"Admit it."


"You like it."

"No I don't."

"Yeah you do, you like how they look."

"No Bree, I don't like them."

"Why not? They're soft and fuzzy, plus they're a really cool color."

They're awful, and I'd hardly call aqua a cool color. Take them off."

"No Doctor. I think I'm going to keep them on just to bother you. Plus I'm freezing."

"Then I'll turn up the heat! Just take them off!"


"Take them off!"


"Bree Taylor I swear-"

"Doctor I swear I'm not taking them off."


"Cummon! How can you say bowties are cool and these aren't?"

"Because bowties are cool!"

"And what about fez's, not to mention Stetsons?"

For the past hour, Bree and the Doctor had been lounging on either side of a couch together in the library arguing. Bree was facing the Doctor with her feet up on his lap; a broad smile was on her face as she watched the Doctor look wide eyed at what was on her feet.

"All those things are, but fuzzy socks are not cool!"