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Merope Gaunt was in heaven. She should have been biting her lips and nails, wallowing in guilt. But she wasn't. She was in heaven. Because Tom Riddle, the man she was absolutely positive was the love of her life, now loved her back. So, so what if it had taken Amortentia? It wasn't illegal. Was it? She wasn't entirely sure, but she was pretty certain that it wasn't.

Tom floated back to her. He looked pale and sickly, but the expression on his face, was enough to staunch Merope's guilt. He looked as if he had been desperate to see her, and finally had gotten back to his lovely cloud of comfort.

"Ropy!" the dreamy expression on Tom's face was growing more and more pronounced.

He was infatuated with her. Merope knew it. It was all she had ever wanted. Which is why the tugging feeling in the side of her stomach, telling her that it was wrong to trick him this way for all these weeks, was easily pushed aside.

Tom wrapped his arms around her, inhaling her scent, and not letting go, even when she attempted to break apart.

"I kneed to tell you something, Ropy!"

Merope had never much cared for nicknames; she had been given her full name for a reason, why should anyone shorten it? But when Tom made up nicknames for her, it was more than okay. He was just so sweet! And it was so cute how he absolutely adored her. She had never had someone love her so much. She had never had someone love her at all, to be honest! To her father and brother, she was just sweat, dirt, and grime; a filthy slave unworthy of even working for them, and a burden to have to house. But when she was with Tom. This Tom, under the effects of this wonderful thing called a love potion, (you just have to take away the second word, and then it's real love!) she was a princess! Tom wanted nothing but her, all day every day.

So why should she feel guilty?

Is she supposed to feel guilty for finding a way to be happy? And to make Tom happy too? Of course not! So why could she not stop thinking about it . . . about how Tom's love for her was false? That was the thing, though. She didn't even care if his love for her was just thanks to something she slipped into his drink, because hers for him was more real than ever before.

"Ropy!" Merope was startled back into reality and let out a little yelp when she saw the scene before her.

They were in the same little field that they had been in, belonging to the Riddle family; Tom's parents were both out.

But something was immensely different: Tom.

Tom, who, mere moments previously had been obsessively embracing Merope, was now kneeling before her, a box held out with a thin ring consisting of a tiny diamond.

"M-m-m-m-mary me R-R-R-Ropy, p-p-please will you m-m-m-m-mary me! Pretty please!"

Merope could feel herself lighting up. The love of her life, Tom Riddle, was asking her filthy little Merope Gaunt, to marry him. Her. Not some stupid Muggle girl. Merope.

"Yes of course! Oh, Tom, this is lovely!" Merope was floating on air. To be honest, she had not expected such a question, though it did make sense to be coming soon. Her answer did seem a bit pathetic, Merope had to admit, but she simply could not find other words to say. And it wouldn't even matter to Tom, he would love her as much as he does, no matter how she responds to his proposal.

"We could go somewhere together, Ropy," Tom suggested, "London?"

"Why, yes! It'll be beautiful!"

Now Merope was truly in heaven. And so what if it had taken a little help to get there?

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