Disclaimer: Okay, latest obsession XD I love the Resident Evil series and Jake and Sherry are by far my favourite pairing next to Leon and Ada. So as can be guessed I do own Resident Evil 6 and am currently playing through Jake and Sherry's Campaign for like the tenth time and I am catching lil details I missed my first play through so hopefully I can capture their attitudes in this fan fiction even though it has been ages since I uploaded something and for that I apologize, just had things going on then my laptop died (again) and I lost everything from it but I have a new laptop as of a year ago so it'll probably last longer along with the fact I also have an external hard drive so no losing anything xD. Anywho, this is a different take on Sherry and Jake as it is a high school fic and nothing of the supernatural kind but hey, I'll try to make up for that :3 also I do not own Resident Evil or it's characters.

Summary: He's in a gang, she's the school's homework tool and personal punching bag for the other girls, what if they were to be thrown together for a school project? Will he leave her to do all the work or will they grow closer together?

As the sun rose a young figure lay silently under her bed covers, enjoying the feel of the rising sun's rays on her face as her alarm cracked into life hoping to wake the female from her slumber but was outmatched by her internal clock as a pair of gray-blue eyes opened as soon as the first beep left the machine. With a groan the blonde sat up and stretched her arms above her head, her cream tank top lifting slightly to show the pale flesh of her stomach before she swept her duvet off her petite body revealing her grey boy shorts to go with the rest of her night outfit. The blonde made her way over toward her wardrobe and opened it to reveal a wide variety of clothing with everything set by matching sets of clothing, she quickly grabbed her favourite outfit of an off white shirt, blue shirt, black leggings and cream coat with a fur rim and laid the outfit out on her bed.

The blonde then made her way into her bathroom where she continued with her morning routine of brushing her teeth, fixing her pixie cut hair into some sort of a style and lightly applying a see through lip gloss that would no doubt wear off as the day went on.

"Sherry, are you up!?" A male voice came from outside the door as it followed a light knocking.

"Yes father!" Sherry called back, finishing in the bathroom and looking through her drawers for underwear to go with her outfit for the day but knew it wouldn't really make a difference so she just grabbed the first couple of items that her hand fell upon.

"Breakfast is almost finished, be sure to get it while its still warm!" Her father's voice called from the other side of the door before the sound of heavy footsteps left the door.

The blonde quickly got dressed, fixing the collar of her shirt and wrapping the scarf lightly around it like a make shift tie before looking at the mountain of homework that her 'classmates' had 'nicely' asked her to do for them, she had learnt the hard way that saying no was not an option as far as they were concerned and would often end up in her whole week being made into a hell until she said yes, however, just because she said yes didn't mean she was going to let them get straight A's, she always made sure they would get a C at most and even though it meant she would be slammed into the lockers a couple of times or bullied in P.E she was willing to live with that. Eventually the blonde had finished getting dressed and grabbed her backpack filled with papers, books and homework for both herself and others. She gave herself a once over before racing out her bedroom door and made her way downstairs, placing her backpack beside the front door to grab on the way out and made her way into the kitchen, gently leaning over her father in his chair and lightly kissing his cheek before sitting down to her meal of scrambled egg and toast that her father had made them. She quickly dug in but made sure to savour every bite, making each one last a little longer than the other, an old and odd habit of hers but she enjoyed savouring every meal she had as no two meals were the same.

As Sherry was finishing the last of her meal she was interrupted by two voices coming from outside of her front door, she gave a light sigh and shake of her head before digging into the last few forkfuls of her scrambled egg just as the front door was opened and a fiery red headed female walked in followed by a much taller brunette male as the two continued to bicker over something so trivial as of to who the red head was with at this moment.

"Good morning Claire, Chris." Sherry's father said, not once looking up from his paper.

"Good morning Mr Birkin." The two replied, the red head glaring intently at the older male as she stomped off to sit beside Sherry with a scowl.

"How did your date go last night Claire?" Sherry asked, finally swallowing the last of her egg and turning to face the red head.

"It went fine until a certain someone came home earlier than he was supposed to and has been throwing a hissy just because he caught me kissing a guy." Claire stated sharply as she glared at the male again, if looks could kill he'd be long gone.

"Well maybe you should learn to keep control of your hormones on a first date." The male said, leaning back against the kitchen cabinet with his arms folded. "So, are you ladies ready to leave or what?"

"Yes, we are ready to leave. Thank you again for the lift Chris." Sherry said, standing up and placing her plate in the dishwasher.

"I keep telling you Sher, stop thanking me, it's no bother at all." Chris said and headed toward the front door, stopping only to grab Sherry's bag and carry it out to his jeep where he placed it in the backseat with the two girl's following behind him as Claire hopped into the front beside him and Sherry into the back with her bag.

"That bag seems to be close to exploding Sherry, more people asking for you to do their homework?" Claire asked, turning in her seat to speak with Sherry while Chris reversed out of the Birkin's driveway and made his way to Sherry's school.

"Well, yeah, but it beats going home with bruises." Sherry stated as she fingered a pattern into her bag as she kept her gaze low.

"I already told you Sher, stop letting them get to you, you are stronger than that and it is about time you showed it." Chris said, looking briefly into the rear view mirror as they pulled up to a stop at the traffic lights. Sherry only nodded her head lightly as she continued to look down, until the roar of a motorbike pulled her out of her thoughts at a jump as she turned toward the roar and saw the reason for it. Beside them was a very recognisable red bike being ridden by none other than Jake Muller, all around bad boy of the school as he turned his head to glance in the direction of the jeep only to earn a glare from Chris, this caused the other male to smirk and turn back to the lights, revving his motorbike as the light turned from red to green as he took off with a wheelie before the bike was back on both wheels as he sped off earning a couple of choice curse words from Chris. "That boy is going to get himself in a lot of trouble if he's not careful."

"Well at least he is allowed to have a life." Claire retorted as she continued to stare out the side of the jeep.

"You are allowed to have one also, just not with that random guy that you had one date with." Chris stated as he pulled up outside of Sherry's school for the younger girl to hop out. Sherry quickly placed her bag over her shoulder and climbed out of the jeep, getting a hug from each Redfield over the jeep's doors along with a light ruffling of her hair from Chris. "Take care Sherry and remember, don't take any nonsense. If anything happens just let us know okay?"

"I know Chris, don't worry." Sherry replied with a small grin at her brother figure as she tightened her grip on her bag and looked out toward the group of students waiting on their homework that they had got her to do, it was mostly the popular ones who believed themselves too good to do homework. "Besides, these girls probably wouldn't want to fight for fear of breaking a nail."

"Be that as it may but still be careful, prissy girls are always the worst." Claire stated.

"Just keep your head held high and don't start any fights, see you after school." Chris added, putting the car into gear as he got ready to pull away.

"See you guys then, have a good day at work." Sherry said, giving a light wave of her hand as Chris started to drive off, the two siblings waving in reply. When she was certain that they were gone Sherry turned her attention to the crowd of students and gave a sigh, hanging her head low as she made her way toward the group, making sure to keep a tight grip on her bag.

"What took you so long? We have been waiting here for ages for our homework." One of the girl's stated, a cold glare on her face as her perfectly manicured fingernails drummed lightly on the opposite arm.

"Well if you did it yourself maybe you wouldn't have to wait." Sherry mumbled, opening her bag and grabbing the folder filled with the groups homework, she handed over the file for them to sort through and began to shift uncomfortably on the spot as she always felt uncomfortable about these transactions right in front of the school, she always felt as if they could be caught at a moment's notice.

"What was that? You better not be making a snide remark unless you would like to spend most of the day between lessons in the lockers." The girl basically snarled out but quickly changed her attitude and thrust the folder back into Sherry's hands as she began to flick her hair out and smile at the male leading a group of other males behind him. "Hey Jake." She called, waving at the one in front, showing off her perfectly white teeth as the red head turned to her and merely gave her a nod before his steely gaze landed on Sherry, giving a quick eyebrow raise in confusion wondering why she was here when she clearly didn't fit in with this group of people. The confusion was gone as quickly as it had arrived as he faced forward again and continued on his journey, when he was out of sight the other girl snatched the folder away from Sherry's grasp and grabbed all of the homework out of it, handing it to the others of the group.

"Thanks, hope to do business with you again." The girl said, waving her hand for Sherry to leave to which the blonde gave a cold glare at the ground as she turned to head for her first class, it was still early but she liked the peace of an empty classroom. Sherry entered the science room, sure she would be alone but was surprised when she saw the science teacher in the room, reading over some paperwork but glancing up when he heard the door open.

"Ah, Miss Birkin, early as ever. Don't let me stop you, I'll only be here a moment." Her teacher said, going back to his paperwork.

"Its no problem Professor." Sherry replied moving to her temporary seat at the back of the room beside the window, she would move before the bell would ring but until then she enjoyed sitting beside the cool window while reading one of the many books within the science room. She placed her bag beside the chair she was currently planning on occupying and went to look through the selection of books when the door was opened with a slight bang and none other than Jake Muller was dragged in by one of the teacher's who looked ready to murder him, Jake snatched his arm back and glared at the teacher who glared in return.

"Mr Burton, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Professor Simmons asked, looking up once again from his paperwork. "I see you have found one of my students that hasn't been here in quite some time."

"Yes, well I found him outside at the bleacher's with the rest of his gang smoking, thought I would escort him to his classroom bright and early." Mr Burton replied, glaring at Jake who only scoffed and sat down on his regular seat which just so happened to be in front of the seat that Sherry had planned on using for reading.

"Smoking isn't a crime Mr Burton, to some it's a way of life." Jake said sarcastically.

"While you are at this school then you will not be doing it on the school grounds, do that on your own time off the grounds, is that clear Mr Muller?" Mr Burton asked, folding his arms.

"Whatever you say, sir." Jake retorted, placing his feet upon his desk as Sherry tried her best to not pay attention to everything around that had interrupted her usually peaceful mornings, the young blonde took her seat and quickly buried her head into the book hoping to not draw any attention.

"Keep that attitude up kid and you'll be finding yourself spending your days after school with me in detention." Mr Burton threatened until Professor Simmons interrupted.

"I have a suggestion. It should keep him out of trouble for the rest of the year." Professor Simmons offered, hands folded neatly over his work as he looked toward Mr Burton.


"Well, how about an assignment? To be completed by the end of the second term, it should keep him out of trouble until the time is up."

"I can live with that, should certainly help." Mr Burton said after thinking it over for a couple of minutes. "But how will you be sure he'll do it?"

"Easy, place him with my best student, Sherry. She'll keep him in line, won't you Sherry?" Professor Simmons asked as he looked at the young blonde who looked up in shock from behind her book.

"W-what?" Sherry asked, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights unsure whether she had heard her teacher correctly.

"Would you be willing to help Mr Muller in his assignment? I had been planning the assignment for quite some time and everyone will be getting it, you will just have a partner and head start upon everyone else."

"Well I certainly don't see the problem in it, it is basically an easy A for anyone who works with the brainiac." Jake stated, glancing back briefly at Sherry who lowered her gaze to try and hide away inside of herself.

"Of course sir, I don't mind." Sherry answered quietly, keeping her gaze low and away from the two teachers and male in front of her.

"Well then that settles it, you two will decide on a topic amongst each other in terms of which science you would like to study and then write an essay, make a presentation and make a sculpture or experiment to do with your studying, for example if you are doing Biology then perhaps something to do with DNA, you have until the end of the second term to complete it, then and only then will I accept the work, no sooner or later. I want a perfectly worded essay, nothing short of it am I clear you two?" Professor Simmons asked as he glanced at the two teens, earning nods from both of them. "Very good, you may begin now."

"So, how do we do this?" Jake asked, turning slightly in his seat to get a better look at Sherry as she hid behind her Physics book.

"What do you mean? We do as the professor wants and work together to do the assignment." Sherry stated plainly in a quiet voice as she continued to read, not bothering to look up only to have her book stolen from her.

"I heard some things around the school about you doing other peoples assignments." Jake began to flick through the book, his steely blue eyes scanning each page in a bored fashion.

"Well if you heard it correctly it is usually those who are so incompetent that they resort to bullying to get what they want if need be." Sherry made a grab for the book, scowling as the red head moved the book further from her grasp.

"Really? So those prissy bitches are basically making you their lapdog to do all their homework and get them straight A's is that it?" Jake asked, watching the blonde carefully from the corner of his eyes.

"Hardly, more like straight C's, they don't deserve to have A's and even a C is generous." Sherry reached for the book again, this time basically lunging at it as she snatched it back from Jake, catching his smirk at her comment before opening the book back to the page she had been reading before the book had been stolen.

"Well, guess they deserve it. So, what's our subject?" Jake closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

"What is your best Science subject? Any subject is fine with me." Sherry replied, glancing up briefly from her book to look at him.

"How about Chemistry then?" Jake suggested keeping his eyes closed as he placed his feet on the desk and pushing his seat back farther to lean against the wall behind him.

"Hmm, a subject that can be either extremely easy or extraordinarily hard depending on what side of Chemistry you want to do, interesting decision." Sherry said, thinking over the many sides of Chemistry.

"Well I like a challenge." Steely blue eyes opened to look over at the grey-blue of Sherry's.

"I see, so when shall we begin?" She asked, trying to keep her gaze from meeting his.

"After school tomorrow sound good?"

"Sure, that is fine with me. Your place or mine?"

"Yours, mine isn't really in the condition for visitors."

"Fine, I'll let my father know about the company tonight." Sherry looked briefly at the clock and her eyes widened as she grabbed the book and her bag, quickly replacing the book in its original position before moving to her regular seat at the middle of the room as Jake let out a smirk at the blonde as she made it look like she just hadn't been sitting at the back of the room.

The classroom slowly started to fill up as the other students entered the room and soon began to get their assignment from Professor Simmons, most of them asked Sherry but she turned them all down, stating she already had a partner. When they realised they couldn't get Sherry as a partner and would turn their attention to the other students with a higher IQ than themselves except for miss prissy, Ashley Graham whom was currently trying to talk Jake into leaving whomever his partner was to work with her instead, it caused Sherry to roll her eyes and get back to reading the book she had retrieved from her bag though when she heard the second blonde begin to raise her voice she knew it wasn't good. The two had been enemies since day one and from the sound of the raising voice it would appear that Ashley had heard about who Jake was partners with so Sherry was not surprised when the hand came down and swiped her book from her hands, causing her to raise her gaze and meet the flaming hazel eyes of Ashley which only caused Sherry to glare in return.

"Excuse me for being so rude but I was reading that book, now if you don't mind releasing it and going to find a partner then I would like to be alone." Sherry stated, keeping a close eye on the book in case Ashley did something to the book.

"I'll leave you alone when you drop Jake as a partner." Ashley replied, glaring at Sherry as she lightly scrapped the book cover.

"Its not my decision, Professor Simmons put us together." Sherry started to get up from her seat, getting ready to get her book if she saw so much as a scratch upon it.

"Well then talk to him about getting someone else he is your Godfather isn't he?" Ashley asked in a snarl.

"I will not ask him for your own personal gain, just because your father is one of the richest men in this city it doesn't mean you can get everything you want so how about giving me that book Ashley and leaving me alone." Sherry was now standing to her full height, which was only a couple centimetres shorter than Ashley.

"Ladies, calm down, there's plenty of me to go around so no need to fight." Jake said, grabbing the book from behind Ashley and handing it back to Sherry who gratefully took it and held it to her chest.

"But Jake, this is not a fight, it is merely a disagreement of opinions. Isn't that right Sherry?" Ashley said in an all too sweet voice the moment Jake joined in.

"Sure, the fact that all you want is to be a prissy little bitch because you can't get what you want while I am merely trying to read a book." Sherry folded her arms tightly around her book as she continued to glare at Ashley.

"I would hardly call it being prissy." Ashley managed to say through clenched teeth but looked about ready to kill Sherry.

"Oh sorry, where you come from it's known as spoilt isn't it?" Sherry snapped out having had enough of this conversation.

"Why you little -" Ashley was caught off as Jake extended an arm between the two females, acting like a barrier.

"Come on girls this isn't the place for this sort of thing so how about we just leave it, Ashley there is no chance of getting Simmons to change his mind on the pairing so just drop it. How about next time?" Jake offered having got tired of the female bickering.

"Fine but I'm holding you to that." Ashley said as she glared at Sherry one last time before turning to Jake and smiling as she sauntered off, making sure to shake her hips alluringly.

"That girl is a real bitch." Sherry mumbled as she basically threw herself into her chair, looking at the clock and groaning when she realised there wasn't even a point in opening her book again, it was almost time to leave.

"Actually I was about ready to ask for popcorn when the whole thing started, it was almost as exciting as the time you two fought about that cop and his friend, the one you get a ride with everyday." Jake said, leaning against the desk in front of Sherry, folding his arms lightly.

"Glad our arguments amuse you." Sherry scowled at the male before lowering her head to rest in her folded arms.

"They do, you can be quite feisty when angered can't you?" Jake raised an eyebrow as he stared at the female before him as she lightly raised her head and glared at him.

"Whatever." Sherry lowered her head again only for the bell to go off, she gave a sigh and sat up straight, grabbing her book from the table and placing it within her bag as she stood up, placing the bag strap across her shoulder. "Talk to you tomorrow then when we discuss our project." With that said Sherry made her way past Jake and out the door, nodding a goodbye to Professor Simmons and made her way toward the bleachers for break where hopefully she could get to reading more than six pages of her book.

The sun continued to bear down upon the school grounds as Sherry took off her jacket and placed it beside her on the bleachers, taking out her book and iPod as she got as comfortable as she could on the bleachers, opening her book and began to read while chewing lightly on an apple that she had packed as part of her lunch for the day. Sherry lightly hummed along to the song on her iPod as her foot lightly twitched to the tune while her eyes scanned each page of her book, by the time her break was over she was almost half way through and was just finishing the last of her apple when the bell rang signalling that she had five minutes to get to her next class. She quickly packed up her items and made her way to English hoping that the day would be over soon as she managed to slink past Ashley and her lap dogs on her way there, knowing they had been waiting for quite some time for her but not wanting to find out what for as Ashley looked fit to kill.

As the day passed on Sherry made sure to stay well away from Ashley and crew, often heading out the door of her classes with her head down in a crowd of other students so as not to be seen, she even managed to evade Jake and his crowd so as to not get Ashley anymore bitchy than she was already though that wasn't hard, the girl would always throw a tantrum when she didn't get what she want and right now what she wanted was Jake. Sherry gave a low sigh as she felt herself relaxing at the sound of the final bell as she stretched her arms out in front of her before standing up, hoping to get out this place as quickly as possible when she spotted Claire's red jacket over by the entrance of the school as if she had been there for awhile, she waved lightly over to Sherry when she spotted her looking, Sherry waved in reply and smiled knowing she wouldn't have to walk to the police station alone today but curious to why Claire was here when she should be at university. The History teacher then dismissed his class for the day without once looking up as everyone piled out the door, everyone except Sherry that is as she decided to hold back and leave at the end of the crowd of students fighting to get through the door to get into the fresh air and do as they pleased for the rest of the day. Sherry made her way toward the entrance, smiling at Claire as she came into view and sped up her pace until she was standing in front of the older girl who was quite happily leaning against one of the posts outside of the school.

"Claire, what are you doing here? Not that I'm ungrateful but I'm just wondering." Sherry asked, giving the older girl a hug in greeting.

"I'm training to be a teacher remember. So I asked if I could do my work experience here for a year or two." Claire hugged the younger girl in return before they both turned and headed down the steps, chatting away until Sherry spotted Ashley flirting away with Jake as he seemed to not be paying attention to anything she was saying, instead his gaze was fixed squarely on Sherry who lowered her head slightly and tried her best to ignore the intensity of his gaze.

"That's excellent, so you are going to be here for two years?" Sherry looked back up at Claire as the older girl was now staring at Jake with a raised eyebrow.

"I didn't think guys with short, cropped hair were your type Sherry." Claire said thoughtfully as she continued to stare at Jake who had now turned his attention back to Ashley, an annoyed expression appearing on his face.

"Can we not talk about it, he is just my science partner that is all." Sherry stated defensively and folded her arms tightly around herself before giving Claire a light shove with her left shoulder, knocking the older girl out of her stare. "Come on, Chris is probably wondering why I'm not at the station yet."

"Fine but I will get answers later is that clear?" Claire linked her arm with the younger girls and lightly started to drag her along as the two set off, unaware of eyes watching them go.