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"Megan's sick again," Ginny Weasley exclaimed in shock. This was the sixteenth time that season that Megan didn't show up. There had only been twenty-three total games of the season so far.

Ginny had just found out that she would be filling in for Megan once again, and they would be using the reserve chaser, Brenni, to fill her place.

Ginny heard another team member whisper to Ginny's friend Elra, "The only reason she's still even on this team is that her aunt's the captain."

Ginny was currently twenty years old. She had been playing for the Harpies for three years. She and Harry had been dating again since right after the war with Voldemort ended. She loved Harry. She really did. She hoped he knew that.

"All right ladies," Ginny heard her captain, Gwenog Jones yell, "Let's go kick some Appleby butt."

Gwenog shook hands with the opposing team's captain and fourteen brooms flew into the air.

Ginny scanned the quidditch pitch for any sign of the snitch.


Harry was nervous. If any one thing went wrong in his clever and carefully articulated plan, everything could be ruined.

He, Ron Hermione, and the entire rest of Ginny's family were in the stands watching the match. Ron and Hermione were the only ones (besides Harry himself) who knew why he had insisted they all attend this particular match.

Harry thought back to the heavy preparations of the past week for the moment that would be arriving very very soon . . . hopefully.

One week earlier, Harry had gone into a quidditch supply shop and purchased a snitch. He had had Hermione sleep over at the Weasleys' house (in Ginny's bedroom). She had waited until Ginny was asleep before, wearing gloves, she took the snitch out of its box, and touched it to Ginny's hand. Thereby rendering Ginny the first human to touch that particular snitch.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione had spent the next day searching through spellbook after spellbook for the complicated bit of magic that Dumbledore performed to give Harry the resurrection stone. Finally, they found the right spell. (or at least what they think and sincerely hope was the right spell, because it would be pretty bad if Ginny wound up transfigured into a chicken or something) Hermione performed the spell. When Harry found out that Megan would be sick and would not be playing in the next match, he was able to sneak into the building using the invisibility cloak, and exchange the snitch designated for play in that game with the one with the ring in it.

When the snitch touches Ginny's hand, the words "will you marry me" will appear in Harry's handwriting. At the sound of the word yes, the snitch will open up to reveal the diamond, sapphire, and amethyst ring he had spent so long picking out.

Of course it had occurred to Harry that Ginny might not wind up catching the snitch. It won't respond to the other seeker's touch however. If that happens, he will just have to buy a new ring and try again next time Megan doesn't show up for whatever reason.

"Come on Ginny," Harry muttered to himself, "I need you to catch the snitch."


Suddenly Ginny saw a flash of gold by the Applebys' goalpost - the snitch!

Ginny dove. The other seeker now saw the snitch too and and followed her. They were both flying at top speed.

she reached out until she felt something hard in her hand.

"And Ginny Weasley catches the snitch," the commentator announced. "The Holyhead Harpies win 180-60!"

There was an eruption of cheers from the Harpies and their fans in the stand, including, she noticed, her entire family, Harry, and Hermione. That was kind of odd - they usually didn't all come to watch her play. They all had jobs of their own.

Suddenly Ginny noticed something strange about the snitch in her hands. She gasped as she read the message.

"YES," she screamed at the top of her lungs, but she wished she could have screamed it louder. She was now flying at top speed but she wished she could have flown faster.

When she finally reached her destination, she slammed her lips against Harry's so hard that it knocked him down.

She could hear hear mother crying tears of joy. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Hermione smiling radiantly.

Ron leaned over and whispered to Harry, "listen Potter, if you do anything to hurt my little sister I'll-"

However, what he'll do, they'll never know because he was interrupted by a well deserved slap from Hermione. "Ronald, you know very well that Harry would never do anything to hurt Ginny - he's you best friend for pete's sake.

Ginny didn't know or care at that moment whether her brother had the decency to look ashamed of himself. She could not tear her gaze away from Harry's face; his always messy jet black hair,his carefree, blissful smile, his brilliant, vibrant green eyes.

It was all her's now, maybe someday they would have children together. She imagined a little boy with jet black hair, and a little red headed girl both with the beautiful green eyes that she adored so much.

The sound of Harry's voice broke her out of her fantasy, "you didn't even put on the ring yet," he said.

She had not even noticed the ring to be honest, but now that she saw it she thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. There were diamonds all around the band, and interspersed among the diamonds were a few tiny amethysts and sapphires.

Ginny could feel the tears spilling down her face.

"I love you," Harry whispered.

And their lips met once again.


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