Gardner opened his eyes. He knew where he was. He was in the brig of the Enterprise. Archer and Soval were standing over him, looking at him through the glass barrier. Their eyes held contempt, and revealed in it their disdain. He knew they believed they had caught the big fish in Terra Prime, but the truth that he would die with was there was someone ahead of him. The master of these ceremonies, and just because he was caught didn't mean Terra Prime wouldn't go on.

"Have a good look, boys. " Gardner said dryly, "Because if you don't do the correct thing with me now, you'll both be ruined or dead." He sat up, hiding the fact he was sore and bruised as best as he could. He would show no weakness, especially in front of that pointy eared devil, Soval.

"I want a full confession Admiral." Archer said, raising his chin. "If you give up your associates, and all the information we need to prosecute them, we'll see about some leniency in your own sentence. "

"Jon, you are such a naïve boy scout." Gardner said, chuckling as he stood. "If you turn me into the authorities not only will I not be prosecuted, I'll have you court martialed for treason. Your entire crew will be bounced out of Star Fleet," he snapped his fingers and grinned, "And you Jon, you will spend your life in prison. Well fed, and kept alive long enough for you to see all those things named after you torn down, and then." He walked closer to the glass, "You'll meet with a misfortune, and we'll bury you disgraced in the prison cemetery."

Soval looked at Archer, he could sense the anger brewing inside him, but to the human's credit he was stoic. He could feel his own nostrils flare, and he suppressed the urge to speak out on Archer's behalf. This was a human issue, and he knew it was best handled by humans, but then Archer looked at Soval.

"Ambassador, it was your wife who he abducted was it not." Archer said in his most neutral tone.

"It was," Soval nodded.

"And since she is your wife, she has the rights and privileges of a citizen of Vulcan does she not?"

"She does at that, Captain, an Ambassador's wife is held in high regard. "

Gardner never looked at Soval, "Their laws mean nothing to me."

"Yes," Soval said biting back his own growing anger, "Perhaps they don't. You however did try to take my mate from me, and if I am not mistaken…make her your mate. On my world that is a challenge we meet," He paused and stepped toward the glass cage, "To the death."

Garnder's eyes snapped on Soval's, "Bring it elf." He spat.

Soval stepped forward again and Archer put his hand on his chest, "Soval, Ambassador." He pushed back and Soval stepped with it his guide. Nothing would have been more logical than to let Soval have his challenge, but Jon knew they needed Gardner's information.

"Good for you Jon!" Gardner said with a clap, "I under estimated your ability to train these filthy things, you have him well-heeled. I should give you a couple of my breeding bitches for training."

Soval looked at archer. "Knock him out and I can perform a mind meld, and garner the information from him you need, Captain."

Archer looked at the ambassador, his jaw slacked, "Soval, I think we need to handle his on our own. Why don't you go see to Genie."

Soval cast a glance at Gardner, and then turned his eyes back to Archer, "The offer remains." He said neutrally, "And whatever you have to do you have my full support." He walked down the hall toward the sick bay.


Genie's few moments of closing her eyes found her fast asleep. The events of the past few days, all the stress and strain had caught up with her. Soval could feel her dreaming as he walked down the hall toward the medical bay. He had opened their bond to help him find her, and had not yet put back up the barriers that kept them from each other's thoughts. He could feel her running in her sleep, running with a baby in her arms, away from some hairy beast he didn't recognize. He could feel her fear and pain. He whispered into her mind, "Genevieve. I am here, and I am not leaving you. " Her dream shifted, it stopped and the landscape changed. She was in a house sitting in a rocking chair, again holding a small baby. Her father was standing over her shoulder, grinning. "Give him over here, Cupcake. Let me be a granddad!"

A pang of guilt surfaced through Soval's discipline. Were it not for him, the Admiral might have gotten the chance to do just that. Genie saw in him in the dream and bounced out of the chair and into his arms, kissing him on the mouth. For a moment he was embarrassed, Vulcans did not do such things in front of other people, but he realized they were in the solitude of each other's minds. He returned her embrace, Genevieve, I am coming to your side Adun'a. Rest and be calm, all is well.

Are you….Are you happy…or content, whatever it is that Vulcans get when they learn they will be a father?

Soval nodded, I am Genevieve. I am yours, you are mine and we have made life together. Rest my Ashal-veh.

Soval wrapped her in the calm discipline of his mind and felt her dreams calm. As he walked into the medical by he saw Doctor Phlox standing over Sorak. Phlox turned to him and smiled, "Sorak will be well in a few days. " he said informatively.

"Is he awake?"

"He is, but barely." Phlox stepped aside allowing Soval access to Sorak.

Soval looked down at Sorak and raised the Ta'al, "I owe you a great debt, Sorak. You have my gratitude."

Sorak mumbled something unintelligible and raised his hand making a poor attempt at their race's salute. Soval was proud of the young man. Their society rewarded merit and he would personally see to it that Sorak was well rewarded.

Phlox was scanning over Genie's body. "She is sound, some bumps and bruises, but no damage to her or the child. Humans are amazingly resilient."

Soval ran his fingers down her face. He was fortunate she was well, and even more fortunate that he was going to be a father. He pulled up a chair next to her bio bed. He then carefully pulled up her covers. He sat next to her and closed his eyes. He was fatigued, and still recovering from the fake death he had endured. He would meditate by her side until she woke, and then they would retire to their room. They had much to do and prepare. Breathing slow and steady he began sinking into meditation.


Archer stared at Gardner, "How could you?"

"How could you, Jon! You are betraying your race! " He slammed his fists against the barrier, "They want us, they want earth. They will overcome the human population in a few hundred years there will be no such thing as human anymore!" he screamed, still slamming his fists into the glass. "And it will be your fault! People like you and Genie make me sick!" He slammed his fists against one more time and walked away. "Mark my words, Jon. These, creatures, are infecting our species. Genie might be one of the first, but there are more. There are more, Jon, I have seen it, heard it…I know."

Archer listened to him rant and shook his head. He tapped his comm, "Malcolm, I'm going to need you in the Brigg."

"Go ahead and do what you think is right, Jon. You'll be remembered as one of the people who doomed humans to extinction." Gardner pulled a small pill from his jacket, "And I'll be remembered as a Martyr."

Archer never took his eyes off Gardner as he tapped in the security code for the brig door. He watched the pill disappear into Gardner's mouth. The door opened, and Archer called the medical emergency. He wouldn't see this man taking the easy way out, he was going to stand trial for his crimes, for undermining all that Star Fleet stood for.

He ran the few paces and tried to Heimlich the pill out of his throat. He pushed violently against the man's stomach.

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