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"This is a really weird outfit." Finnick told Damon after he was dressed in his outfit for the arena. He was in the Bunker, the place below the arena. In half an hour he was going to be entering the arena, which was a terrifying yet somewhat exhilarating thought.

The outfit that Finnick was wearing was weird. It was a completely tight fitting, like a navy blue wet suit of some sort, only it stopped at his knees. He had a wind breaker to go over it and a pair of flat shoes that were incredibly supportive. He was wearing his necklace with it too.

"By the looks of it you'll have a pretty temperate arena," Damon told him, "But that might not mean you'll be doing lots of swimming. This suit looks like it's designed more for durability and temperature control, of course you can still swim in it though, but you should maybe expect the temperature to vary across the arena. I don't think you're likely to run into any snow given the looks of this."

"You can figure all of that out from just looking at it?" Finnick asked him incredulously

"Oh, my boy, I've been around this pageant for longer than you can imagine. Trust me, I know. Oh, and tuck that necklace in." he told Finnick.

"Why?!" He asked him, immediately grabbing his necklace, "Then sh-, the person who gave it to me won't be able to see it!"

"Yes but the person who gave it to you would probably be a lot more distressed if a weapon hooks in the chain whilst you're fighting, and you get your throat cut open. I've seen too many good tributes fall to a necklace or a bracelet. Just take it back out afterwards, I'm not asking you to throw it away." Finnick released his grip on the necklace, embarrassed at how he had panicked. Lately though anything unfamiliar panicked him. He didn't like what these games were doing to his mind already.

One Minute.

"Already?" Damon said crossly. "Well Finnick, hopefully I'll see if you the other side, if not, I'll see you in another life. Good luck in there!"

"Oh… Okay, um, ya see you." Finnick said uncertainly, but he decided he was going to take Damon's light tone about this as confidence in him. Finnick quickly reached over and grabbed a piece of toast off of a table that an avox had brought in and brought in.

30 Seconds

Finnicks froze. He was going into the arena. It was exciting. He had trained for this before and wanted to see his skills in action, and everyone always said that these games were an honor. But he was also terrified, his life wasn't something he wanted to play around with and wasn't murder wrong? Also, the plan that he had in mind was going to put him on the most wanted list of almost all of the careers.

15 Seconds

"You should step inside now." Damon said gently.

"Right… Well see you I guess. Damon walked out of the room and Finnick was by himself. He stepped inside of the tube and almost immediately it closed around him. He closed his eyes and tried not to let claustrophobia get the best of him. The platform began to rise and he braced himself not wanting to fall off because he had seen other tributes get blown to bits before the games even started. The platform reached the surface. Finnick had just entered his arena.



Raven mother was in the house, but she was sleeping on her bed. It was likely that she had forgotten all about the games. But Raven hadn't, oh no, no, no she hadn't. She sat in front of her television with a pillow hugged tight to her chest fifteen minutes before the games even started and was tuned into the banter of the announcers. She was not going to miss seeing Finnick enter the arena.

The announcers had begun talking about the favorites of the year, and Raven found it amusing that Finnick was among them. "Finnick Fever", that's what the Capitol called it, and she remembered how she had laughed the first time she had heard it. Finnick, Pluto, and Topaz were the crowd pleasers this year, which was understandable given there interviews. Raven thought to herself it would be easy to think Pluto and Topaz were great if you were a simple minded Capitol citizen.

Suddenly the phone rang. Raven panicked because she knew that her mom would be furious if it woke her up. She dropped the pillow, flew across the room, and answered the phone before it could finish the first ring. She hesitated a minute before answering to see if her mom would come barreling out of her room, but only a grunt came from her. "Hello?" Raven said.

"Is that you, little birdie?" Raven gasped. There was only one person in the world who called her little birdie.

"Daddy?!" She guessed excitedly, "Oh my gosh is that you?"

"I've missed you Birdie, how are you? How's your mother?" It had been four months since she'd last heard her father's voice.

"I'm fine Daddy!" She lied enthusiastically, "So is Mom. Does this call mean you're coming home?" She asked urgently.

"I wish it did, but I just wanted to check up on you two. You in particular, I know that Hunger Games time has always made you nervous."

"I'm just not all that into gore, I guess. My training is going well though!" Raven lied. Although her training was going well, she had no issue with gore. What she had an issue with was stripping twenty-four children of their rights, locking them in an arena, and turning them into murderous animals.

"You never were" he told her fondly. Ravens father was the one person in her life she knew loved her unconditionally, and he was what kept her going when she began to collapse. "I got nervous at the reaping when they drew Ravines name, I thought she was going to say Raven. What do you think of this year's tributes anyways?"

"You got nervous?" She laughed, "They both look pretty promising, but…" She sighed and hesitated. She wasn't sure if she wanted to tell him about Finnick, although she couldn't see the harm in it. "But Daddy a really good friend of mine got picked this year. I'm worried he might die."

"He? That means Finnick, right? He better be just a friend!" He warned her lovingly.

"Dad! I'm being serious."

"I know hunny, but there's nothing you can do for him now. If I remember correctly your friend got a 10, so you have to admit that's pretty promising. Listen Birdie, I have to go. Tell your mother I love her, and I'm sure everything will be alright. I love you." He finished.

"I love you too Daddy, see you in a few months." She said, fighting to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

"Bye-bye, baby." She waited on the phone for a few seconds for him to hang up before doing it herself. She sighed and walked back over to the television, where the countdown at the bottom said Finnick would enter the arena in two minutes. That means he's below the arena!

'Oh god, this is why I shouldn't make friends!' she thought to herself.



Sunlight hit Finnick eyes the minute he entered the arena. Once they adjusted he looked around. He was standing in the middle of a perfectly round green lawn, about the size maybe of half a football field, with the cornucopia sitting perfectly in the middle as golden as caramel. At the border of the lawn the grass turned into golden wheat fields, which then rose up into trees that stretched across the arena. Behind him was a sparkling lake, and at the back of it stood a towering mountain with a waterfall running out of it. The Arena really looked like a paradise. Finnick wasn't stupid enough for a minute to believe it was.

He looked around him, and to his right was Gadget Wire, the kid from three, and Electra Wave, the girl from five. From what he could tell most of the other careers were on the far side of the arena, except for Ravine who was a few tributes down next to the maniac from ten. Behind him was the lake, so there was no escape there. The forest to his left looked more promising. The clock on the cornucopia read 10 seconds

9 seconds

8 seconds

7 seconds

6 seconds

5 seconds

4 seconds

3 seconds

2 seconds…. Finnick held his breath.

1 second.

A shot like a gun was fired. It was pandemonium. Finnick didn't waste a single second sprinting to the cornucopia where his allies were. He swerved in and out of people, stumbling at one point but not wasting a second to regain his feet. In what felt like the blink of an eye he was at the cornucopia. He was standing inside, while mere meters from him children were having there innards torn clean out of their stomachs for pure enjoyment.

Finnick looked desperately up at the wall and to his dismay, there were no tridents. How could there be no tridents? He stared around; alarmed at the fact his best weapon was missing and hastily grabbed a spear. He ran out of the cornucopia and suddenly found himself standing next to Denver Hyla, the boy from two. He raised his sword at him before realizing it was Finnick, and then lowered it swiftly stabbed the boy from 11, Rye Green. The boy crumpled into a pile and Denver laughed giddily, taking his time in pulling out the sword and drawing out the death. Finnick turned away.

It was just then that the perfect escape route popped up in the form of Gadget Wire. While Finnick backed away from the cornucopia to scout where he should go, the boy ran into him just a little too hard. He had a large backpack slung over his shoulder and was coming from the cornucopia, which meant the bag was a good one. Finnick readied his spear and gave chase. He followed the boy out of the fray and over the edge of the woods he had decided would be his safest bet. He thrust the spear at the boy.

And it plunged into his neck.

Finnick had just killed a boy.

He kept running and picked the spear out of his neck, which was already bleeding profusely. The kid was dead, Finnick knew, so he pulled the backpack off of him and slung it over his shoulder. The spear was covered in a sickly red slime, making Finnick want to retch. Finnick looked over at the cornucopia, where a few people were still fighting. He took a look at his allies running around like children playing tag. He pulled out his necklace and held it firmly in his hand for a moment, and then he disappeared into the woods.



She stared at the television in shock. What had Finnick done? He was officially "The Hunger Games Most Wanted"! You don't walk out on the careers! She watched him chase that boy into the woods and stab him, take his wonderful backpack, and run off! She couldn't believe it, she almost wanted to cry. She wasn't entirely sure if she didn't. But she knew one thing.

He still had her necklace.

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