"Here is the key to the room, Miss Pianissima" Shivers, the butler said, while handing me the key. "Please, make yourself at home, I will be back around 7 to take you to the dining room for tea".

"Thank you Shivers, I look forward to it" I said with excitement.

Shivers walked off, leaving me on my own. I unlocked the door and headed inside. What I saw inside, was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

Inside was a whole assortment of instruments, including; a harp, saxophone, double bass and, the grand masterpiece, a piano.

I ran around the room with the biggest smile on my face, looking at all the different instruments. I felt like a little girl who just received her first 'Sylvanian Families' all over again. I didn't know which one to play first, but, after five minutes of deciding, went with the piano, my specialty.

I sat down on the little stool, adjusted it to my height and began playing my favourite pieces…one which reminded me of the water and the other which I always liked to call an 'athletic' theme.

As I was playing these, I started to feel incredibly lonely. Here I was, in a huge mansion and I'm all on my own…I stopped playing and glanced over to the clock on the wall…it was 3pm…

"No way am I staying here by myself for the next four hours"! I said to myself. I got up and decided to explore the mansion a little bit, try to find people to talk to…as well as to find the toilet…

As I walked out the room and locked the door behind me, I noticed that the two twins from outside were standing near the door.

"Oh, hello again children" I quickly remarked.

"Hello again Miss" The boy in purple replied "You're very good at the piano!"

The boy in red interrupted "Yeah, can you teach us to be that good?"

I took a second to let their words sink in…I had never been complimented on my piano skills before…not even by my own parents…

"Of course I'll teach you! It's what I was hired for, after all!" I said to the twins, with a smile on face.

The twins looked at each other, smiles stretching from ear to ear. They then began to jump for joy…Admittedly I was startled by this…(Are they really that excited to learn the piano?)

"Sorry to break up the jumping jacks but…" The twins stopped for a second "could you possibly point me in the direction of the nearest toilet?"

Yet again, the twins looked at each other…they never said anything when they did this, so I don't know how they were communicating…maybe they had supernatural powers? *Oh, the irony* They turned back, facing me. They both then proceed to walk towards me and grab my hands.

"Come Miss, we'll give you the grand tour!" The boy in purple excitingly shouted.

"That's great, but first…the toilet…"

The boy in purple continued, ignoring my plea "My name's Henry"

"And my name is Orville" the boy in red said, whilst tugging my hand.

"Well, those are nice names…my name is Melody. It's a delight to meet you both!"

"Melody? That's a very pretty name!" Henry complimented.

"It's almost as pretty as you are" Orville chimed in. (Did a toddler just start flirting with me?)

I smiled at the pair and allowed them to escort me around the mansion, where I got to meet a bunch of people. First there was Neville, Henry and Orville's father. Next was their mother Lydia, who was talking to her brother, Uncle Grimmly. At this point the twins went to find their friend, Sue Pea, so I managed to have a long talk with Lydia…mainly about her pregnancy.

"We can't wait for it" She said excitingly "We've already come up with a name! Chauncey!"

This conversation went on for roughly around an hour and, to be honest, I don't remember most of it. I'm just not into babies…maybe one day I will be…Ha! Yeah right! Like that's going to happen now!

Henry and Orville came back claiming that Sue Pea didn't want to hang out just now, apparently she just wanted to sleep, but she'd meet me at dinner. After that, me and the twins continued to explore the mansion, where I continued to meet a whole array of people; Sir Weston, Mr. Luggs, Biff Atlas, Slim Bankshot…the list goes on and on!

Eventually, after exploring the whole mansion *and not finding a single toilet…* it quickly became tea time. Shivers came to collect us and took us down to the dining room. And let's just say…this was one meal, I'd never forget!