"Kagome?" The woman, tall with black hair, brown eyes, and wearing a smart business suit, asked.

Kagome squinted up a bit. She's familiar...


"You know sensei, Kagome?" Haruhi asked, noticing it had gone all quiet.

"Yes...we're old friends."

"That Rin?" Hikaru and Kaoru chimed in, looking at said woman, as if just meeting her.

"That Rin," Kagome agreed. Standing on her tiptoes, the two embraced. "Been a while, onee-chan."

Rin laughed, "It has! Please, have a seat, you four. I was just about to take attendance!"

After class and in between periods, Rin ran up to the four kids that were now her favorites. "Ah, Miss Taishou, Miss Haruhi! How are you two? And you two boys?"

"How do you know I'm a girl?" Haruhi asked. The classroom, empty for now, made her feel like she had to whisper.

"Why do you think the teachers don't know your gender? I've been hiding it, hacking and stuff." Rin answered, cheekily grinning.

"Rin, how have you been?" Kagome asked quietly, her blue eyes trailing over her form, worried and most likely looking for injuries.

"I've been great! The kids really like me! Enough about me, go on to lunch, you four! Hikaru, I want that assignment in soon!"

As they walked out the door, Rin heard Kaoru chastise his brother for falling asleep on school work while Haruhi laughed. Kagome turned, waved, and walked away. Just one thing about that made Rin's eyes water.

Kagome was smiling.