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Mori: 1111111111



Kaoru and Hikaru [both; not doing singular, sorry]:1111111111


Harem: 1111

(Harem w/ or w/o Haruhi?)

(If the pairings are too spread apart; I'll do a harem, promise!)

(A.N: Hi! Just to make sure when I mention the pairings; I mean the pairings for Kagome. If you want to change, just say in your comment 'I misunderstood (insert reason here) (or not) and want to revoke my pairing, (insert pairing here), and would like to put my vote in (insert pairing here).


"What is it that you're writing?"

"Hm?" Blue eyes looked up to meet black ones.

"What are you writing?"

"What am I writing?"

"What are you writing, yes," Kyoya sighed in annoyance.

"What I remember." Kagome kept writing, the mechanical pencil moving swiftly in her hand.

"What you remember?" Amethyst eyes appeared in front of her, startling her into dropping the pencil. Tamaki had crouched in front of the love seat, and was blinking curiously up at her. It was after club hours, and Kagome had taken a small notebook from her bag.

"Ah...the things I see in my sleep. In my dreams." The pencil was back in her hand, doodling marginally in the corner.

"What do you see?" Kyoya asked, drinking from a cup.

"What do I see..." Kagome trailed off, her tail slowly waving, much like a flag, in the air, and her ear twitching. "Well, sometimes, I see Shippo, as a child, and Rin as a little girl, and me...we're all sitting in a field of green grass... I had taught Rin and Shippo earlier how to make flower crowns, and all three of us were wearing them. I had a basket of fruit I had picked with Sango earlier, and Miroku had taught me how to meditate a few weeks prior. Everything was perfect; even...even InuYasha was behaving. Sesshoumaru and Kouga were discussing the land's politics, what with being Lords and all..." The faint smile slowly slipped from her face, and Kagome continued, "Sometimes, though...I see fire."

"..." Kyoya's expression was troubled. "Fire, you say?"

'They repeat each other a lot,' Tamaki thought absentmindedly.

"Nothing but endless flames," Kagome nodded. "Hurts my eyes, but never damages them too badly."

"Damages?" The blonde questioned worridly. She smiled at him, patting his cheek gently.

"It's purely psychological," She reassured him, "I'm just a bit loopy, is all."

"You're not loopy, Kagome," Kyoya told her truthfully.

She grinned at the other raven, making him hesitate at the shy joy in the expression. "Really?" Kagome asked, ears perked up with happiness.

Kyoya allowed a smile, before answering, "Of course not. If anyone's loony, it's Tamaki."

"Mama-!" Tamaki began to pout, only stopping because of the laughter that interuppted the duo's bickering. Kagome was curled up, holding her sides wit laughter. Blonde and raven looked at each other and smirked.