When he opened the door and rescued her it felt as if the darkness in her life was gone. When she had been trapped it seemed as if the darkness would swallow her. She could not deal with the darkness. Within the darkness she felt fragile and alone. Another person being there with her made all the difference.

In the last minutes before the gas line started to leak in the crypt she had found a friend in Zander Smith. She didn't know whether it was just the darkness, or the lack of food and water, or her own thoughts that made her open to anything she could feel. She could feel Zander Smith kissing her and she just closed her eyes and imagined it was Jason. She imagined that she would never see him again and that provoked her to close her eyes and accept the man that was right in front of her.

And now he was there when she escaped from the darkness of the stairwell. The electricity had gone out because of the storm. Zander had just happened to be there. He opened the door and she flew into his arms. He held her and for a moment she felt as if it would all be okay. She felt as if none of her demons would catch up with her. But it only lasted a moment when she realized it wasn't Jason holding her. He was the only one that she wanted to be holding her. She would never tell him that but she had a feeling that he already knew.

Zander walked her back to her studio. It was still dark and the electricity was still out. She had lost her only flashlight and the lightening was her only source of light. He hugged her goodbye and just walked away. She wanted somebody there, a friend, to just stay with her until Jason got there. He had promised that he would check on her and he always kept his word.

She didn't have to beg Zander to stay. He understood her fragile state and she knew that he was attracted to her. She just wanted to be held, to feel as if the demons that were trying to get her could not take hold. She was a strong person and it was out of character for her to feel so fragile and so vulnerable . . . but somehow the darkness and her recent adventure in the crypt made her become what she never wanted to be again . . . a girl that needed a man to help her take care of herself.

So when Zander wrapped his arms around her again she welcomed it. She held on to him as if her life depended on it. She looked at the door hoping to spot Jason, his arms felt so much better around her, but he was not there. He would come. He would.

She felt Zander fidget as if he was uncomfortable. She was glad he stayed but at the same time she felt dirty. She felt like she was betraying both Emily and Jason. She tried to pull away but got caught up looking in his eyes. They were the last eyes she thought she would see in the crypt and there they were looking at her again. He was undressing her with his eyes and she enjoyed it at the same time she despised it. He moved in to kiss her and she did not back away.

With her eyes closed she imagined it was Jason. Imagined his arms around her and his hands moving around her doing magical things. She did not feel Zander and had forgotten he was even there. She just needed to feel and he knew just what she needed. He pulled her closer and their bodies came into contact.

Oh she had wanted this she thought as she imagined Jason was the one pushing her against the cushions of the couch. It was so lumpy that she melted into him and all seemed right. Jason she thought and Jason she imagined. For a moment Zander was not in the room. Zander was out of her mind completely as if he never even existed.

The door had been left wide open. And there stood Jason shocked and speechless. He came to check on Elizabeth. After his talk with Sonny he was finally going to show her how much he cared. He was going to kiss her. Ever since the night that Elizabeth had caught Lucky in bed with her sister and she'd almost taken Jason to bed he had imagined her kiss on his lips. He would look into her eyes and see everything he ever needed.

But now the vision reflected in his eyes made him sick, angry, hurt, and broken. He tried to take his eyes away from it but all he could see was him all over her. He wanted to hurt him. He wanted to rip him from her and throw him out the window. He wanted to reach for his gun . . .but he never reached for his gun out of anger. He had told Elizabeth that that very same day. But with his anger growing within him like a fire he wanted to. But with all his control he calmed himself down.

He walked away.

She stopped. All the sudden she felt Zander. Zander was the one unhooking her bra, lifting up her dress, and leaving kisses down her neck. She did not want Zander like that. The only man she wanted was Jason. She pulled away, got up, and put herself back together.

Zander looked at her questionably.

"Leave." She said, not harshly or demanding, but softly.

He got up and went towards the door just like she asked. He wanted her but she did not feel the same way and he knew that. She wanted Jason. It seemed that everyone wanted Jason instead of him. Jason the enforcer seemed to everyone like Jason the saint. He left; turning away from her was hard. But his heart still burned for someone else so he knew that leaving was best.

She looked at herself in the mirror disgusted. The dress she had put on for Jason was all wrinkled and dirty looking. She felt dirty wearing it. She had put it on in anticipation of him coming back and he had yet to show up. She closed the door so she could change into another dress. When she was done she opened the door and sat on her couch. The dress that she had spent so much money on was in the garbage. She never wanted to see it again.

She waited all night for him to come but he did not. Around mid-night she got frightened and locked the door. The electricity came on around one but she remained in the darkness and cried. She knew the mistake she had made.