Kookaburra and Shaiden raced towards Knightriss. The leader of the Defenders greeted them with open arms. After they had hugged for about half a minute, the noble knight let go and stepped aside.

"Get in, my dears."

Kook and Shaiden entered the plane without hesitation. They were so relieved and overjoyed that they didn't know what to say. They were immediately greeted by another Defender upon stepping inside.

"Tink! Tank! Tinkor!" he declared, rushing over to Kook.

Kook found his voice after he laughed. "Tinkor, ha ha!"

Tinkor and Kook embraced, and afterwards, the inventor hugged Shaiden.

"What are you guys doing here?" Kook asked, laughing joyously as he spoke.

Knightriss grinned evilly as she closed the hovercraft's doors. "We had a little talk with President Arthur. Gildar, Crocness, Skabb, and Thorne are just finishing straightening him out."

Shaiden and Kook looked at each other. Their smiles widened even more.

"Oh, I love you guys!" Kook cried, flapping his "wings" a little.

"It's great to have you guys back," the kilted huntress, Ballista, chimed over the plane's intercom. "Now get ready for takeoff."


Ballista landed the hovercraft on top of a somewhat stable platform in the remains of the Capital. Knightriss, Kook, and Shaiden had stepped out to watch for the four destructive Defenders. It wasn't long until they saw the group marching towards them.

"No capital is too strong for this striking viking!" Gildar shouted, flipping his hair.

"You mean no capital is too strong for us Defenders," Thorne said, annoyed.

Gildar flipped his hair again and placed a strong hand on Thorne's shoulder. "Whatever you say."

The alchemist slapped the viking's hand away. Shaiden felt a sea of emotions wash over her when she saw her brother.


Thorne turned to her. His eyes widened, then he immediately dropped his mace and ran for his sister. Shaiden ran towards her brother at the same time. They met five seconds later. They caught each other in a tight hug, and stood in that position for awhile.

"You alright?" Thorne asked.

"I'm great," the ninja replied.

While the siblings were reuniting, Kook was racing towards the other three Defenders. Kook reached the viking first.


Kook practically jumped on him. Gildar, who didn't mind, clasped the bird into a strong hug.

"It's good to see you again, little buddy," he said.

After a few seconds, Gildar removed his hands from Kook's back and placed them on the bird's shoulders.

"Now, be totally honest."


Gildar took a deep breath and stared deadly serious at Kook. "Do I still look as handsome as you remember me?"


Later on, all nine Defenders were aboard the "borrowed" hovercraft and were flying home. Gildar and Ballista were piloting the plane while the other seven sat in the passenger section.

Shaiden looked out the window, and could hardly believe that the huge pile of wreckage had once been the Camelot Capital. It was completely destroyed. She found herself grinning as she thought about her friends wrecking everything in sight, all just to rescue her and Kook.

"Did you get the cream I sent you?" Thorne asked suddenly, cutting into his sister's thoughts.

Shaiden turned to the alchemist and nodded. "Yes, I did."

"I hope it helped."

"It did." Shaiden gave her brother a grateful smile. "Thanks for sending it, Thorne."

Thorne nodded. "I'm not letting my sister lose any Medieval Games so easily," he said, his eyes sparking a little.

"So, did you guys see us on tv?" Kook wondered allowed, looking around.

"Yes, we did, my dear boy," Knightriss said.

"I have to admit, you guys were pretty epic," the half-human, half-reptile complimented.

"Thanks, Crocness," Kook said, grinning.

Gildar's voice boomed over the intercom. "You know, we all saw that last act during the Games. But I can't help but wonder, was it really an act?"

Kook felt blood rush to his face.

"Yeah, you two lovebirds," Ballista added. "What's going on?" A brief pause. "Did he dance for you again, Shaiden?"

Shaiden rolled her eyes, and Kookaburra groaned indignantly. Thorne looked over at his sister.

"Yeah, I'm actually quite interested in that. What's the thing about "I'm not leaving this arena without you," and the "I think I'm starting to like you, as more than a friend" thing?"

Kook felt his face turn a darker shade of red as the onlooking Defenders teasingly "oohed." He shifted his gaze to the floor. Shaiden, however, was perfectly composed. Her face stayed as light as before.

"I meant just what I said," she stated firmly, ignoring the others' light-hearted taunts.

Thorne paused. He crossed his arms and eyed his sister carefully. "So, let me get this straight: You, my sister, are actually falling for Kook? You actually like him as more than a friend?

Shaiden stared at her brother for a moment. She turned away and gently took hold of Kook's hand. Kookaburra looked up at her. The ninja smiled at him, then, without turning back to her comrades, replied, "Why wouldn't I?"

Kookaburra warmly smiled back. Skabb and Tinkor "awwwed" at the scene. Though the bird and the ninja weren't planning on leaning forward, Thorne brought the subject up.

"Now I don't wanna be seeing you two making out, you got that?"

The watching Defenders laughed. Kook blushed yet again, and Shaiden shot an unamused look at her brother. Thorne smirked and patted her shoulder.

"But hey, as long as you're happy, that's all that matters," he stated.

Shaiden nodded, then turned back to Kook. They smiled once more at each other. The other Defenders found themselves grinning, as well, totally enjoying the touching scene.

"I'm serious, though," Thorne said after a moment. "I don't wanna see any making out between the two of you."

...And...The End.

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