Okay, so I was watching the Hunger Games one night, and something happened which resulted in this short story. I may add future chapters to this, but that's not a guarantee. If I do, I'm not gonna do the entire Hunger Games plot. More like bits and pieces here and there.

Please forgive me if some parts are inaccurate with the Hunger Games universe or with the two Defenders' personalities.

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Kook's mid-calf length boots pounded against the sleek, stainless floor as he marched. It was time for another day of fierce training. The bird ran a hand through his green, wind-blown hair as his mind wandered to what he would rather be doing. He would much prefer being back at the Splatalot castle splatting Attackers into the moat than training to kill someone. But he didn't have a choice.

The pounding boots stopped a few meters before the training center's doors. The kookaburra scanned over the entrance. He didn't feel very motivated to go inside. He hadn't been very popular with the other Tributes. Because he was Kook, he had been messing around with them and annoying them all week, so very few of them liked him. One of the Careers, the leader, in fact, had almost killed him for taking his knife. Though the Peacekeepers managed to make sure he didn't destroy him, he did manage to give the poor bird a black eye. Kook's eye was all better now, but it took that much for him to realize how bloodthirsty and mean these people actually were.

The Australian bird stared at the entrance for about half a minute. Like it was said earlier, he really didn't want to go inside. But if he didn't, he'd have to talk to the Gamemakers. So, he took a deep breath, then slowly entered.

Kook had only stepped a foot inside the Camelot Capital's training area, but that was enough for everyone to look at him. Some rolled their eyes, some glared at him, and a few shot him vicious, hateful looks. Kook sighed, then quietly walked forward. He kept his head down, but occasionally looked up to observe the other Tributes. He was glad that he and his companion were allowed to wear their normal attire. He wasn't very fond of the black and red Camelot Capital uniforms. He was more of a green and purple kind of bird.

Kookaburra walked over to the weapons. He scanned them over, trying to decide which one to practice with. He frowned. There were no Sling-Splatters. He looked over his shoulder. The Careers were watching him to see what he would do. Kook rubbed his wrist uncomfortably, then turned back to the weaponry. After staring at them a moment longer, he grabbed a sword. He wasn't exactly sure why. He just felt the need to get away from the shelf as soon as posible.

The sword was bigger than Kook had thought. It was almost as heavy as Gildar's tenderizer. It was so weighty that Kook wasn't able to lift it very well.

"Okay, come on," he told himself as he tried pulling the weapon from its shelf.

When he finally succeeded in getting the weapon off the shelf, Kook set it down. He took deep breaths, then tried lifting it again. After he got its tip about five feet in the air, he began travelling backwards.

Suddenly, Kook lost his balance, and fell over with a yell, dropping the sword as he did so. The Careers laughed at him. Kook looked over at them, then looked at the ground in front of him. He sighed. The bird was just "out of it" this week. The whole "kill or be killed" thing wasn't really working out for him. He could never bring himself to kill someone, and he would probably end up dying regardless of what he did. That was what everyone kept telling him, directly or indirectly.

Oh, how he wanted to go home and splat some kids into the Splatalot moat.

Suddenly, he felt a shadow pass over him. He turned his head to see a blue ninja standing next to him. Her hands were hidden behind her back. Her presence made Kook smile a little.

"Hey, Shaiden," he said with a slight wave of his gloved hand.

Shaiden knelt down next to him. She brought her hands from behind her back, revealing a bow and a single arrow. Kook looked at them, then at Shaiden's face.

"Show them how good your aim is," the blue ninja ordered.

Kook glanced over at the Careers, who were still smirking at him. Kook shook his head. "I'd rather not..."

Shaiden blinked with surprise. She had never seen Kookaburra so down or uncertain of himself. Just a few days at the Camelot Capital totally made him...well, just not his kooky Kookaburra self. It made the ninja angry.

"I mean it," Shaiden said more forcibly. "Those guys are looking at you like you're a meal, and I don't like it." Shaiden thrust the bow and arrow at Kook. "Show them what you've got."

Kook looked at Shaiden, then the silver bow and arrow. Reluctantly, he stood up and took the weapons into his hands. He glanced over at the targets, then backed up a few paces. He started to take aim when Shaiden shook her head.

"You can do better than that," she said, walking over to him.

Kook hesitated. "I don't know..."

Shaiden put her hands on his shoulders and locked her brown eyes with his blue ones. "I know how good you are. Show me how good you are."

Kook looked into Shaiden's eyes. He felt calmer and encouraged. Shaiden let go of Kook, crossed her arms, and watched as her companion backed up about ten more paces. He looked over at her. She nodded. Kook positioned himself, aimed at the target, and pulled the arrow back. He stuck out his tongue to the side of his mouth, much to Shaiden's chagrin and the Careers' amusement. Kook stared at the target, adjusted the position of his arrow, then fired.

Shaiden smiled with satisfaction. The Careers' eyes widened. Kook had perfectly hit the target's heart. It landed smack dab in its center. Kook grinned. He looked over at Shaiden, who gave him a thumbs up.

"Great job, Kook," she said encouragingly.

The leader of the Careers shrugged, trying to hide the fact that he was impressed. Kookaburra looked at him arrogantly, then went to retrieve his arrow. Shaiden had made her way next to him after he had pulled the arror from the target.

"Just keep practicing at that, and you'll be fine," she said.

Shaiden knew that Kook wasn't expected to last very long in the Medieval Games by anyone, not even himself. She wanted to build up his confidence and hopes a little bit.

"And whenever those guys mess with you, remember that," she said, pointing to the target's pierced heart.

Kook smiled, then nodded. "Thanks, Shaiden."

Shaiden humbly returned the nod. Then, without another word, she disappeared into the shadows.

After Kook realized that she had left, he returned to practicing with the bow and arrow. He felt happier, livelier, and more hopeful than before. He felt more like his kooky self again. And it was all thanks to Shaiden. If anyone had to come with him to this awful place, he was sure glad that it was the beautiful blue ninja.

Suddenly, a new worry hit Kook like a Splatball against an unsuspecting Attacker. How would Shaiden do in the arena? She was extremely skilled and tough, but so were the other Tributes. What if she was injured? What if she went for days without food or water? Would she be one of the 23 fighters that didn't return home?

The very thought of Shaiden being killed made Kookaburra's stomach lurch. He couldn't let Shaiden die. He had to find some way to protect her. But how?

Kookaburra looked over at the Careers, who had turned their attention to other matters. Slowly, a plan started forming in his head. It was a risky plan, but it was still workable. If it was workable, then he would at least have to try undertaking it. In his head, he had to do whatever it took to protect his ninja friend. He had developed a crush on her ever since he first met her, and she was all he had in the Camelot Capital.

Besides, Thorne would kill him if he returned to the Splatalot castle without Shaiden.