake you. She is my eyes and ears, younglings." Lydea whispers into the ocean breeze

Nya, the goddess ancestor of Lydea heard what her descendant said and she gives a nod to Shad, The God of Air. He makes the wind go their way. She smiles upon the courage of the pair.

"I will make sure nothing happens… as Glaux as my witness…" She softly says before turning to Glaux

Maria and Caspian are flying through the air, feeling determination and nerves with their every beat of their wings. Caspian looks to Maria, who has a face of sheer fear. He knows she could laugh in the face of death, but when it comes to Pure One bases and traveling to them, she would freak out.

"You alright?" Caspian asks

"I'm fine…"Maria replies

"You know… We could prove that we have got what it takes." He says with a smile

"I guess. You could prove something, but I am nothing more than a princess. You are to be King of Tyto Forest… Me? I am just going to be a Silverveil Princess for all eternity." She answers with a sad tone

"As soon as we have the Princess, as soon as we have Silverveil again, as soon as I am bloody coroneted, I will ask your brother for the permission to marry you. I promise." He replies

"Really?" She asks

"I will." He replies

They then cross the border into Ambala. Sabyna had returned here and she is having her mourning ceremony. Sabyna Jacqueline Victoria Emilie Kin, Queen of Ambala holds a memorial in honour of her aunt, Lady/Princess Autumn, every year. She would remember when Autumn would visit. She loved her aunt and when she had found that she was killed, that crushed her heart. She had sworn a vendetta against whoever killed her, and in this case, it is Elanore. Caspian knows he should be attending the memorial, but he is on a mission.

Caspian and Maria are flying then they feel the winds pick up and carrying them to where they need to go. They are going fast and soaring through the early dawn skies with determination and confidence. They cross the border to St. Aegolius Canyons. They can tell as the canyons are dead ahead of them. They both think "No turning back without the princess".

From their time at the Great Tree, they have learned that there is a Guardian spy called Anik in the Pure One base taking care of Sina. They will be thinking of a way to try and get her out of the base, without the Pure Ones killing them. They would know she would resist the Pure Ones and she would be locked up in jail for it until she joins them.

They are sneaking around the base area. Finding a way in is hard, getting out is harder. Ever since the two weeks after the defeat of the Pure Ones last time, they had fortified their base and made sure no one gets in if they are a Guardian. Caspian and Maria however are not Guardians, so that makes it easy, but also hard. They know that the Pure Ones security is tight around the palace, but not near certain areas. All they would need is a passage in.

While flying around, their prayers are answered. They find a flight path for scouts. They travel along the path and knock out guards as they go. They then get into the main base by a cave. They are keeping their wits about them as they sneak wound this base. Hiding and running between points. They then sneak their way to the prison on the south side of the base. However, they are almost caught at one point and they make a break for it.

Meanwhile inside, Anik is training young Sina to fly. It has been a few weeks after she has been captured and she is making some progress. She can somewhat fly, but she cannot flap hard enough at some points. They are training and this can be heard from down the hall as Caspian and Maria approach.

"Try again, princess." Anik encourages

"I cant." Sina complains "I feel like I won't be able to fly."

"I told you, if you can try then that is what makes you fly. Try again, Sina. You almost got the hang of it." He replies

"I might never get home at this rate. I want to go home." She cries as tears well up in her eyes

A slight sound is herd and Anik takes note of this. He steps out of the jail cell and is listening.

"Is someone there?" He asks

"You heard a noise. Maybe there is." She says

"Shh! little princess, be quiet." He orders

"Are you Anik?" Maria's voice asks

"Who wants to know?" Anik replies

"We do. We are friends of the Guardians." Caspian replies

"Show yourselves." Anik orders

The two owls come out of their hiding place and present themselves in front of the spy. He sees their helms and sees that they are royals.

"Royals from a kingdom." Anik says, dumbfounded

"I am Prince Caspian, future king of Tyto Forest and this is Princess Maria, Princess of Silverveil. We are here to rescue Sina." Caspian replies in absolute

"I have been trying to teach her to fly." Anik says

"Well… we have to get her out of here sooner or later." Maria smiles

"I can't fly that far." Sina whines

"You must be Princess Sina." Maria smiles

"I want to go home. Elanore has been trying to make me a Pure One. I don't want to be a Pure One. She wants me to go against my baby sister. I don't want to fight my baby sister!" Sina cries

"We are going to help, little one. Everyone is worried for you, even your baby sister." Maria smiles

"Don't worry, little one. We will get you home." Caspian smiles

"When will we go? How will we escape?" Sina asks

"She has a good point. How will we get out?" Maria asks also

"I know a way, but first…" Anik replies

"What?" Caspian asks

"The Pure Ones are getting worse and they are trying to take other kingdoms. They would kidnap other royal owlets if they have to, to make them surrender. Sure, the Royal Wedding came and the king and queen are on honeymoon. Things are on hold until they get back, but General Morin has been working the soldiers raw. I have been stuck guarding the princess." Anik explains

"We have to slow them down before we go." Caspian announces

"I'll stay with the kid; you go and mess the PO up." Maria says

Anik and Caspian fly off. Maria stays with Sina and the older owl helps the younger one learn to fly. The two barn owls are throwing battle claws into the creek and they are also causing cave-ins. They see the two owls and start to pursuit. They fly back to the prison in a hurry.

"We have to go. They know it is us." Caspian says

They then go to leave and the Pure One guards chase. The four owls are in the air. Sina is somewhat keeping up and Caspian is behind her. Anik flies ahead to the escape passage that he has been escaping out of for a while. Sina sees the Pure Ones behind Caspian and she starts to panic.

"They're gunna kill us!" Sina panics

"Just follow me!" Anik replies

They fly down into the base of the St. Aegolius and there is a boulder over a large passage. Anik moves it and they fly though. He then blocks it up again and they fly though. Caspian remains behind Sina as they escape. A few kilometres from the base and Caspian sees no Pure Ones.

"I think we lost them." Caspian says

"Oh thank heavens." Maria breathes

"Are the Pure Ones gone?" Sina asks

"Yes, Princess." Anik replies

"Do you want to stop, Sina?" Maria asks

"I'm flying!" Sina exclaims with joy

The youngling catches up with Anik and Maria, who are flying ahead. Caspian follows her too. The young snowy owl takes off ahead as they all chase after her.

Sina feels the wind in her feathers. She had never known what flying is like. She had asked her father what flying feels like, but she could never imagine it until now. She has a smile on her nine year old face as she flies though the clouds in the early dawn sky. The breeze in her feathers and with every wing beat moving forward. She then looks back at the three Tyto owls (two barns and the Tasmanian masked).

"Are we going home?" Sina asks

"Back to the Ga'Hoole Tree we go!" Caspian says

They make the journey back to the Ga'Hoole tree. Sina is enjoying her airtime she has. It is after dawn when they return. Lydea sees them return in the high up branches of the Great Tree. They land in the middle of the city centre and everything is quiet. Before Lydea's call is heard and everyone bursts out of their hiding place cheering. They have a banner that says "Welcome Home Sina!" on it. Lydea and Josh land and they wrap their eldest daughter in their wings.

"Mummy, daddy. I can fly." Sina smiles

Caspian and Maria step forward with Anik. Josh and Lydea have smiles upon their faces.

"Thank you for bringing her home. We were all worried sick." Josh says

"It's the least we can do." Caspian replies

"You will be a good King of Tyto Forest soon, Caspian. If you can hold your own and save my daughter, you will bring honour to Tyto soon." Lydea smiles

Barran comes down with Lucas and she sees her sister and immediately lights up.

"Sina, You're home! You're home!" Barran exclaims

"Baby sister, Barran." Sina smiles

The two sisters hug cheerfully. The two sisters love each other and Barran especially has missed her big sister. A party ensues as Princess Sina is safe once again. During this, Sina flies a lap around the tree. Everyone cheers. Lydea and Josh are proud for their eldest child learning to fly. Lydea herself thinks that her eldest is a courageous child if she can fly out of a Pure One base.

Later on, Josh and Lydea put their daughters to bed. Sina falls asleep happily in her nest and Barran is already fast asleep. She fell asleep at the party under her father's wing. Lydea returns to the side of her egg as the time is getting closer and closer by the weeks passing.

"Little one, your biggest sister had learned to fly and she is a brave girl. I would want you to meet her someday." Lydea smiles