What the Sith!

An insert SWTOR story

Within the first lights of dawn, a young raven haired teenager dragged himself through smooth yet dusty dirt path. A morning light crept through the stilted forests, carefully making their way through the mass of wooden limbs that crossed over each other. It was cold that morning; the morning sun had not yet given its warmth to the Earth.

Jay Valus had still been recovering from the long sleepless night. One minute he had been watching videos on Youtube and reading manga on the side, in another minute he was getting drunk at his friend's house and punching someone in the face.

Punching someone hadn't been the smartest thing he had done in his life. On the one hand, the guy was an absolute douchebag and totally deserved to get his arm broken in several different places (He did deserve it right?). Jay could still remember the man's cries of pain.

On the other hand, he was now bleeding out of three holes in his stomach area courtesy of a few little glass pieces. The actual attack had occurred outside in the woods near the road. He had been walking to his house (still drunk mind you) when the douchebags friends jumped him. Luckily, he got away from them and soon he was back the road . . . or at least he thinks it's a road.

The pain was finally fading, heck, if someone asked, he could have said that it was even getting a bit better. It fact, it was getting so much better that he decided to fall down on the ground for a little nap. The blood started to ooze out slowly as he felt his breath slow to the chill of the morning air.

He could hear his heart start to thump, the noise growing louder and louder with each passing second

. . .

and slower

. . .

and slower

. . .

Until the darkness overtook him.

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