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"Stop calling me that, Tony," Valerie said, glaring disapprovingly at the older man. "Tim, make him stop." She turned to the other man who was sitting behind his desk, cleaning it up a little.

"Tony, stop calling her that," Tim ordered, not looking away from his work.

"Oh, come on, it's a compliment," Tony said, smiling.

"That doesn't make any sense," Valerie said, placing her hands on her hips and crinkling up her nose. "Probie Junior?" Tim rolled his eyes from his chair before grabbing his bag and standing up.

"Tell her it's a compliment, Probie," Tony said, still smiling. Tim just sighed before turning to Valerie.

"Alright, it's all ready for you," Tim said, changing the subject before Valerie decided to slap Tony. She nodded before taking the seat he just vacated. "You know what's going on?"

"Our first priority is the terrorist cell," Valerie said. "My job will be to give names to the faces that you see to find out who the leader is and if we can nab them."

"Good," Tim said, smiling.

"The team will also take cases where it is believed this cell may be involved in," she continued, "in hopes that you will get your rightful place back soon and quick." She flashed him a smile and he chuckled a bit at her.

"Well, as long as you know what you're doing," Tim told her. Tony watched the exchange and as he did, he watched Valerie's demeanor completely change as she became serious.

"Please, be careful, Tim," she said firmly.

"It's like you don't know me at all," Tim said, still smiling himself. "I'm always careful."


Tim was walking up to an apparent abandoned warehouse with Kort striding next to him. A few blocks away, Ziva and Gibbs sat in the survellience van, watching and listening through the small camera that was placed on Tim's jacket. Kort and Tim entered the warehouse and found weapons and computer equipment scattered throughout the large building. About a dozen men moving what appeared to be a small war head with a crane, slowly, gently.

"You ready for this?" Kort asked Tim.

He never got an answer.


Yes, I promise, there shall be a sequel. I have a rough draft started for it and will start posting it as soon as I can. I swear to it!