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Starlight was still unconscious, and completely unresponsive. She remained that way the entire trip back to the Decepticon's HQ. The moment they arrived Megatron was very pleased with their success in capturing her, but was not when he saw how much damage she had taken.

She was covered with scratches and cuts, but her back was what took the worst of it. It covered in black scorch marks and large wound rested at the base of her back, the worst part about it was that it was leaking pink energon, and a red liquid that known as blood by the humans. This must have been another result of her organic half. She needed repairs and fast, so he called the only Con that might be able to get the job done. He set up a comm. Link with a certain Decepticon bounty hunter.

"Well, well, well, Lord Megatron, to what do I own the honor to?" He asked with the same grin on his face

"Lockdown, I have a certain job that need immediate attention, if you're truly up to it."

"As long as the price is right, I can complete any job."

"Then how is knowledge in the medical field?"

"Well, I'm no professional, but I've learned a thing or two about minor and major injuries."

"Then do you think you can the life of this femme?" He stepped out of the way to reveal Starlight.

Lockdown was a bit surprised by this, to see a giant metal cat being held in the arms of Bliztwing. She was big enough to be cybertronian, which he believed she probably was, but what really got his attention was the state she was in. He thought about it for a moment, and made his decision.

"Alright, I'll help her, but I can only do the best I can, mostly because I've never had to deal with a techno-organic. But I can surely try, given what I learned on organic medical expertise."

"That is all I can ask of you."

And with that they ended the transmission, Megatron then ordered Bliztwing to take her to a holding pen for now. If she were to awaken, it would be best to have safely behind bars. All they had to do was wait for Lockdown to arrive, when she was healed they could convince her to join the Decepticons, and if she refused, lets just say they'll other ways of making her see reason.

(Back at Autobot Base)

Bumblebee was in medbay; Ratchet was tending to his injured leg. Mean while the others, esp. Prowl who being held back by Bulkhead, were giving him a bit of a hard time.

"Bumblebee, what you did was the most idiotic thing you ever could have done! You know better than to take on the enemy on your own!"

Bee refused to say anything out of pure shame.

"Bumblebee!" Prime shouted

"Hey Prime, maybe you should take it easy on him. I know that Bee isn't the smartest bot we have, but he was still tried. All he did was try to protect Star ok." Bulkhead said

"And because of that we just lost a femme to the Cons, and who know what their gonna do to her!"

"Prime!" Ratchet shouted "I admit that I don't know much about Starlight, but from what I can tell is that she is one tough femme. I sure she can stand the Cons, for a while, but I'm afraid she can't fend them off forever."

"Exactly, which is why we find a way to save her, before something happens to her."

'Back and Con Base'

Starlight had been locked away in a cell, still unconscious. She remained like that for about half an hour until she began to stir. As she started to open her eyes she saw a wall that was made of solid rock. She tried to stand, but a piercing red-hot pain soon shot through her back and she collapsed on the ground again.

"I vouldn't try moving if I vere jou." Said a voice from behind her

"Who's there?!" She shouted

"Be calm, jou are not in any danger here, as long as jou do vhat jou are told."

"If that's the case than show your self!" She shouted as she turned her head to where the voice came.

In the direction she faced she saw metal bars that separated her from everything else. That when she remembered that her and Bee were attacked by Cons. And she pushed him out of the way of that atomic blast, but she also got hurt in the process, and that's when she lost all consciousness. Now she being held prisoner by Decepticons, in a make shift prison cell, and from the looks of all the rock, she would say that she were underground. But all that aside, she wanted to get a look at the face of the Con that did this to her.

As he wanted her too, the Con stepped out from the shadows and showed his self to her. Star took in the way he looked, a tall muscular looking Con that was the color beige, purple and a few bits of black here and there. Because of the wings on his back, she could tell that he was a flyer, he also had two turents on his shoulders that resembled a tanks turents. Once she was done taking in his appearance, she tried to get a good look at his face. His face was blue with some type of mechanical monocle on one of his eyes. He looked very calm and was completely composed, so he didn't look like the type to joke about everything. The only thing she didn't know was this guy was a triple-changer. If she had known that then she would've had second thoughts about him, because secretly she thought he was kind of an attractive Con, but probably the only one.

"Alright what do you want, because if it's information, than your wasting your time, I'd rather have my sprak ripped out, than saying anything!" She shouted in a bloodthirsty manner.

" Please, jou are in no condition to be making idle threats. No vith that serious vound on jour back." He said in his normal levelheaded manner.

"You just wait, the moment I'm back on my feet, I'm gonna make you regret ever laying eyes on me!" She shouted as she tried to stand, but only ended in collapsing to the ground again.

"Jou really shouldn't be moving, not if jou only vish to make jour injuries vorse."

"What's the point, I'm a dead anyway. The only thing I regret is..." She trailed off when her thoughts went to the Autobots. She never did get tell Prowl or Bee how she felt, now she may never get the chance.

"Vell I can safely say jou von't be in that state for long. As Megatron already found someone to help jou."

"You want to help me? What, do you got some kind of glitch in that processer of yours? What kind of Con helps the enemy?"

"Only the kind that can see the true potential in one's strength and power."

"Wait! Don't tell me, you want me to join your rank, don't you?"

"It is not because of me, but because of my leader."

"Megatron? He's here?!" She began to panic, she was in no condition to face the very leader of all Decepticons.

"Don't vorry, he vill not harm jou, only if jou do as he says."

"Yeah like that'll ever happen."

Their little conversation was stopped when another Con came in. He about the same height as the Con she spoke to, but he the colors purple and pitch black, and he too was a flyer. But his figure was different from the other one. He was much slimmer and a bit thinner that the other one. And facial appearance was a whole another subject, but one she didn't want to get involved in.

"So she's finally awake, well get her ready to move, Lockdown is here." He said as he turned his head to the femme and back again.

"About time, took him long enough!" Said Bliztwing as Hothead took over.

The moment that happened he really caught her attention.

'A triple-changer?' She thought to her self, but if they were the first two, she had a feeling that the third one that she remembered was going to be all the more worse.

The cell doors opened and Bliztwing walked in. He managed to pick her up with out hurting her too much, but she still winced in pain as she was lifted up, her limbs still a bit numb.

"By the vay, the name is Bliztwing." She heard him whisper in her ear

She kept perfectly still and calm as she possibly could, but secretly she boiling mad with white-hot anger. He was going to be in a lot of trouble for that.

But pushing that out of the way, she was carried to another part of this underground lair. The room she saw had a large birth, with a pedestal next to it. What was lying on the table were medical supplies and tools. Hanging above both of them was a very large light that illuminated the entire room. She heard a door open and began to tense up.

"Alright boys, your gonna have ta wait a little while. I've done a few patch jobs before, but not on a techno-organic. But given enough time, and if everything goes as we hope it will, then she'll be good as new in no time." Said Lockdown as he walked in getting ready for the procedure.

"Now lay her down nice and easy, don't need any other injuries."

She was layed down on her stomach with her back facing the ceiling. She straightened her self out and layed her head flat on the table. Suddenly cuffs pinned her wrists to the table and two more on her ankles. She started to struggle, and tried to break free from her binds. Suddenly a hand grabbed the back of her neck and held her down. He leaned down, to where his mouth was right next to her ear.

"Listen lil' lady, if you ever want your back to get the treatment it needs, then I suggest you hold still." He whispered lightly in her ear.

After that she kept perfectly still, and refused to move. She did after all take in his appearance as well, and he defiantly looked like the kind of guy you need to take seriously, unless you want your head on his wall. So as the procedure went on she did as she was told and kept quiet and still, but there were some parts where it would sting her pretty bad. And she would from time to time yelp in pain.

This was going to be a very long recovery in her opinion.

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