Usual disclaimers. I don't own Star Wars, or it's official characters, and the OC's are of my own creation. Of course, feedback would be welcome. More to come but I hope by posting it, I'll be compelled to put the rest of the story to keyboard.

"And All That You Love Will Be Carried Away…"

(A/N – the title is from the short story by Stephen King, in the collection "Everything's Eventual" – it's lovely and evocative, and really set the fire to this piece. It takes place after the events of "Vega", and before it's epilogue…)

"You should go to her then, Luke," Scion sighed, nestling closer to him. "Maybe put the ghost to rest for once and for all…"

Luke had only grunted, and extracted himself from her embrace, and knowing him, and loving him as she did, she would leave him to brood, but unusually, this time he actually began to speak.

"You know I can't, Sci…" he murmured softly, gently fingering the Corellian Dawn Flower that blossomed by the window side. "Corellia has been under virtual lock down since…" Here he trailed off, his mood darkening. "In any case, that's all in the past now…"

"But Luke," Scion pressed. "The dreams…?"

"Nothing but, Sci!" he snapped suddenly. "And even if she is in trouble, she has her family…" and now softly, almost as an after thought. "She doesn't need me…"

"Luke, are you all right?" It was Leia's soft voice that brought him out of his reverie. "You've been so… restless since you've come home."

Luke offered his sister a wan smile. "Home," he echoed softly, and for a brief moment he looked far older than his years. "No, just gathering…"

Leia cocked an inquisitive eyebrow as she brushed away an errant strand of hair from his eyes. The familiar gesture made the smile genuine. "All right, you found me out," he admitted. "Thinking about the past, I guess."

The Princess's lips thinned in concern. "Sci? Or her…?"


Wordlessly, Leia cupped his chin, brown eyes staring intensely into blue. You should have let it go a long time ago…

He sighed. "It's different, this time Leia," he sighed. "There's physical pain, yes… but something… worse…"

Leia nodded, allowing him to continue in his own time as she knew he would. After 'Nails' Canaille had left him, suddenly and with little explanation, he had become a changed man. He had nearly forsaken his Jedi ways, and thrown himself wholeheartedly into the Rebellion, and subsequent reconstruction – at least for a little while – falling in love with a young fellow Rebel (perhaps too soon for her taste, but she had prudently held her tongue) Scion, and had spent nearly half a year taking on suicide missions for the Republic, with Scion at his side. Once, during that brief time, he had confessed that sometimes, just sometimes, he still thought he could feel her presence, and that something had been terribly wrong, but he still could not bring himself to intercede on her self imposed exile from his life.

When his young lover had been killed by an Imperial ambush, he had blasted off in the entirely opposite direction, and had fully re-embraced his Jedi ways, disappearing sometimes for many months, and then just as suddenly, all be it ever so briefly, reappear at her figurative doorstep.

"I have to find her, Leia," he said at last. "It's like a dream… a fog surrounding her, and the knowledge is just a fingertip away. I… I…"

Now it was his sister's turn to smile. She pressed her fingertip to his lips and whispered softly. It's all right, Luke… I understand…"