One day, the Teen Titans were just hanging around in their tower when a man appeared on their monitor.

"My name is Torrenta Time! I just captured a random innocent person and I will not let him go unless Robin and Beast Boy come to my lair at 3127 Randomstreet!" he cackled.

"What do you want with us?" snarled Robin.

"You'll see!" Torrenta Time said.

Since this is a simple kidnapping, we could call the police...nah, thought Robin. He probably has super powers or something.

So, instead, he went with Beast Boy to Torrenta's lair and brought along the other Teen Titans secretly as backup.

"What do you want with us, Torrenta Slime?" Beast Boy snarled.

Torrenta did not answer. He just aimed a device at Beast Boy and pressed a button, causing the boy to disappear.

Robin immediately tackled Torrenta Time and the other Teen Titans burst out from their hiding places.

"Hey! Don't be unhappy! I just saved Robin's life!" Torrenta said.

"WHAT?" everyone shouted.

"I'll show you," said Torrenta. "I attached a video recording device to Beast Boy, so I can show you what happened."

He did.

The video showed some water. "Whoa! Where am I?" they heard Beast Boy say. "Oh, well. I better turn into a water animal. Like maybe a shark...nahh, I was that last week. I need something more creative...oh, I know!" He transformed into something.

They saw Beast Boy turn around. The video showed Batman and Robin standing on a large buoy. The video turned a little more.

A huge torpedo appeared. Suddenly, the video zoomed in on the torpedo...and then there was blackness.

Robin could not believe what he had just saw.

Beast Boy had saved his life.

He was the porpoise.