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Harem: 1111

(Harem w/ or w/o Haruhi?)

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Club was closed today, and Tamaki had pulled out yet another dress for Haruhi to wear.

"Sempai, go away!"

"Haruhi-!" Tamaki fell to his knees, arm outstretched in sorrow. Kagome crouched over next to him, looking at the dress curiously, before picking it up and walking away.

A few minutes later she returned with her cousin, who was grudgingly wearing the dress. At the astonished looks given to the duo, Kagome beamed, "It's all a matter of the right material for blackmail."

Haruhi grumbled, before smiling at Kagome from behind her back. Everyone noticed but said nothing.

"Haruhi! You look so cute!" Tamaki swung her around joyfully. The rest of the hosts caught up in fussing over her cousin, Kagome smiled lightly at them all, before feeling something drip out of her nose. Not wanting to alarm anyone, she edged out of the room, going to the 'small' bathroom for a napkin. She sat on one of the posh chairs, remembering a few things she'd picked up from her travellings with the group. Don't lean back; sit straight up. Use your index and middle finger to lightly pinch your nose; the thumb may be too strong. Pinch between the bulb of your nose and the beginning of the bone. Calm down; a racing heartbeat means more blood. Don't panic.

"All right," Kagome's voice shook in the silent room, her head pounding. "All right. What could it be? I didn't have a panic attack, so no, it's not one of migranes have gotten worse but I doubt it's reared itself that badly." Sighing, she cleaned up the rest of the blood, washed her face, and looked at herself in the mirror. "Head in the game, freak. Head in the game."


Haruhi looked around the room, before spotting Kagome talking to Kyoya. "Kagome!"

"Ah, Haruhi!" Kagome ceased the conversation, her face pale and sweaty.

She stopped in her tracks, concern flashing across her face. "What's wrong?"

"Ah, worry not, cousin," Lips spread into a smile that calmed the brunette. "I was asking Kyoya what our next cosplay was." She pursed her lips in a pout, ignoring the surprised look the boy gave her, "However, he's being difficult and won't tell me."

"Tamaki wanted to make it a surprise for everyone," Kyoya sighed, looking exasperated. She hid a smile, thankful he was so bright.

"But I'll bet you know- oh, I'll leave it alone for now..." She ended it with a whining tone, making Haruhi roll her eyes, grinning. "None of us can ever beat Kyoya."

Kagome sighed, "He's much too clever," She agreed, nodding.

"Anyways, I came to tell you it's time to go home," Haruhi began tugging on her wrist, making Kagome meet eyes with the ravenette, desperation in her eyes, aimed at Kyoya.


A half hour later, when Kyoya was talking in the car with Tamaki, the duo deciding to carpool out of boredom, he was startled by a vibration coming from his left pocket. On his screen was a text from Kagome.

Please remember to not tell Haru.

Thank you for researching.


His expression was grim, but Tamaki ignored it, keeping his stream of chatter up. Tamaki feared it was the Ootori head, Kyoya's father, and it never did any good to linger on the subject. Oh, he hated the man!

Kyoya on the other hand, was slightly saddened.

Why did she sign it with Freak?