Jason did not know where to go. He did not want to go to the bridge with all the memories that he had there. He did not want to go back to his empty penthouse. He rode around aimlessly for a while just letting the wind wash over his body. He thought it felt wonderful like he was cleansing his soul. As he rode he could imagine the picture that Elizabeth had painted for him 'The Wind'.

He closed his eyes and imagined her. He saw her eyes first. The beautiful blue orbs that lighted up when he saw her. He imagined her lips and how wonderful they felt against his kiss. He imagined her arms circling his waist when he rode his motorcycle with her. He imagined her beautiful porcelain skin that made her look so angelic. He could not keep his thoughts from drifting back to her.

But in the back of his mind he saw her with Zander. As much as he wanted to believe what she said, at the same time he hurt so much thinking about it. He had opened himself up to her and had waited for her to notice how he felt. And just as he thought they were having a breakthrough. . . there she was kissing Zander.

He felt betrayed. And the last time he had opened himself up and got betrayed he had promised himself that he would never open himself up to someone again. And yet he had . . .he couldn't help himself.

He loved everything about her. She was so passionate about her art. She was loyal to a fault. She was respectful, honest, and compassionate. With everything piled against her she had stood strong and faced it head on. She had been through so much and yet she did not give up, she kept going. And just like himself, she hid from the world only letting certain people know her true self. And if you were privileged enough to get to know her then you felt honored to have found such beauty and such passion in one person. Who would let that go?

But at the same time he was afraid to open himself up to that.

He needed to talk to someone and could only think of one person. He picked up his cell phone and dialed.

* * *

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.


"Sonny, it's Jason. Is this a bad time?"

"Business? Find out who Roy is fronting?"

"No, not business. I just need to talk to you."

"Jason, you okay?"

"Could you meet me?"

Sonny was worried about Jason. Jason sounded upset over something. The last time that he had heard Jason this way was when Robin betrayed him and he had to give up Michael.

"Where?" Sonny asked, without question, despite he was in the process of fighting with Carly.


"Five minutes." Sonny said before disconnecting.

Carly glared at Sonny with pure hatred.

"WE are in the middle of a fight and YOU are leaving!" Carly yelled, obviously annoyed and angry.

"That was Jason. Something is . . . off with him."

Carly stayed quiet for a moment. Jason was her friend too and it made her worried to hear that something was wrong with him when usually nothing bothered him.

"I'm coming too." Carly said, grabbing her purse and a coat.

"Carly . . ."

"I'm coming."

"Jason called me."

"If something is wrong, I'm coming."

"NO, Carly."

He left with her staring daggers into his back.

* * * She stopped crying a while later. She knew that crying solved nothing and she would have to do something to get Jason back. It took all the strength she had to pick herself off the ground and dry her tears. She had no idea where to go or whom she could turn to.

Nikolas was definitely out of the picture. They had not spoken in a while and he did not even bother to send a card or anything when Elizabeth was in the hospital. Emily was out of the question. Emily was across the country leading a new life after being released from the hospital. Sarah was also not a possibility. The first thing she did when she got into town was steal Elizabeth's boyfriend. That was one person she was glad was leaving. Lucky was out of the question, at least for this problem. If Lucky knew about Jason then Lucky would try to retaliate or do something stupid. She could not call her grandmother because she did not approve of Jason or Zander and would be shocked to death by the activities of the last couple days.

It had been a long time since Elizabeth had really needed someone and no one was there. The one person that was always there was the one that she needed the most and the one that was the farthest out of her reach. She needed to convince Jason of what he truly meant to her and convince him that she could be trusted. But how?

When there was a knock on the door her heartbeat stopped for a moment. Was it him? Was he here to take her into his arms and never let her go? Was he here to tell her that all was forgiven and they could move on with eachother? Was he here to tell her that he had loved her for the longest time and he could not walk away?

She went to the door and opened it . . .

* * * When Sonny found Jason on the docks some time later he almost did not recognize his friend. The usually confident and strong friend was now confused and lost.

"Jason?" Sonny asked when he saw the man with his head in his hands.

Jason looked up but did not get up from his seat on the bench.

"What happened? Is something wrong with Michael?" Sonny asked, worried and confused by his friend's condition.

"Michael is fine. It's Elizabeth."

"What happened to her? Did somebody hurt her? Is she missing again?"

"I was too late." Jason said.

"You cannot blame yourself." Sonny said, assuming that Elizabeth was missing and Jason was upset that he had arrived to late.

"If I told her sooner . . ." Jason started.

"She knew your business and the risks. We'll find her."

Jason looked up confused. "Find her? I know where she is. She knows my business."

"She's not missing?" Sonny asked, confused himself.

"No. I waited to long to tell her how I feel. She's moved on."

Realizing now why his friend was in such a state, Sonny sat down next to him.

"I'm sorry."

"With Zander." Jason added.

"Wha . . . She's with Zander?"

"When I went to speak to her, she was with him. When I came back this morning she told me she had thrown Zander out and hadn't gone through with it . . . but I saw him leave. She lied to me."

Sonny could not believe that they were talking about the same person. The Elizabeth that Sonny thought he knew was nothing like the woman that had caused such heartbreak for his best friend.

Before Sonny could respond, Jason added, "She said she loved me."

Sonny was shocked. If she loved him then why would she spend the night with Zander? And of all people, why Zander? "I know that you care for her a lot . . ." Sonny started, knowing how his friend felt for Elizabeth Webber.

"I love her." Jason said out of nowhere. It was a very emotional moment for a man that was so closed off to the rest of the world.

"Have you told her this?" Sonny asked, shocked by Jason's emotional revelation.

"No." Jason answered, his voice sounding like that of a lost boy.

Sonny did not know what to tell Jason. His friend was hurting and felt alone and lost. He had never seen Jason like this and he was still slightly in shock.

"Jason, if you love her, go to her, tell her how you feel. She told you that she loved you. Sometimes when you make mistakes . . . you find a truth that you never realized was there. Maybe whatever she did with Zander made her realize that she did not want him. . . she wants you."

"I am not sure I can do it, Sonny. Every time I think of her I think of when I saw her with Zander. The memory is haunting and will not leave me alone."

"Maybe you have to make new memories to replace it with." He said, telling him the only thing he could think of at the moment. He was not sure if anything he said was truly helping but he would not give up trying.

But Jason had little time to make a decision. When the two men heard footsteps approaching and turned, both were surprised by who the footsteps belonged too.

* * * "Have you been crying?" Zander asked, looking at Elizabeth worried.

She wiped her eyes, "No."

"I can tell."

"What do you want?"

"I'm sorry about last night."

"We already went over this . . .there is nothing more to say."

"I'm leaving Port Charles."

"What?" Elizabeth said, surprised.

"There is nothing for me here. Carly has gone back with Sonny. You and I can no longer be friends. I need to go back and apologize to someone I care about. I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't think that I left because of you."

"Good luck." Was all she could think to say.

"Thanks." Zander said as he turned to walk away.

"Give Emily my love." She said, hoping things worked out.

"I will." Zander said before walking out of her life for the last time.

Then Elizabeth got an idea. She raced out of her studio without even stopping to lock the doors.

* * * Both men turned to see that the footsteps belonged to Elizabeth.

"I think that's my cue." Sonny said as he got off the bench.

Jason looked up at him and thanked him without words. Sonny just nodded and turned to smile as he walked away.

Elizabeth said nothing before she sat down next to Jason. It was a silent few minutes before either got up enough courage to speak.

"Jason . . ."

"I'm sorry I walked away from you. I needed time." Jason said as he found Elizabeth's eyes.

"I understand. I need you to know something." She said, catching his eyes and then looking down at her feet.


When she looked back up he could notice the streaks on her cheeks that her tears had made.

"My sister is going back to Europe. My parents are there. When things broke off with Lucky I thought about moving back with my parents. I could not really think of anything here that was keeping me. But when she showed up in town I decided to change my plans and stay. And today, when I thought I lost you for sure, I wanted to order the ticket . . . but I could not. Even knowing that we had lost our chance, I did not want to leave. I found my home Jason, my home is with you, even if all you will accept me as is a friend. Or even if you do not want to look at me ever again, wherever you are, you are my home, and nothing can change that."

He could see that tears were welling up in her eyes. Her big blue orbs were glossy like she was about to cry but red like she had been crying. He never wanted to see her like that again. He never wanted to see her hurt or in pain. He never wanted anything bad for her. He loved her.

As she looked into his eyes searching for an answer her tears began to fall.

He took his thumb and wiped the tears off that had already fallen. He looked at her and took her hand within his own.

"You are my home, Elizabeth. That is why I keep coming back, no matter how many miles I travel away I cannot get you out of my mind. You're the first thing I think about when I get up and the last thing I think about before I go to bed. I love you. And no matter where I go or what I do, that will always be true."

She looked at him with her big blue eyes, not able to comprehend what he just said. He loved her. He loved her. The tears started falling but they were tears of joy, not of heartache.

He pulled her close and her head lay against his shoulder.

"I thought I lost you."

"You'll never loose me, Elizabeth, not ever again. There is no place like home for me."

She smiled at his words.

They sat quietly for a while just holding eachother. She listened to his heart beat and he loved feeling her breathe against his chest.

**This was just meant to be a short story to give Liason fans a happy ending because of the upsetting Jason/Elizabeth storyline that started Friday. If you want me to write more then just let me know. If enough people show interest I will.**