A/N:Ooh, more hints at an upcoming plot twist are ensuing! What will it be? You'll just have to wait and see...more about Jack and Oz and some secrets from the past must be unveiled...or else the consequences could be dire.

Retrace XI Deadly Secret

Alyss glared at the man before her, the horrible, despicable man who had made their lives hell. What was he doing here to begin with? Oz was Alice's chain now, what more did he want? Moreover, how was he still alive without a chain of his own to sustain him?

"What are you doing here, Jack? Oz doesn't need you around, trying to make him kill again." She spat.

"...Why, my dear Alyss, you are mistaken. Oz needs me. You realize that, don't you? Why must you prevent me from seeing him? Surely he needs to know what he is."

"He already knows! He's B-rabbit, a chain of destruction! You toyed with him back then and made him destroy everything!" Alyss cried.

"Hmm, but wasn't it your will that made him do that, Alyss? ...Let me get this straight, you're telling me that I'm to blame for making Oz half-human? What a joke that is. Don't you understand what I'm hinting at?" Jack snickered darkly, honestly the girl was a fool if she expected him to give up so easily on his...his puppet. He was more than just a chain...he was his...hope. His dream, his dream of seeing her again.

Alyss frowned. "Why are you bothering him? Why? Why must I bring him to you?" She said.

Jack stroked his blond hair with one finger. "Hmm...surely you realize the connections between us run deeper than just a chain, hmm? Why, some of his power has leached into me."

"Just leave him alone! That's all we ask!" Alyss cried, unaware that Oz was watching, curious, from behind a tree.

'Who is that man? Why am I so drawn to him?' He thought, sniffing the air.

"Why should I, when he is right here, isn't that right...Oz?"

The chain stiffened. "...You, who are you?" He asked, backing away from the man.

Jack smiled and came towards him. "It saddens me greatly to think you would forget me, Oz. You mean so much to me."

"Don't toy with him! We all know you don't give a damn about him! I will not let you see him!" Alyss cried.

Jack just laughed. "Honestly, little girl, you crack me up. Come here, Oz."

The chain reluctantly obeyed, coming towards the man. "How...do you know my name?"

"I know all about you...your contract with Alice, for example...and how you've longed for companionship." Jack whispered, reaching out to touch Oz.

"You can't touch him!" Alyss demanded. "I will not let you! He means nothing to you."

"Shut up, little girl. Would you honestly prevent me from meeting with my own..." He leaned forward into Oz's face, causing the chain to back away slowly, "...Progeny?"

"What?" Alyss said, frowning again.

"Can't I meet with my own...offspring, Alyss?" He drew the words out slowly, but the impact on Alyss was clear.

"What are you saying? Don't joke around with me!" She said.

"Oz belongs to me, Alyss. Not only is he my chain, he's also...my...son." Jack said, before smiling at a shocked Oz. "Isn't that right, Oz?"

The black-haired chain stared at him, eyes wide. "I'm your...son? That's impossible! I'm a chain!"

"Yes, but you are also part human, Oz." Jack said, smiling.