As the group dispersed from one another they made sure to stay in pairs, Chris and Jill went off towards the slower rides arm in arm as they didn't much feel like going on something fast paced, Claire and Leon headed towards the Ghost Ride as Claire tried her best to mess up his hair do and Jake was being dragged towards the second largest roller coaster within the park. He had managed to talk her out of going on the largest one but hadn't quite got it to work on the next one, Jake was currently watching Sherry bouncing from one foot to the other as they were next in line and allowed himself to be dragged to the front of the car where they both got in and the harness came down over the top of them and clicked into place. Sherry was practically shaking with anticipation by this point but, as the cars slowly started to fill, she was beginning to have second thoughts and her face paled significantly as the time drew nearer; Jake looked over at her with a raised eyebrow as she seemed to be holding onto the harness with all her might, so much so that her knuckles were turning white.

"Hey, you okay?" He asked, watching her carefully.

"I don't think I can do this." Sherry answered quietly, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights when the car suddenly gave a jolt and began its climb up the starting hill.

"Too late to back out now." Jake stated, continuing to watch Sherry as she chewed on her lower lip. He reached over a hand to grab a hold of one of hers, grasping it lightly until she tightened her hold on his hand. "I'm right here, you'll be fine." He whispered reassuringly, giving a small upturning of his lips in a sort of smile.

Sherry glanced over at Jake and gave a small smile to the red head in return, grasping his hand tightly before letting out an ear shattering scream as the cars began their descent down the first of many hills.

Claire was happily peeling away pieces of candyfloss while Leon ate an ice cream beside her, watching as people were moving around within a cramped eating area. A flash of red caught Leon's eye as he turned his face to see a woman with short, black hair and who looked like she was from Asian descent, she looked vaguely familiar as the blonde continued to watch her converse with a man dressed in all black. She turned her head slightly in his direction and he was greeted by eyes that looked like two pieces of jade, it made his breath catch in his throat as he had never seen such unusual eyes. The sudden intake of breath had caused Claire to turn and look at the blonde with curious eyes before following his gaze to the Asian woman, it caused her to give a light smirk and nudge the ashen blonde lightly.

"Why don't you try and get her attention?" Claire asked.

"What? What makes you think I want her attention?" Leon countered though he knew he had been caught staring at the mysterious woman.

"It's clear with the way you have been gawking at her for the past five minutes, come on, lets go say hello." Claire grabbed Leon's arm and began to drag him over as the Asian woman's companion stood up to leave, nodding goodbye to her.

"No Claire, stop!" Leon protested, digging his heels into the ground as best he could. The commotion had drawn the attention of the Asian woman who quirked an eyebrow at the pair as they neared.

"Hey, we noticed you over here sitting by yourself after your friend there left and were wondering if you wanted some company." The red head said, smiling at the Asian as the blonde lowered his head in shame at the red head's attitude, she had been trying to hook him up with people for years.

"He wasn't a friend, merely a client." The Asian stated, however, she waved her hand to two of the seats as indication that they could sit.

"Well, at least I didn't say he was a boyfriend." Claire said with a chuckle to lighten the mood, the comment caused the black haired woman to give a light twitch at the corner of her lips as if about to smile but changed her mind. "My name's Claire and the blonde beside me is Leon."

"Pleasure, my name's Ada." Jade eyes scanned over the pair with little interest, at least until they reached the blonde. It was clear he was uncomfortable about this whole situation. "What's the matter handsome?" She asked.

"Huh?" Leon looked up in surprise as the Asian spoke to him, his cerulean eyes meeting her jade ones as they seemed to stare into his soul. "Oh nothing, just haven't got anything to say."

"Hmm." Ada began to look around the amusement park while trying to think of something to say when her eyes landed on a shooting range, a light shone in her eyes as she looked back at the two. "Say, any of you two any good with a gun?"

"My line of work means I have to know how to use a gun so yes." Leon answered, eyeing the black haired Asian cautiously.

"My brother is captain of the police so he taught me to use guns for when he isn't around and believes I can't take care of myself." Claire also answered, scoffing lightly as she mentioned how Chris didn't believe she could take care of herself.

"Then how about a little competition on who can shoot the most targets within the allotted time?" Ada suggested. "It breaks this awkwardness after all.

"Sure." Claire beamed at the older woman and began to lightly tug on Leon's arm as he continued to sit perfectly still while her and Ada stood up. "Come on Leon, you are here to have fun so get up."

"I don't really think we should…" Leon said, staying perfectly still.

"What? Afraid to lose to a bunch of girls?" Ada asked, hiding a grin when he glowered at her and stood up, making his way to the shooting range while the girls followed.

Jill and Chris sat beside one another in a booth within one of the park's mini restaurants, they weren't really ones to go all out on the rides like Sherry and Claire so were quite happy making small talk. They talked mostly about work, curious to how the other was getting on with the new recruits and Chris couldn't help but let out a chuckle as he heard of the antics of his partners recruit, Rebecca.

"You should have seen her Chris, she was so sure she had pulled one up on me with the whoopee cushion, if only she knew of this little device." Jill explained with a grin, pulling out a device and holding it out for him to see.

"A remote farting machine, you two are just so childish." Chris said with a shake of his head along with another chuckle.

"Well it's always good to have fun on your breaks." Jill's grin gave way to a carefree smile as she grabbed a French fry from Chris' batch of them.

"Hey Jill…" Chris began, lowering his gaze while Jill raised her eyebrow as if to ask what was wrong, it was unlike him to lower his gaze like that. "I was wondering.. It's been a while since we both just went out on our own, like to dinner or something, are you busy next week?" He asked, raising his gaze ever so slightly to gauge her reaction. Even though they were engaged they hadn't even come close to making preparations for the wedding let alone get free time for a date in between all the planning.

"Well, I'm on duty Monday through till Friday so it would have to be the weekend." Jill answered after awhile, checking off her mental calendar everyday she had something on.

"That's no good as I'm working the weekend next week." Chris gave a light groan, leaning back in his chair. "How about the week after?"

"I might have to come in Thursday but I'll be off Monday, Tuesday and Sunday." Jill answered as she once against checked off her mental calendar for that week.

"How about Tuesday night? We can go out and get something to eat and maybe make some plans for the wedding, like set a date to begin with." Chris suggested, looking back over to Jill with his deep, chocolate, eyes.

"That sounds like a plan Captain." Jill gave a playful smile as she reached for another French fry but was quickly swatted in the hand by Chris who shook his head while a light tutting noise came from his mouth.

"Tut, tut Jill. You should know that if I can't have a spoonful of your ice cream at home you can't steal my French fries when in public." Chris scolded playfully while Jill merely rolled her eyes and stole the French fry anyway.

"Bite me." She replied, sticking her tongue out after swallowing said French fry.

"Oh, tempting." The two let out a laugh and continued to chat away about other things going on in their lives besides their jobs.

Sherry was practically jumping with excitement as her and Jake left the rollercoaster, she had ended up having a great time on the ride despite her initial fear, though it was probably because of the red head beside her. Jake on the other hand was half deaf from Sherry's screaming, even if it was out of enjoyment of the ride instead of fear.

"Let's go on something else!" Sherry exclaimed, looking up at Jake with wide, sparkling eyes and a huge grin on her face, how could he say no? With a sigh and lowering of his head Jake allowed himself to be abducted to the next ride, a Space Shot ride by the name of Down Under; the blonde was visibly bouncing on each foot as she grinned up at Jake who merely rolled his eyes and folded his arms.

"So, you gonna try and chicken out at the beginning of this one too just to be too late?" Jake asked, arching an eyebrow at the blonde who shook her head vigorously from side to side.

"Nope, I used to go on these with Chris or Leon all the time when I reached the right height, until then I was on the smaller ones." Sherry explained, dragging Jake to a pair of vacant seats side by side as soon as they were allowed in. The blonde eagerly sat in the seat and pulled down her harness, ready for it to click into place while Jake just trudged along behind, sitting in the seat and bringing his harness down also and wrapping his arms around it to keep it in place until it was clicked securely.

"So you like these huh?" Jake's steely blue eyes found their way over to Sherry, curious to how the harness would stop her small form from slipping out of the seat but knew it would be pushed in tighter.

"Yeah, next to Waltzer's and Dodgems this is my favourite ride." Sherry sat back in her seat as the attendant came around and gave all the harness' a push so close to the stomach that you could hardly breath but it was a precaution as they clicked into place; by now Sherry was giggling randomly as the hiss began, signalling that the ride was about to take off. They barely had time to hold their breath when they were shot into the air, all oxygen leaving their lungs almost immediately with the speed they went up at. The whole time Sherry was laughing as Jake merely chuckled, giving a small smile when the ride finally stopped at the top for its slow decent to the Earth again. Sherry began looking around the area below for any signs of Leon, Claire, Chris or Jill while Jake merely observed the scenery, at least until they were shot right back to the top of the ride.

Leon gave a grumble as he finally placed down the fake rifle, glaring over at the Asian who had accommodated a number of large stuffed animals from their many rounds of the shooting ranges, every single one she had won.

"Don't be such a sore loser handsome, it happens." Ada stated, smirking as she offered him one of the smaller prizes to which the Ashen blonde merely growled at and turned away.

"He's always a sore loser, you learn to either live with it or let him win from time to time." Claire stated, letting out a small laugh as Leon continued to act like a child about the situation.

Ada gave a smirk until a small jingle started to come from her pocket, she reached a hand inside and pulled out a mobile phone, flipping it open to read the text within briefly before closing it again. "Well it's been fun but I have to go on my way, try not to be so down handsome." Ada said, smirk widening when Leon merely glared at her in reply.

"Hey, maybe you could give one of us your number so we can hang out again sometime? This was fun." Claire suggested, a smile on her face.

"I don't know, I'm pretty busy as of late…" Ada began, looking between the two when she caught the downcast look on the red head and sighed, shaking her head, "fine, but only if I can kick his ass in more things." Ada finally gave in, earning a grin from Claire and another glare from Leon.

"Awesome, it will be fun to have more girls in the group." Claire said while taking out her phone and handing it over to Ada who put her own number in it. "It was nice meeting you Ada, have a nice day."

"Well it was better than sitting here bored I suppose, have a good day you two." Ada said, raising a hand to wave as she walked away.

When the Asian was out of view Leon was greeted by an elbow hitting his side, catching him off guard as he gave a groan and glared at Claire.

"Ya know, just because you lost doesn't mean you have to be ignorant to her, apologize next time we see her." Claire said, glaring at Leon.

"Whatever." Leon turned and walked back to where they had all agreed to meet up, Claire following behind. All the while one thought kept racing through his head, 'she seems very familiar…' but he thought nothing more of it when Jill and Chris came into view in the distance and Claire shoved past him to hug her brother.

The ride slowly hissed to a stop and began its decent, Sherry was silently laughing beside Jake as he merely chuckled, he admitted that the feeling of his lungs being unable to take in a breath had been quite exhilarating for the brief moments that it happened, it was an unusual sensation along with the dropping where it felt like he would just float away, all in all he found it much more enjoyable than the rollercoaster; the fact Sherry didn't scream his ear off either was a bonus, she mainly just laughed through it while giving the odd little scream.

As the ride finally stopped its decent the harness' gave a click to signal that they were unlocked and everyone pushed their harness up and off, Sherry stepped out of the seat with slightly shaky legs to the point where she would have fallen if Jake hadn't grabbed a hold of her hand and pulled her close when he spotted her swaying forward. The blonde looked up at Jake with wide blue-grey eyes and blushed, turning away when she realised how close he was, Jake on the other hand just continued to watch her for a moment longer before he released her, mumbling a soft sorry and headed toward the exit with her side by side. They stopped by the photo stand next to the Down Under to look at the photos taken on the ride and looked around for theirs, when Sherry spotted it she asked the attendant for a copy to have as a fridge magnet, she handed over the money and received her fridge magnet quickly before the two set off again in search of another ride.

"So, where to now? I've picked the last couple of rides so it's your turn." Sherry asked, keeping a tight grasp on the brown paper bag that held her magnet.

Jake gave a quick scan of the booths hanging around before pointing toward a basketball game. "How about that? We've been on enough rides for awhile at least so let's cool it down."

"I'm not very good at those but sure, I don't mind." Sherry followed Jake as he lead the way to the booth and paid the attendant for both himself and Sherry even though she insisted on paying for herself. The two played a couple of the games with Jake winning most of them but giving all of his prizes to Sherry until she couldn't possibly carry anything else until she spotted one of the larger prizes, a giant dog that could easily smother her under it. Jake followed her gaze and smirked, asking the attendant what it took to win the dog plush while Sherry was busy staring it, not paying any attention now to whatever Jake was doing or saying with the attendant, the plush reminded her of the old family dog that had passed away a couple years back. She was soon snapped out of her thoughts when the attendant lifted the large stuffed animal down and handed it over to Jake who promptly handed it over to Sherry, ultimately losing her under the mass.

"Having fun under there Super girl?" Jake asked with a smirk as Sherry moved the dog away as much as she could to peer around it.

"Well, it's certainly interesting." She replied with a smile, making her way over to Jake as best she could without falling and managed to wrap an arm around him could in a one armed hug, the other still filled with plushies. "Thanks Jake, you didn't have to win me that."

"Yeah, I didn't have to but I wanted to, I was curious to see if I could eventually bury you under plushies." Jake's smirk turned to a grin when Sherry shoved him with all her might using her one free arm and began to look around the place.

"Something tells me I'm going to have to hand these gifts to one of the others to carry before we can go on anything else." The blonde gave a light giggle as Jake began to scan the crowd for anyone familiar.

"How about burying that Claire girl's brother? The real life Action Man." Jake suggested earning another light hit from Sherry who laughed.

"That's mean, Chris is really nice so you shouldn't make fun of him." Sherry continued to laugh lightly but was soon interrupted by a very familiar voice.

"Well if it isn't the nerd, shouldn't you be at home doing someone else's homework?" Came the high pitched, obnoxious voice of none other than Ashley Graham.

"I'm sorry but we were having a conversation, you were unwanted and not welcome to interrupt." Sherry retorted, turning her head to look at the other blonde who stood there with her army of minions, every single one of them looked the same with short skirts that barely covered them and tops that were extremely low cut. After giving the girls a scan Sherry let out a scoff, adding a little extra to her reply. "I thought tramps were banned from Amusement Parks."

Ashley's face went bright red with fury, as did everyone else in her 'army' while Jake merely smirked, he liked this side of Sherry and it seemed that only Ashley could bring out this side to her, or maybe it was just people who challenged her.

"How dare you, just because we are better dressed than you doesn't mean you have to be jealous and insult us to make yourself seem better." Ashley replied with a glare, the two blondes meeting eye to eye as neither wanted to look away and give the other the satisfaction of winning.

"If that's the fashion these days then I'll gladly stay away from it, I want to keep my friends thanks, that look would just scare them off." Sherry hardened her gaze, the second blonde was beginning to look like she was about to give up the glare.

"What friends? Last I heard they just pitied you-" Ashley was about to continue when a fist collided with her face, plushies littered the floor at their feet as Sherry stood above Ashley, fists clenched and her glare deepened to something else completely.

"What would you know about friends? You just pay people to hang out with you, they aren't truly your friends and just use you for money." Sherry stated, watching as Ashley stood up, wiping the side of her mouth.

"It's better than pity friends Birkin!" Ashley snapped, a cut on her lip from where Sherry had punched her.

"Oh please Ashley, it's not my fault if you have to buy friends, no need to be jealous of me for having real friends." Sherry challenged, fists still clenched ready to hit Ashley again if she was provoked enough.

"Me? Jealous of you? Keep dreaming, what reason would I need to be jealous of you? You only have a handful of friends where as I have the entire school on my side." Ashley boasted, only for a scoff to be heard from the other blonde.

"Exactly how many of them have you slept with? I knew you were a tramp but even I had thought higher of you, then again I always knew your grades were too good to be true besides me doing your work for you." Sherry shook her head lightly in disbelief but kept her eyes set squarely on Ashley, "oh well, some people just can't help being spoiled bitches and used to getting their way. If you hadn't slept with those people then you wouldn't have any friends either."

"Why you little..." Ashley gave a scream of anger and raised a hand to strike Sherry only for a larger hand to come out and grasp her wrist.

"Now this is getting out of hand ladies, how about we not get thrown out of the park." Jake said, finally speaking up and alerting the others to his presence. The air immediately changed on Ashley's side and her eyes basically turned into love hearts as she noticed Jake there, this reaction caused him to release her wrist as if it had burned him.

"Oh hi Jake, I didn't know you were here." She gave a sickeningly sweet giggle and sauntered up to him. "How about you ditch this loser and come back to mine for some… fun." She whispered the last part in his ear, flicking out her tongue lightly to catch his earlobe when he pushed her away and began to help Sherry retrieve her plushies from the ground.

"No thanks, I have better places to be, see you around Ashley." Jake stood up having retrieved most of the plushies and grabbed Sherry by the arm once she had the rest of the plushies, dragging her away from the second blonde and her minions who all stood there completely speechless.

"Why does she always seem to be where I am." Sherry gave a groan and raised her head to the sky as if she actually was asking someone higher up.

"Unlucky timing?" Jake released his hold on her arm and moved his arm to rest on her shoulders, pulling the blonde lightly over to his side and holding her there. "It's okay, she'll have a nice big bruise for a couple of days from the sound of the smack you gave her."

"Oh I hope so, that perfect little face of hers deserves a mark, she'll cover it with make up for school but at home she'll always have to look at it in the mirror." Sherry got a slightly evil glint her eye which caused Jake to give an amused smirk, he really liked this side of Sherry he was seeing besides the quiet girl who often got pushed around at school and bullied. If only she were as confident against all of her bullies as she was against Ashley.

"Just don't go planning her severe bodily harm." Jake said with a chuckle, scheming Sherry was very adorable he had to admit.

"Well, one bruise is hardly severe bodily harm, if she keeps going on and on to me though she might end up with a broken nose." Sherry replied.

"Where did this hatred for each other come from anyway? Surely you didn't land eyes on one another and immediately think 'enemy' so what brought it on?" Jake asked, only to earn a shake of the head from Sherry.

"That's another story for another time, let's just get back to having fun." Sherry said with determination in her voice, ready to get the anger out of her system and get back to enjoying herself.

Jake gave a chuckle and looked over her with the mountain of plushies, how were they going to do anything with those? You couldn't take all of them on a ride.

"How about we find Action Man and his girl? Then we could leave the plushies with them and go on another couple of rides." Jake suggested, arm still around Sherry's shoulders comfortably as he mused about how tiny she was compared to him.

"Okay, do you mind taking these while I give him a call and find out where him and Jill are at, and don't call him Action Man." Sherry said with a giggle, gesturing to the plushies in her arms. Jake chuckled and took his arm off her shoulders to take the plushies from her, he was beginning to wonder where they would all go in the car, or if they would even fit in the car. Sherry grabbed her phone from her back pocket once her arms were free of plushies and started looking through her contacts, stopping once she met Chris' name and pressed call, holding hr phone to her ear.

"Hey Chris, where are you and Jill?" Sherry asked, listening to the reply as Jake managed to catch a couple of words from the gruff voice of the older man on the other side of the phone before Sherry continued, "oh we just have a couple of goodies for you two to look after; we're on our way over now, thanks Chris." With that said she hung up the phone.

"So where is Action Man?" Jake asked, watching Sherry grab some of the plushies to ease his 'burden.'

"It's Chris and him and Jill are over at the restaurant with Claire and Leon who might join us depending what we go on." Sherry answered, her arms filled with the smaller plushies that Jake had won as she began to lead the way toward the restaurant, Jake easily walking beside her as he stared at her from the corner of his eye, a smile starting to tug at his lips as she hugged the small plushies to her chest as they walked, the picture of innocence.

Leon and Claire had rejoined Chris and Jill not long before Sherry had rang, Claire happily telling the story of Leon was completely annihilated by the Asian woman, known as Ada, while Leon grumbled in the back and kept his head low.

"Well Leon, we all lose some." Chris chuckled when Claire finally stopped her story, clapping the younger man on the back that jolted him forward slightly before he straightened up again.

"It's more the fact that Claire just won't let it go…" The ashen blonde glared at the fiery red head who was still chatting away with Jill, laughing at something the other woman was saying.

"You get used to it, or at least I thought you might be used to it." Chris let out another chuckle and threw back the remains of his coffee, not caring for the slight burn it caused as it travelled down his throat.

"Hey!" A voice called from behind the group, causing them all to turn and see Sherry waving one arm at them, Jake walking alongside her, both of them with their arms filled with plushies which were unceremoniously dumped beside the group upon reaching them.

"Hey squirt, have fun?" Leon asked, chuckling when Sherry pouted at him for calling her squirt.

"Hey! I'm not that short…" Sherry defended only to have the whole group laugh at her, it wasn't an unknown fact that she was the shortest of them all, the only one closest to her size was Jill but even she was a good couple of inches taller than Sherry's 5'3 height.

"Sure you aren't." Leon grinned and playfully ruffled Sherry's hair, causing her to react and slap his hand away.

"Well yes we have had fun, but we aren't quite done yet." Sherry finally got around to answering Leon's question, fixing her hair back into whatever style it had been before.

"We are just here to dump these plushies on you guys then going to head out and find something else to go on, at least for a final ride." Jake continued from where Sherry had left off.

"Oh, going to end on the Waltzers or Dodgems?" Claire asked, perking up immediately.

"I was thinking Waltzers, what do you think Jake?" Sherry asked, looking up at the male beside her.

"You know me, I don't care." He gave a shrug and placed an arm around the short blonde's shoulders, stuffing his free hand into his pocket.

"Count me in! Leon you coming? We haven't been on any rides today." Claire jumped up out of seat and skipped around to stand beside Sherry, making a grab to drag Leon out of his chair whether he liked it or not but was disappointed when the ashen blonde stood up of his own accord.

"Would I get much of a choice?" The ashen blonde rolled his eyes but glared lightly to where Jake's arm was wrapped around Sherry's shoulders, the glare going unnoticed by everyone.

"Come on then, we'll be back soon Chris, Jill." Sherry turned around and took off at a light jog, causing Jake's arm to fall from it's post around her shoulders but wasn't allowed to drop for long when Sherry grabbed his hand as she turned and jogged off, dragging him behind her.

The group of four made their way through the slowly dispersing crowd until they finally reached the Waltzer's, the cue wasn't too long, with any luck they might get the last seat on the next ride. The group started talking amongst one another, well it was more like three of them were talking while Jake merely listened, they were mostly planning on how to get Jill and Chris to get their backsides into gear and plan the wedding but none of them had an idea; finally the ride stopped, old passengers were ushered off and new ones replaced them as they piled into carts, Sherry raced for the one nearest and threw herself into the seat, causing the cart to roll around slightly while she giggled. The other three shook their heads in disbelief at the girl and followed her, Claire and Jake on either side of her with Leon and Jake taking up the outside so that neither girl would hurt themselves against the corners.

Sherry and Claire began to chat idly while they waited for the ride to start, both guys just staring out at the wall ahead of them where a picture was set of some screenshot of an old film that neither could honestly pay much attention to or be bothered to remember as soon they would no doubt be whizzing past it multiple times as they held the bar down over their legs. Slowly the ride began to start which caused the girls chit chat to turn to giggles of excitement as the ride picked up some speed, their cart spinning with every little dip and rise it took, each girl getting louder until they were full out laughing, this laughing turned to screeches as one of the helpers on the ride stood behind their cart and gave it a huge shove around in a circle, making it spin faster than it had already that even had the guys chuckling and made the girls raise their arms in the air as they screeched; Claire's red hair had been taken out of it's ponytail before they got on the ride so her hair was whipping back and forth wildly, most covering her face while the rest swept round to hit Sherry or Leon lightly up the face depending on the way the cart spun, Sherry's hair was a different matter as it just seemed to lightly go from side to side, then again it wasn't very long but it still managed to end up slightly tousled and Jake found himself picturing it tousled up by a completely different method but quickly shook the thought from his head. The next attendant reached their cart and, again, their cart got another mighty shove but instead of continuing on he just stayed there and when the cart threatened to stop it's spin he would give it another one, earning squeals of glee from the girls who raised their arms as high as they would go, the attendant spun them around twice more before moving on to his next victim.

Finally the ride started to slow, Claire's hair was every which way and full of static, Sherry's was not much better but because it was short and already had a messy look it didn't look much different as they wobbled off the ride, their legs like jelly as they kept giggling. Leon's hair had also felt the brunt of the wind hitting it in the circles, it was sticking up in places to the regular puffy it already had, Jake was the only one who came out normal, though that probably had something to do with the fact he had a military style buzz cut.

"That was so much fun." Claire managed to giggle out, grasping her side as she was hit with a mighty stitch from laughing so much on the ride.

"Yes! We'll need to do it again the next time the park is in town!" Sherry agreed, giggling much like Claire but without the stitch as she tried to catch her breath. She turned her attention to the tall red head to her side, "did you have fun Jake?"

"Course I did Supergirl, beats sitting at home all day." He replied, giving an honest smile, it was the most fun he'd had since his mother got ill and his father started being an ass. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders when she returned his smile with one of her own, showing off pearly white teeth.

"We should head back to the car, Chris and Jill said they would wait for us there." Leon said, ever the kill joy as the girls gave a groan of disappointment.

"Meanie!" Claire called as Leon broke off from the group, taking the lead as she huffed and followed behind, arms crossed with her stitch now forgotten.

Back at the house Sherry was ordering pizza for everyone while they waited on Chris and Jill to arrive with Piers, they had went off to pick up the young recruit as they didn't want him spending money on a taxi since he couldn't drive with his ankle in such a state. She lightly drummed her fingers on the kitchen bench, swaying her hips to the music filtering in from the living room where the others were playing it while trying to pick out a DVD, she was so engrossed in telling the pizza people what everyone wanted that she didn't even notice when Jake walked into the room and was slowly eyeing her up. After hanging up the blonde continued to sway her hips, eyes closed as she danced in her kitchen, she was jolted out of her day dreaming state however when she felt a hand grasp one of hers and another hand rest on her hip as she was lead into a Waltz; Sherry opened her blue eyes in amazement only so catch the steely ones of Jake who smiled and continued to Waltz with her, right there in the kitchen.

Sherry lowered her gaze as she felt her cheeks burning, placing her head on Jake's chest to hide it from him and so she couldn't look at the smirk that was undoubtedly on his face at this very moment. A deep rumble sounded from Jake's throat as he chuckled at the blonde's reaction and spun her out, keeping a hold of her hand before pulling her back, his hand coming to rest on the small of her back.

"Didn't know you could dance Supergirl, you are so full of surprises." The red head whispered into Sherry's ear, causing her to bury her head further into his chest.

"I could say the same for you." Came the quiet reply from his chest, again another chuckle came from Jake as the music finally stopped and he released the petite blonde, just in time for the front door to open and in walked Jill, soon followed by Chris who was walking beside a guy with crutches, to keep the weight off his sprained ankle for at least a week.

"Hey guys!" Claire called from within the living room, smiling out over the top of the sofa as Piers hobbled in and set himself down beside her, letting out a sigh of relief.

"Evening." He simply said to everyone in the room, nodding at them all individually in greeting.

"So have you guys picked a movie yet?" Jill asked, hanging up her coat and Chris' before entering the living room, sitting on Chris' lap on one of the seats.

"I was thinking Wreck-It Ralph." Claire said, tapping her chin lightly with a finger as she rested her chin on the palm of her hand.

"I like that idea, could be fun." Sherry piped in from the kitchen entrance.

Everyone settled down into their own places, Sherry took up the final space on the sofa and Jake sat in front of her on the plush carpet with a pillow underneath him in case he got uncomfortable, Jill continued to sit on Chris' knee, Leon occupied the other seat and Claire and Piers were beside Sherry on the sofa; the group had waited for the pizza to arrive before starting the movie and were almost half way through it now when the pizza was finally finished, all the containers were left in the middle of the room to be taken out into the bin tomorrow. Leon managed to fall asleep not long after the pizza was finished and he was soon followed by Jill and Chris, all of them had been overworked as of late and thus didn't get much time to sleep so no one bothered to disturb them until the end of the movie.

When the movie finally finished everyone made their way out the door for home, each one hugging Sherry and wishing her a goodnight, thanking her for her company and being nice enough to basically open her house for them all to pile in and ruin it but she merely shook her head and waved off the comments knowing they would do the exact same for her. In the end it was only her and Jake as Leon waved his goodbye and drove home, Jake's motorbike was the only thing in the drive way now as he stood at the door, his helmet in hand as he looked down at Sherry.

"Thanks, for inviting me along." He started, smiling down at the blonde as she blushed.

"It was nothing, really." She replied, lowering her head and hugging one of the plushies he had won her in the park, he'd noticed her cuddling it the entire film.

"No I mean it, thanks, it was the most fun I've had in awhile." Jake insisted, his smile slowly turning to a grin as Sherry just got redder, he was sure it couldn't be right for someone to be that red but didn't say anything.

"Glad to help, the doors always open if you ever need somewhere to go, or if you want to work on the project." She said softly, her blonde bangs falling over to hide a small amount of her face beneath it.

"I'll hold you to that." Jake continued to grin, sneaking a finger under her chin to pull her face up to look at him as he lowered his face to rest a light kiss on her cheek, he lingered there for a couple of minutes until he finally pulled away, dropping his hand and heading down the steps, putting on his helmet and swinging a leg over the bike. "See you later Supergirl."

Sherry was stunned to say the least, she blinked twice when she heard the bike revving and waved to Jake as he headed out of her driveway; when he was gone she raised a hand to her cheek, ghosting it over where he had kissed her and could feel her cheeks getting warmer as she closed the door and locked it. Today really was a good day and she couldn't wait to see what tomorrow brought as she changed to her pyjama's and crawled into bed, still with the tiger plushie in her arms as she closed her eyes, falling in to an easy sleep.

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