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"Do you want to give these to daddy?"

Misty smiled down at her brown-haired son, smoothing his locks down. He smiled up at her, nodding his head, taking the bouquet from her hands and laying them on my grave.

"She made sure he knew who I was," I said, my grandfather walking up beside me.

"That's who she is Gary," he smiled, "she really is an amazing person."

Her head snapped up at the sound of Ash and she walked over to him, out of sight for a moment as I approached him. He looked up, eyes seeing me.


I smiled, walking over to him and kneeling so I was at eye level with him, "Hey kiddo."

"Mom made sure I always knew who you were," he smiled, "even though Ash is my living dad, you're my dad too." The smile on his face made my heart melt. He was a reflection of me at his age, though his eyes gleamed with Misty's spirit.

"You taking care of your mom for me?" I asked.

He nodded his head vigorously, "I help all the time and take care of Ashley."

"Good," I grinned, hugging him to me, "I have to go now. Be good, and thank your dad for me?"

He nodded, hugging me as tight as he could before I slipped through his fingers, invisible and intangible again.

"Love you dad," he whispered.


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