Epilogue (By Sensara) A/N to follow

Genie tumbled roughly to the ground, pain shooting up her arm as her elbow smashed into metal deck plating, but she did not let her slow her down. Gardner had softened her landing, and she took the opportunity to smash his nose with the heel of her hand. He growled and rolled his hips, trying to make her get off of him, but he smiled when the barrel of a phase pistol was pressed to the back of her head.

"Rise slowly," a warm, nasally tenor voice said. Genie obeyed. It was obvious that she had been transported somehow to where the man with the bowtie and his minions were working, and this was probably one of them. Gardner got out from under her and held a hand over his nose, and a warm arm snaked around her waist.

"Hands behind your back," the voice said, now in her ear, and the man holding the gun pressed it harder into the back of her head. She obeyed again, and felt cuffs fastened around her wrists.

The portal, which had been casting a soft glow over what looked to be a corridor underground or on a ship, closed, and Genie screamed as her head seemingly burst open in pain. The arm around her waist tightened, and Gardner frowned at her.

"Soval!" she cried out automatically, the warm buzz in the back of her head that had been his presence now gone. Gardner snarled and moved toward her, his eyes blazing in fury, but the man holding her up pointed the weapon at him.

"Don't move, admiral."


The man holding her snorted. "Hardly administrator now, what with Kuvak and his ilk moving in." The man sighed.

"So...you're one of...that man's allies?"

"Allies?" The man laughed and twisted Genie around, apparently not bothering to answer Gardner's question. The man holding her was Vulcan, or looked Vulcan, and he was an older man, older than Soval, with clear, cold blue eyes and a bulbous nose. The man grinned as his eyes raked over her face.

"Well, if it isn't the admiral's lovely daughter," the former administrator cooed. "Genevieve, if I'm not mistaken? Yes, I've had my eye on you for some time now..."


The man turned around (but kept a good grip on her), and a man who looked like a Vulcan with a V-shaped forehead ridge walked briskly down the corridor. He had sharp blue eyes like the one he called V'Las.

"Are you really making moves against this woman?" the newcomer snarled, and V'Las dipped his head.

"No, my lord," the Vulcan said softly, letting go of her. She faced the newcomer.

"What just happened?" she asked, still dizzy from the bond breaking. "Where am I?"

"Why, my benefactor and long-time ally gave us a new present!" the man said cheerfully with a disturbing smile. "And do you really think I'd give you our location?" The man laughed heartily, and V'Las smirked.

"You're a MACO, would you give a prisoner of war the coordinates of the cage you put him in?" the man continued, taking out a tricorder. He scanned her, and his grin widened.

"Good girl," he purred. "Humans...so good at accepting alien DNA...you've got good breeder genes, my dear."

He turned to the other two. "The child is mine," he said firmly, and Genie opened her mouth to protest, but was distracted when Gardner growled.

"Good riddance," he hissed, perhaps forgetting that Vulcans had good hearing. The newcomer apparently also had good ears, as both he and V'Las turned to Gardner.

"What did you say?" The newcomer had not stopped smiling, but the mirth had drained from his cold blue eyes.

Gardner seemed smart enough to know a no-win situation when he saw it, and he bowed his head and said something about keeping his mouth shut from now on.

"You'd better," the newcomer said in a falsely sweet voice. "Or V'Las will get a few more training hours in. I'll enjoy watching you break."

V'Las smirked again, and the color in Gardner's face drained, leaving him pale as a sheet. "Ok," he squeaked.

The newcomer turned to V'Las. "This was the best Terran he could find?"

The Vulcan shrugged. "Apparently so."

The newcomer tilted his head at Genie as he turned away from Gardner and began circling her. "What a beautiful woman...it's a shame you don't see it, V'Las...Earth women are quite exquisite."

Gardner looked like he might say something, but seemingly thought better of it.

"Take her to the lab, have Tolaris get a sample of her blood and a thorough scan of the child. Then to the pit with the slave."

Genie struggled as V'Las took hold of her arm and dragged her away, but the Vulcan stuck the phase pistol under her chin.

"Ah ah ah," he chided in a gleeful tone, crushing her to his side, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

She stopped struggling and walked with him, scanning her surroundings for a way to escape.

"I wouldn't bother," V'Las said in her ear. "You don't even know where we are. But I like that attitude. Alert, defiant...I think S'Vec might have you for himself."

Genie didn't want to think too hard about that, and decided not to at the moment, not until she had more information. The sooner she could find a means of escape, the better off she'd be.

She collapsed onto the floor, not able to catch herself as V'Las shoved her into the dimly lit cell, and the thick metal door clanged shut behind her, casting the room back into darkness. Her head was still throbbing in pain from the broken bond, and now that she was alone, she let a few tears slip down her cheeks before tightening her jaw and examining her surroundings. She gasped and turned her head when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder, but a man scooted closer into the light, a contrite look on his face.

He had ruffled gray hair and honey brown eyes, a strong nose and thin lips. He showed signs of age and was dressed in a dirty white overcoat, under which was a gold-metallic uniform like the Vulcans wore. He was Vulcan, though how he had gotten here was beyond her.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Doctor Oratt. I am, or at least...I was in the Inter-species Medical Exchange. I heard them talking about a Terran ally, but I hardly think they'd lock you in here with me if you working for them willingly."

"I'm not," she said stiffly. "I'm a MACO...Ambassador Soval's wife. My name is Genevieve Forrest."

Oratt's eyes widened slightly, and she saw his lips twitch upward, as if he were fighting a smile. "What is it about you Earth women that Vulcan men find so irresistible?"

She smiled wanly. "Did you marry a human woman, doctor?"

"Yes," he said, and she thought she heard a hint of pride in his voice. He withdrew a picture from the depths of his overcoat and showed it to her, letting the small shaft of light in the middle of the cell shine on it. "That's her, my Desiree, and my son, Turatt."

The picture was of a curvy blonde woman with deep blue eyes and a friendly smile, holding a boy with dark hair, brown eyes and pointed ears.

"He looks just like you," she whispered, smiling at the serious expression on the little boy's face. But she saw a brightness in the child's eyes. Oratt's expression softened as he gazed down at the picture with her.

"How old is he?" she asked.

"He turned five a week ago," he said wistfully. "They are a part of me, and I am missing that part. I feel her absence day by day...our bond was...diminished when I was taken here." He looked up at her and frowned, then scooted closer, leaning a little closer. "You have had a bond severed. Are you in pain?"

"My head hurts," she admitted, and he told her to turn around.

"Neuropressure will help you for now. I'm afraid I have no medical instruments or medicine to give you."

"It's ok," she said softly. She liked the doctor; he seemed sincere and friendly, and it pained her to see a good, honest Vulcan in with these scum. He lifted her shirt and gently pressed his fingers into her skin, and at first it only added to her pain, but soon she was relaxing, beautiful release settling over her.

"There are five of them, probably more in the grand scheme of things," Oratt whispered to her, pressing his fingers into her lower back. "S'Vec is the leader, and V'Las is his right-hand man. There's another Vulcan, Voramik, and a V'tosh ka'tur, Tolaris-"

"Hold up," she said softly. "Romulan? And what's a V'tosh ka'tur?"

"Romulans are distant cousins of the Vulcans. They left the planet to seek out their own way during the time of Surak. They wanted to return to savage ways," he explained quickly, pressing his fingers to the right of her left shoulder blade. She gasped in pain, but braced herself for the release. "And V'tosh ka'tur are Vulcans without logic. They are outcasts."

"Ok. That's four. What about the fifth one?"

"I have not seen him. They call him Lore. But with this other human, that makes six."

She sighed. "Gardner. I'd hardly call him an admiral anymore. Dirty bastard."

Oratt was quiet for a moment. "Did he hurt you? Have they touched you in any way, Ms. Forrest?"

She smiled wanly. "No. And I'm a corporal, by the way. But since it appears we're going to be in here for a long time, you can call me Genie."

He continued his neuropressure session in silence until she spoke again. "You said you were a doctor? IME?"


She swallowed. "I'm pregnant with Soval's child, doctor. I know you don't have any medical instruments, but...you said you had a Vulcan-human child."

He smiled ever so slightly. "I will help you, corporal. How far along are you?"

"Only a few weeks."

He nodded. "As your time progresses, I will make sure you stay healthy."

She smiled. He was a kind man, a man with a family to go home to, and she swore to herself that she would help him do just that.

A/N: Big thanks to Sensara for the big ups of writing this epilogue! Everyone who wanted a Happy ever after...Well, ya gotta keep reading, this is just one sprinkle in the HUGE story arc...People who begged that the story be longer well, this was the best way I could come up with for letting the arc go on! Hope you enjoyed!