"Carnival? Sempai, I didn't know you knew what those were, much less want to go there."

"Yes! It's a very high up place, a freak circus!" Tamaki nodded towards his 'daughter', begging her to come along with them. "Kyoya requested a tour when he heard I wanted to see one!"

"Come on, Haruhi!" The twins chanted, slinging an arm around her shoulders. "Come on, how long has it been since you went out?"

"Well..." Still, she hesitated. "A freak circus?"

"Please, Haru-chan?"

"Well...okay." She finally relented. "I do need something to take my mind off of today, anyways."

"What's today?" Hunny asked, curious.

"My cousin disappeared today. It's been a year." She answered in a clipped tone, obviously not wanting to talk about it, even mildly glaring at Kyoya-not that he cared (much)-as he wrote things down in the damned notebook.

"Welcome!" The man spoke with a booming tone. "Welcome, to Cirque du Freak! Where disgusting, foul creatures await you, and follow you into your nightmares!"

"Yes, that's nice." Kyoya pushed up his glasses. "We had scheduled a tour?"

"Whoever promised you one was mistaken! We don't have tours! Just wander around, but please, don't feed them."

The twins and Tamaki shivered, and had good reasoning to, too. The man was sinister. Haruhi became slightly curious, but also apprehensive. They were still people, after all...Kyoya simply didn't care, but noticed, however, how Hunny and Mori tensed up a bit, and Hunny even seemed to bristle at the strange man's tone.

However, being Kyoya, the one for profits and such, he just didn't fucking care.

(Goddamn Kyoya...Anyways...)

They watched the tall man walk away, shivers involuntarily going down everyone's spines at the loud, clacking footsteps.

"Let's go, men! And Haruhi!"