Transformer Animated: I was here first

We all know the story of how the autobots came to earth, but what if there was another bot that came to earth before they did, and what if this autobot was a techno-organic? Would she fit in and perhaps find love on the way?

Ch.1 A strange signal

Today was like every other day; every one was up to their own activities'. Bee was hanging out with Sari, Bulkhead was doing a little bit of painting, Optimus was on patrol, Prowl was meditating in his room, and Ratchet was monitoring the computers.

While monitoring the main computer he saw that one of them picked up a signal.

"Hey Ratchet, what's up?" He heard Bumblebee ask as he drove in with Sari.

He decided to focus on the signal at hand instead.

"Yo, Doc bot can ya hear me?" Bee asked becoming a little irritated that Ratchet was talking to him.

"Ratchet what's wrong?" Sari asked as she walked up to him.

"Bumblebee do me a favor and get Bulkhead and Prowl in here. I'll comm. Prime." He finally responded.

"Uhhh... OK." He asked as he left to find his friends.

"Ratchet what's going on?" Sari asked

"You see this." He asked pointing to the dot of the screen on an Island in Lake Eire.

"What is it?"

"It's a Cybertronian life signal. It looks like another bot has come to earth."

"Hey what's with all the ruckuss?" They heard Bulkhead ask as he came in with Prowl beside him and Bumblebee in font of them.

"It looks like the scanners picked up a life signal outside of Detroit." Ratchet responded.

"Is it Decepticon?" Prowl asked

"Not sure, it's difficult to tell, the scanners can't tell if it's a Con or a bot."

"Wouldn't that mean that he or she would be neutral? Ya know not on either side, not Bot, but also not a Con?" Sari asked

"Well it's possible, but one of us should go check it out just to be sure that this one doesn't have any intention on harming this planet." He replied

"Well what are waiting for? LETS GO." Bee shouted in excitement.

"Hold it right there kid. First we talk to Prime and then we go."

Bumblebee let a sigh of disappointment, he was really interested in seeing who this new bot was, and more importantly can they convince him to join their side and tip the scale in their favor against the Decepticons.

Ratchet contacted Prime and told him what was up. He came back from patrol and listened to what Ratchet thinks they should do. He took it to consider that maybe, to be on the safe side, to check out what was sending the signal, and after all it could be another Autobot and they could all the help they could get to gain an advantage in the war.

After a while, they decided to volunteer Prowl and Bee. Prowl because he was more equipped to handle situations like this, and Bee because he wouldn't stop begging to go and saying how badly he wanted to come.

Ratchet then explained that the signal was coming from Dinobot Island, luckily the Dinobots don't spend as much time there as they used to. They took the boat to the Island and once ashore they searched high and low for the source of the signal.

However while looking Prowl found something he didn't expect to find. Strange markings on the large boulders of the island. They looked like claw marks of some kind.

"Bumblebee come look at this." He called to Bee

He came to see what got Prowl's attention, and he was just as surprised as he was.

"What kind of marks are those?" Bee asked

"I'm not sure, their not big enough to be the Dinobot's claw marks, but much bigger than any animal on this planet, and to top it all off I'm very sure that this has something to do with Life signal that we were picking up."

While Prowl studied the marks Bee heard the sound of a twig snapping like someone or something stepped on it. He turned to see a large shadow disappear to into the woods.

"Prowl I saw someone, it's gotta be the one were looking for."

"Don't let him get away."

Bee and Prowl ran as fast as they could, trying their best to keep up with the mysterious figure. For some reason it was faster than them, faster than Bee, and was starting to make him mad. They chased it to the center of the Island; they then knew they had it cornered. Yet when the chased it up hill it just went even faster! That's when Bee had had enough.

"THAT'S IT. Nobody is goanna beat me in a test of speed." He shouted as he finally caught up with figure.

When they made it to the edge of the top, Bee tackled the bot down to the ground and rolled to the bottom of the crater in the island.

"Alright enough running, time to see who you really... are!" Bumblebee slowed his speech at the last part because when the figure was in the light, He couldn't believe his own optics.

He had just tackled a Cybertronian femme to the ground. From look of it she was the same height as Bee and had the most beautiful optics he had ever seen. They almost look like his, but hers were smaller and had pitch black eye lashes, her eyes were the same color as his only they were just a little darker. She had a slim figure with the colors of black on the armor of her legs, shoulders, and around her waist. A hint of red and pink on her hips, her helm (head) had the same colors. Most of her head was made up of black, but the two horns that decorated each side of head were red and pink. The red one was on top the pink one was below. Her faceplates were bright silver like her arms and legs.

In other words she was very beautiful, probably the most beautiful femme he had ever seen. After he was done taking in how she looked he realized he was still on top of her. He blushed quit a bit and got off her in a flash. Then extending his hand to help her up. To his surprise she accepted it and was even more surprised to see that she was the height as him.

"Hey look... I am... really sorry about that, I didn't know that... you were..." He was cut off by her voice

"You didn't know I was a femme, now did you?" She said with a sly grin on her face while placing her hands on her hips.

"Uh... yeah." He replied while blushing again.

"Don't worry its ok, you're just lucky that I think your cute, other wise I wouldn't have forgiven you so easily." She said with a wink

Bee blushed a deep red and turned away to hide his embarrassment. He heard giggle a bit and it went even deeper.

Suddenly heard someone coming, he instantly knew that it would be Prowl.

"Hey listen another autobot is here, but don't worry he's my friend. We were tracking a life signal that you were admitting. We need you to come with us, I'm sure that the others will want to know who you are."

"Well I..." She was cut off by Prowls voice.

"Bumblebee did you find the source of the..." this time it was Prowls turn to be cut off, but not by someone speaking, by seeing someone that made his sprak skip a beat.

The moment he saw her his reaction was the same as Bee's. Taking in every detail of her figure and angelic face that was complemented by her beautiful optics. He blushed only slightly at the sight of her, but quickly regained his composer.

"Hey Prowl meet... uh... Ya know I never caught your name."

"My name is Starlight, but you can call me Star for short." She said with a friendly smile

Prowl swallowed a lump in his throat, he was at loss for words in the sight of such beautiful femme. It only got worse when Bee decided to say something that just made him mad.

"Hey what's a matter Prowl, too tongue tied to talk to a girl?"

Prowl finally managed to break away from his gaze on the femme before him and found the courage to speak.

"I'm sorry for that reaction, I don't know what came over me."

"Oh he does talk, and its ok, I got a similar reaction from this yellow one." She said with a laugh, while placing a hand on top of Bee's head. That's when she continued to speak.

"Anyway if you want me come with you its fine. I don't mind explaining myself to your friends. If they have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them."

"Thank you. And we should probably be going before it gets too dark." Prowl said returning to his usual calm, cool state.

"One more thing how do we get off this island? I can't fly, and I pretty sure you guys can't either. By the way how did you two get here?" She asked

"You really wan see it's just over the hill and near the beach." Bee said pointing to the top of the crater.

"I'll race ya there in alt mode."

"YOUR ON." He shouted with glee

With that she could obviously tell that he was very competitive when it came to speed racing, but she had one trick up her sleeve that he'd never expect.

"Ready... Set... GO." And with that Bee transformed into his alt mode, but when she transformed, even though Bee was in his car mode, both he and Prowl gawked at her transformation.

She turned into a gigantic metal cat with a long black tail that was pointed at the end.

She looked at them and smirked.

"If you want to know why I turn into this, you'll just have listen when you bring me to your friends." And with that she darted towards the top of hill. The two of them broke out of their trance and ran after her. Prowl had also transformed in order to keep up with them.

What was up with this femme? Was she a techno-organic? And if so how did she become that way and why is acting this way when the Decepticons are out and about. Well of these questions would be answered as soon as they got back to base.