"We aren't the Klingon's Ambassador." Forrest said adamantly, and then frowned and then chuckled, "Though, what I have to tell you next might reinforce that idea. When you get back to earth I've assigned a special guard to you. We have a fringe group, Terra Prime, I sent you the intell on them. You are a highly visible person, so I want to assure your safety. "

"That won't be needed, Admiral." Soval bristled slightly, the thought of having a constant human companion at his side was not appealing.

"It is, Ambassador." There was an urgency in his eyes, "We are friends and I won't see any friend of mine harmed by lunatics. Besides I think you'll like your new guard, she means a lot…" he turned. His soldier's instincts were bristling. He could feel the vibration. Turning back to Soval, Forrest jumped at him with all his might.

Soval felt Forrest's shoulder impact with his chest. It caught him so completely off guard he found his body flying back faster than he could react. Then chaos, smoke, fire, and noise. When he opened his eyes again, he heard people crying and scrambling. The smell of death was wafting through the embassy like a firestorm in the desert.

He looked down, Forrest was spread across him. Soval tried to move, and stinging pain ripped through his temple. "Admiral?" Soval whispered. A sudden strange iron taste filled his mouth. He lifted up his hand and wiped his lips, they were covered in red blood. He frowned, and with a surge he lifted himself and the Admiral up. The Admiral was looking at him, blood was gushing from his mouth, "Friends…" Forrest gurgled, and Soval watched his eyes haze.

"Medic!" Soval screamed through the chaos! "I need a MEDIC!"

Two Vulcans ran to him, both began tending to Soval's wounds. "Not me! Him."

They turned their attention to the Admiral, and with a cursory examination they shook their heads, "There is nothing we can do Osu."

Soval tried to stand and fell backward into the rubble. The two medics grabbed him up, one on each arm. As they drug him from the scene he looked down at his robes. There were some flecks of green blood, but the red blood of his friend covered him.

His jaws tightened. Forrest saved his life, there was no way to thank him, no way to make it up to him. He closed his eyes. "Your service honors me." He thought, but it wasn't enough. He knew he would spend many years of his life making up for the sacrifice of this human…this friend…And as they pulled him to safety, he knew the first thing he would do. He would do whatever it took to see whoever did this was brought to justice.

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