"Sooooo..." Kagome drawled, looking up at the tall man looming over her. "You're the guy they've assigned to take care of me today? Mori, right?"
"Not much of a talker, are you, Mori?" Kagome sat at her computer, turning it on. Opening a document, she began to type, before sitting in silence. Opening a book to a page, she typed with one hand, not looking at the keyboard. Under her breath, she murmured, "So, you're supposed to add...a pinch of..." She threw the book on the ground, fuming. "Modern recipes are hard!" The miko snapped, glaring at her screen. Kagome clicked out of the window, then went online to look up recipes.
"They don't even have the ones i know!"
"Then write a cookbook," Mori stated simply.
She glared back at him through the glasses. "That better have not been a crack at me being a girl," She threatened.
Mori smiled a bit, then subtly shook his head. "Hn."
Kagome thought for a moment, then nodded, slowly. "I can barely see, but I should be able to find everything in my kitchen." Then she growled, "If that bratty fox has't been through it to look for candy again."
Mori was left alone in the living room. "Fox?" He asked himself quietly.
He got up and followed Kagome.

Placing her hand on her waist, she pointed her spoon at Mori. "Give it to me," She demanded, eyes defiant behind her shades.
"...hn." Mori shifted.
"Don't hold back!"
"Delicious," Mori answered, his eyes closed. His lips turned up a bit at her beaming face. "Not too sweet, but not bland." He opened his eyes and took another bite, amusedly watching Kagome run to the computer to type her recipe.