A/N: Totally unrelated, but I just wanted all of your who followed the story to know that this was a one-shot. I don't write smut, and that's exactly where this would go. I love you guys to death for all the feedback I'm getting! Just for that, here's another tidbit, unrelated to the last.

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"Come on Derek, I know you don't like parties but just this one! It's Halloween! You don't even need a costume, just go as yourself and say your an under-the-radar superhero named Sourwolf. They'd love it!" Stiles was rambling, sitting in the passenger seat of Derek's camaro after his Jeep broke down. Again. Derek was beginning to think it wasn't broken at all.

"If I go, will you shut up?" Derek huffed.

Stiles' eyes went wide. "Really! YES! yes yes yes I will shut up but you have to PROMISE to go to the party."

"Okay." Thank god they were pulling in to Stilinksi's driveway.

"Thanks, Sourwolf! See you tonight!" With that, Stiles bounced up the step to his front door.

Derek heard the music pounding outside the door. He cradled his head in his hands, and rocked back and forth.


It was a silly fear. Zombies aren't real. Derek knew this, but still the sight of anything zombie related caused his stomach to twist in knots and his hands to shake.

He'd come to the party like he promised, but when he showed up... everyone and their mother was dressed as a Zombie. He tried to wait it out, but here he was, and hour later, breaking down in the hall closet.

"Derek?" A voice outside called his name, and Derek breathed a sigh of relief. Stiles. Someone he can trust.

"In here," he said, just loud enough that Stiles could hear him faintly.

"in where?"

"The closet." Derek uncurled his hands from his hair as the door swung open.

"Derek wha-" Stiles' face fell as he saw Derek's tear streaked face. "Shit, what happened. I though you were a rock, man." He crept into the closet, easing the door shut behind him.

"Uhm," Derek said, "I don't do zombies."

"You're scared of Zombies? Dude, zombies are the thing right now. If I'd known..." Stiles scooted over next to the broad man, wrapping an arm soothingly around his shoulders.

"Do you just want to sit in here until the party's over?" Stiles squeezed his shoulder, and Derek let his head fall into Stiles' chest as he nodded.

Stiles kissed the top of his head. "Then I'll stay with you."

A/N: Aren't they just adorable? Yes, in my headcanon Derek has an irrational fear of zombies. It came from my zombie makeup :P

Happy Halloween!