A young man walked through the schools, his eyes closed as he darted through strangers, following one scent, and one scent only.

Kyoya Ootori.

Kyoya pushed up his glasses for the third time, gaining the attention of Tamaki, his best friend.

(How that had happened, no one knew)

"Kyoya, are you okay?" Tamaki whispered, his eyes straight ahead, looking at the teacher.

"Just an omnicious feeling, Tamaki," Kyoya said quietly, trying to pass it off.

"Sometimes those things have meaning," It seemed Tamaki had more brains than he thought. "Be careful, Kyoya."

After classes had ended, the group all trudged back to the club, wondering what theme they were going to be today.

The young man walked into a room, sneezing as flower petals hit him in a frontal assault. "The hell?" He muttered, scowling. Brushing the petals out of his hair, he could tell they were rose by the smell. Everything smelled like disinfectant to him, or sweets. And was that...coffee? "Where the hell am I?"

This is where Kyoya's scent was strongest, so why wasn't he here? "Kyoya? Kyo!"

"Kyo?" Two voices whispered in unison behind him.

He turned around quickly, grabbing the two by the throats. "Who the hell are you?" He snarled, unknowingly opening his eyes just a bit. They were slightly cloudy.

"Are you blind?" Hikaru blurted, his fear lessening into curiousity. Kaoru blinked, before facepalming at his brother's attention span. Or lack thereof.

"Hikaru!" Kaoru hissed.


"Yeah." The grip loosened. "Yeah. I'm blind. Do you know where Kyoya Ootori is?"


"He's my cousin."


"Kyoya!" Kagome spun around to embrace her cousin lightly, before grinning lopsidedly. "How are you, cousin?"

"I'm doing good. You look fine. Have you been to the hospital yet?"

'No. I'm not going, Kyoya. I'll regain my sight eventually, Sesshoumaru told me so." She smiled. "Besides, none of you would know the origin of the chemical in my eyes."

Kyoya sighed, before changing the subject. "So, may I ask why you are here?"

"Sesshoumaru transferred me today. Shippou's supposed to be with me, but I lost 'im-"

"Kagome TAISHOU!" A voice roared as a long leg kicked open the door.

"Well, thought I did." The ravenette shrugged, and plugged her ears as the orange haired man shrieked at her indignantly.

Finally he ran out of steam, and lightly smacked her in the back of the head. "Brat! You don't know your way around yet!"

"So this is...a what now?" Kagome asked in an amused voice.

"A suitable club in which we entertain women because Tamaki wouldn't stop bothering me." Kyoya answered, sipping some tea.

"Mama." Tamaki held a hand to his chest, his eyes wide with the insult. "How could you?"