"You did something to me!" he yelled pointing at Steve accusingly, "There's no way I would've said all of that willingly just for being sleep deprived!" When Steve didn't comment or defended himself at his accusation, Tony grew more irritated by the second. "I wouldn't have believed this if I weren't experiencing this myself! Steve! What the hell did you do to me!?"

"Tony," Steve replayed in a neutral tone. "You have to understand, you left me without any other choice. I really feel guilty about this, but it needed to be done."

"WHAT?! WHAT, exactly, needed to be done, Rogers?!"

In one swift move, Steve got Tony's face between his hands, bodies touching and blue eyes staring at him with fading anger. Tony was never good at being mad at Steve when they were looking at each other's eyes.

"I was tired of you denying me," Steve whispered into that mouth. "I could see the truth in this wonderful eyes, yet you wouldn't be honest with me. I tried everything but in your stubbornness you wouldn't consider me, much less us."

"Steve, what did you-?"

"I went to look for help; a different kind of help." He announced. He knew he was staling, but he wanted to keep that position forever and Tony's reaction to the truth will be explosive. "I went to Wanda and convinced her to make me an Honesty Serum."

"You… you hexed me." Tony whispered even lower, as if he couldn't believe his ears. "You hexed me!" When he made to pull away this time, Steve left him. "Get out!" he yelled "Get the fuck out, Steve!"

"I won't," he said simply with the resolve Captain America was attributed to. "We are going to stay here and be honest to each other at least until the duration of the enchantment is over and that's final, Tony. I'm serious; we have to end this torturous little dance that we have been doing right now."

"I don't want to end anything!" judging Tony's face at the statement, Steve knew that he was planning on saying something completely different. "If you're not getting out, then I'm getting the hell out!" he yelled diving for the crystal door. At the same moment, Steve dived for Tony just before he could get to the exit and trapped him firmly with his arms. He spun him around in one movement and he threw him over his shoulder as if he weighted nothing.

Steve ignored Tony's protests and punches to his back as he made his way to the workshop's couch.

"Steven Rogers! Put me down this instant, you fucking bastard!" and down he went when Steve dropped him on the couch. Before Tony could recover from the shock when his back hit roughly the couch's cushions, the blonde sat beside him so he could manhandle his little genius to his lap and trap him with his arms. "Let me go!"

"Tony, listen to me-"

"No! You cheating, bastard! Let me go, now!" more struggling. Steve wasn't even winded. As the struggling progressed, Steve got the other purple vial out of his other jeans pocket and held it up so Tony would see it. It worked as he finally stopped struggling. "What? Do you plan to poison me even more?"

"This, Tony, is the exactly same potion that I gave to you, an Honesty Serum, just adjusted to be able to surpass the Super Soldier Serum. I asked Wanda to do two for me so -"

"So you could make me, no, force me into this!?"

"So we could be honest to each other no matter what," he took Tony's chin and made him look at him directly in the eyes. "and so you would finally understand."

Tony resume his struggle when he saw Steve open the small bottle, but stopped short when he witnessed how Steve swallowed the whole thing in one go, wincing at the flavor.

"Now we're even. You can ask me anything you want as well and I will have to be truthful to you."

Steve had proposed the idea to Wanda when they were nearly finished with Tony's vial. He hadn't wanted to over step his favor even more, but he wanted Tony to be honest no matter what and he wanted to give Tony the same in return.

"That's… so like you." Tony whispered without braking eye contact.

"What is?"

"You're kidding, right? Oh, that's true, we can't joke right now." Steve was glad that Tony had somehow relaxed a little; his muscles more pliant under his fingers. He considered it safe to start rubbing his hand slowly over Tony's back. "This is the first time I've ever seen you do something this low to someone and of course you would try to be on equal ground with that someone instead of taking full advantage. That's so like you."

"And you like that?" he asked with honest curiosity. Steve didn't really know if Tony was enthusiastic about his so called righteousness.

"Yes," this time he answered resigned, but when more followed up, it was obvious that he was making an effort of shutting himself up. "I love it, actually, it turns me on how good you are even when you're trying to be bad. Oh God!" the last he said slapping his hand on his forehead.

"I'm glad to hear that, I really am." Steve decided that a small kiss on the forehead that had been slapped wouldn't be so out of place considering his situation and he went for it. Tony snapped back as if burned and now looked Steve with mistrust.

"Wait a second! How do I know if your vial was the real deal?"

"You can ask me something,"

Tony seemed to think about that and a smirk took over his pensive frown. "Who was it that broke my coffee machine three months ago?"

Steve experienced the serum's effects when he was ready to lie subtly or at least change the topic but instead, when he opened his mouth, words he wasn't even really thinking poured out. "That was me, I tried to deny it because Clint and I were playing catch with a small ball in the kitchen when the coffee machine started distracting me and I was suddenly jealous of how much you love the damn thing and you're ready to profess your love for it to the whole world while I was caught in your 'these are only one-night-stands!' speech. So I purposefully threw the ball to it with more strength than necessary and I was glad it shattered because I was able to spend a lot of time with you while you were trying to fix it. I asked Clint and Thor not to tell you and we decided to act innocent."

"Steve…" Tony blinked at him, "Were you jealous of a machine?"

"It seems I was. It's a normal thing now." Steve, at that point, probably had just discovered a new kind of bright red since he felt like his face could catch on fire spontaneously any minute now. "I was intrigued about it at the beginning; I never knew I was a jealous person until I met you. I can't stand seeing you with anyone else. I even feel weird when you're laughing around someone who's not me. Even with another Avenger."

"Possessive much?" Tony probably intended that as a rhetorical question, but Wanda's magic apparently couldn't distinguish such a thing, and forced him to answer anyway.

"I really am, yes, I was surprised at first, but then I came to terms with my feelings for you and I knew that given the chance, I would mark you all over so the world could see how mine you are."

"Okay… now I totally believe you took the same thing." Tony agreed after a small silence in which Steve tried to get his skin color to resemble something at least more human. "It really is a bitch not being able to stop, isn't it?"

"It really is." Steve conceded.

"Do you still think this was necessary?" Tony asked mockingly.

"I do," Steve knew it was now or never. "I love you so much; more than anything I have ever loved in my life, and it kills me that I had to resort to this so I could get an honest answer from you."

"Including Peggy?" The question popped as if Tony didn't expect it to be asked, but the hope and fear reflected in his eyes as he waited Steve for an answer was heartbreaking, so Steve didn't resist the answer that he knew was coming slip smoothly out of his lips. Clear and truthful.

"Including Peggy and my own mother. Including America and my shield."

Tony's astonishment was so obvious that Steve had to stare a little. The super soldier knew that the genius couldn't deny the truth of his words anymore. That was probably why the utter terror that overcome his deep-blue eyes was even more distinguished than normally.

"You can't possibly imagine how happy would I be if my words wouldn't make you this frightened, how wonderful it would be for you to feel joy about a love confession I make. In return, it would make me ridiculously ecstatic to hear something like that from you." As Tony chewed on his lip as if trying to stay quiet, Steve came up with a situation he hadn't thought before, "I really hope that you will forgive my selfishness after I ask you the main question I wish to ask. Would you forgive me, Tony?"

"I will forgive you," Tony's eyes were begging now. He was obviously wanting to tell Steve that he had to stop; that under normal circumstances he wouldn't be confessing to all this. However, his mouth kept moving, forming words that he didn't mean to say without his permission. "I wish I wouldn't, but I'm not able not deny you anything, not even forgiveness."

Steve moved slowly, as if not to scare Tony anymore than he already had. He took his beloved's face between his hands again and forced him to look at his own directly. When sky blue met deep blue, Tony's eyes turned glassy. A dry sob escaping his lips.

"Please," Tony begged with a cracked and pitiful voice, something Steve hadn't ever thought possible of Tony; he was trying his hardest not to cry "My god, Steve, please, I'd do anything, don't ask that. Please." He asked while clenching his eyes shut. "You can even ask me about my father or Afghanistan, but please-"

"Tony…" he called with all the gentleness he could muster. He began to caress Tony's cheeks' bones with his thumbs in an attempt to calm him and it got the desired effect as Tony slowly opened his eyes to look into his. "Do you love me?"

When the reason of this whole ordeal left his lips, Steve felt that the air was missing in his lungs. He felt like drowning under freezing water all over again, along with the feeling of knowing that he would never get to stop the cold.


He realized that Wanda's warnings had held some true as he waited for Tony to be taken by the enchantment he was most feverishly fighting.

He knew that he was betraying Tony's trust asking for him the answer that he had protected more than life itself, and he was going to make it up to him, no matter what. No matter the answer.

"I love you," Tony finally said between sobs, at last letting a couple of tears escape his eyes at his confession.

The world recovered its colors in Steve eyes; the air returned to his lungs and the heavy weight that he had been carrying all along for months disappeared like a punch.

Steve felt revived; he swallowed air as if he had been unable to have it for decades. He clung to each of Tony's words, wanting to remember letter by letter until the end of his days.

"I love you so much that it hurts." Tony repeated, "I sometimes can't believe I haven't died yet of how much it hurts me to listen to you saying you love me over and over and not being able to say it back no matter how much I yearned for it. I'm so sorry, Steve, this is all my fault. I shouldn't have let us get this far; I should have pushed you away the first time we kissed right on this couch."

"Don't say that. Tony, please, don't you say that." Steve begged, he was starting to feel tears gathering in his eyes, but he didn't have the right to cry when he made Tony, -the same Tony that loved him back, thank God- a messy sob. Now he had to try his hardest to make him stop crying. He moved his thumbs up Tony's face so he could tenderly wipe the few tears that were able to fall despite the genius' effort.

"You can't begin to understand how happy you just made me with those words." Steve said softly, kissing Tony on the space between the eyebrows. "I feel like I could live forever just for remembering them. But it breaks my heart that you want to apologize for the best thing that has ever happened to me."

At his words, Tony's sobs started to fade a little, as if soothed by Steve's voice.

"What would make me the most happy it would be to see you happy, Tony. Especially with me." He continued, "At first I was afraid that you would find happiness with someone other than me. But I'm not stupid, Tony, I was ready to let you go if you found something better, but you haven't slept with anyone other than me since the first time we did it right on this couch.

"You may have thought you fooled me when you got home drunk and with hickeys all over your neck, but then I always took you to my bed, completely jealous, so I could examine your body thoroughly," at this, Steve made a small pause where he ran his hands over Tony's body, earning a shiver. Tony stopped sobbing and was listening to him intently; Steve didn't dare to break eye contact.

"And I always realized that none of your supposed conquests would get bellow your belly." He continued while massaging said place. When Tony closed his eyes and started to get lost in the contact, Steve dipped his head further into Tony's space so he could whisper directly in his ear. "At first I was so angry at you for letting other people touch you, but then, I realized that this was part of you denial and that you were becoming more faithful to me over the time; the hickeys were more and more my own and only my own. It wasn't that long until all the marks on your body were mine alone. I felt as if I owned your body and you weren't even aware about it."

Steve dropped his hand further until he was touching Tony's cock over his pants, caressing.

"Steve…" Tony made a needy sound that went straight to Steve's own arousal. When Steve cupped him fully, Tony moaned loudly.

"Do I, Tony?" Steve asked huskily letting Tony's hardening member go in favor of pulling Tony's undershirt up and over his head and looking directly at the genius' eyes. Tony whined at the lost friction, but Steve ignored it in favor of asking his question. "Do I own your body?"

"Yes, you do." Tony admitted with a dazed gaze. He started to pull Steve's own shirt up, tracing his abdomen and making Steve gasp. "You own my body since the day you fucked me for the first time."

Taking advantage of Tony's obedient state, Steve quickly got rid of his shirt for the brunette and then he went straight to Tony's pants, unbuttoning them and yanking them out of the way along with the useless black underwear. He maneuvered Tony to fully seat on his lap with his legs straddling him.

"What about your heart?" A kiss. "Your soul?" Another. "Do I own them?" A whisper.

"Yes," came the immediate response while Tony was making himself comfortable on his lap. "You do; you own everything I am and it's so goddamn unfair."

"Why would you say that?"

"Because you have everything about me and you don't even have to ask for it. And you're nowhere near mine."

"Tony, for a genius you're a total idiot, you know that?" Steve made sure that he was making eye contact with Tony to make this point. It was easier now that they were almost at the same eye level to see the change of expression from aroused to insulted.

"Hey! You mean that!" Tony said with indignation putting some distance in between them. Of course, that only provided Steve a better view of Tony's body.

"God Tony," Steve groaned appreciably when Tony rubbed himself over Steve's still covered manhood in order to accommodate in a position over the blonde's lap that allowed the genius to nag Steve for his honest belief in his stupidity. "If it were for me, you would always be hard and naked. I will never get tired of looking at you like this. "

"As flattered and tempted as I am," Tony pointed out running a playful hand slowly up Steve's inner thigh. "Wouldn't you be always jealous when I needed to leave the tower?"

"Damn straight." He wouldn't deny that even if he were able to, anyway. "Even inside the tower." Steve finally retook those inviting lips with his own and dominated them when Tony pulled close again, rubbing himself against Steve in the process. He kissed Tony hard, passionately, possessively and he couldn't be more pleased when he received an equally fervent response.

Steve got the lube from his pants pocket without even breaking their kiss.

After that, everything went fuzzy. Steve allowed himself to continue only by instinct, all his consciousness was focused on Tony; the moans, the noises, the choked gasps, his expressions of pain and pleasure mixed together as he stretched him faster than normal.

"I'm ready, Steve, fuck me now, come on."

It was all it took for Steve to reposition themselves on the couch. He turned them both so Tony had his back on the cushions so Steve could pin him with his weight. Steve looked at Tony intently without moving, he waited till Tony's eyes opened searching for his own sky blue; impatience and frustration at the sudden halt of movement were easily read all over his face. That's when he decided to thrust into Tony slowly, carefully.

"You're amazing," Steve confessed what he always thought, especially at this kind of moments, but never said aloud, "You're everything to me, Tony. I wish I could have you like this every waking moment."

"Steve-" Tony chocked on his name when Steve pulled out and slammed back in fervently. "Fuck!"

They were soon involved in a series of thrust, moans and sweet confessions. If it weren't for the fact that they weren't able to think about replying to each other's feelings, Steve would have forced them to talk more about those whispered confessions. But their focus was surrounded by a different level of human nature.

"I love you," Steve whispered in Tony's ear when they were both expended. Steve had rearranged their positions so he was now with his back on the couch with Tony mostly on top of him, the brunette's arc reactor shining softly between them. "So much."

"And I love you, too. More than you'll ever know." Tony replayed clenching the hand over Steve's chest into a fist. Steve didn't need to see that to know that the words were product of the serum, and it made him frown.

"What is it?" he asked. "I thought we had this figured out."

"Of course you thought that!" With new found strength, Tony pushed himself off Steve and away from the couch and started to put his pants on, completely ignoring his underwear. "Because you're Captain America and you have to always be right, isn't it?"

"Tony, that's not true." Steve denied honestly, managing to sit slowly instead of just throwing himself in another fight that the brunette was obviously trying to create. "What are you even talking about?"

"For fuck's sake Steve! I'm talking about all that extremely cheesy thing that just happened! That you forced us to say when not even Shakespeare would dare to be so corny! You can't just fuck my brains out and expect everything is peachy!" He then turned sharply to look at him, pants still undone. "You're just too-!" The genius struggled for the word, apparently in conflict with the spell. "Bossy!"

"Hey! I am bossy!" Steve said indignantly only to realize a little stunned that those were definitely not the words that he had expected to leave his mouth. "Well, it seems that I really am bossy."

"You think?!" Tony asked cynically. "Steve, you can come here and just force a confession out of me!" When Tony realized that he couldn't even harmlessly lie in something as little in detail as sarcasm, he threw his hands up in the air with anger and exasperation. "Okay! You can do it! But that doesn't mean it's right!"

"I was quite desperate!" Steve defended now standing himself and going for his pants. "I know it was awful, but I thought it would be worth it if it made us stop the fucking around and got together already!" Great, Steve couldn't even keep the bad words for himself.

"We can't be together, Steve!"

Even if Steve could swear he heard a little part of his heart breaking at such a terminal statement, the soldier couldn't let it just like that.

"So what are you suggesting, Tony?" he asked with a darker tone, "You're telling me that you want me to leave? That you don't want me touch you again? That we should just pretend that this never happened and move on?"

"No! I don't want that at all!" Despite the answer, Steve could tell that it was the contrary of what Tony meant to say. No matter how dreadful it was forcing Tony into this, Steve couldn't help but thank the magic in their systems, again. If the answer would have been the other way around, Steve wasn't sure if he would have been able to take it.

"Tony," Steve said exasperated, taking a step towards the retreating genius. "What do you want?"

Another obvious struggle with himself was revealed in Tony's eyes. Steve waited patiently for the magic to win. After all, the Iron Man always did admit that his greatest weakness was magic in all its forms.

"I want you to be mine as well. I want to be with you," Tony finally whispered, as if in hopes that Steve wouldn't listen to his words. "I want to be able to touch you anytime I want and I want you to stay with me forever. I want us to be together no matter what. And I want to stop saying stuff this fucking melodramatic."

"I want that too, Tony," Steve insisted ignoring his final statement and finally catching up with Tony's retreating form and holding him by his shoulders. "So what stops you for making it happen?"

"For one, your potion that won't let me stay quiet. For the rest, I can't be responsible of breaking up the best thing that has happened to us!" Tony yelled at him, apparently finding his voice anew. Steve was confused by this, but Tony continued with his outburst, "The Avengers is the best thing that has ever happened to all of us, Steve! I see it every day reflected on everybody's eyes; the way we have meals together, the movie nights, the comforting after an awful mission, the belonging. I couldn't possibly be responsible for ruining another family!"

And it hit Steve like Thor's thunder; Tony was thinking about what would happen if they got together and then broke up. He was willing to put aside his desire for Steve in order to protect what all the Avengers had worked so hard to build.

Steve couldn't stop questioning himself: "How the hell had anyone ever thought of you as selfish?" only to realize that he spoke out loud. Magic could be quite drastic, it seemed.

He admitted that he was having a hard time, even now, categorizing magic as something good or completely bad news.

"What?" Tony asked suddenly confused enough to get distracted out of his outburst in order to look at Steve as if he was crazy. "I am selfish."

"You are," Steve agreed and that was not what Steve was thinking! "But you're one of the most selfless people I know when it matters, too." Now that was better.

"But that's another subject," he continued "So first things first: Tony, you didn't ruin anyone's family, and before you protest, your family was ruined by Howard, not you."


"Second of all, we are all a family, I agree, but it won't break apart if we have an argument! That's just part of life, Tony; if it's not you and me fighting, then it could be Thor and Clint over the remote, or Janet and Hank if you want something more relationship oriented. I mean, they divorced and the Avengers are still running.

"And most important of all, I refuse to watch our relationship crash and burn. It won't happen, so stop thinking that's all it could happen."

"But the team-!"

"Will be fine no matter what, Tony." Steve assured with all the faith he could muster in his voice. The Avengers were strong and tough no matter the adversity. They weren't earth mightiest heroes for nothing. "We are all going to be fine because we are a team and that means we always have a place to belong."

"Steve, you have to understand! There's no place for Tony Stark in this team!" Tony tried in a last attempt to change Steve's stubborn resolve.

Steve at first is confused by his statement, but it doesn't take long for him to realize what he's talking about. He's talking about Natasha's report for when she was passing up as Natalie with the mission of giving either the red or the green light on Tony;

'Iron Man: Yes, Tony Stark: No.'

"Tony, that was a stupid document that meant nothing then and it sure as hell doesn't mean anything now, okay?"


"You have proved yourself countless of times since the day you first created something," Steve interrupted and he rushed to keep talking when he saw Tony's expression at his implication "And I do mean the weapons, because, Tony, you may have been born wealthy because of weapons manufactory, but even that was a step that made you all that you're now. It gave you everything material that a normal person dreams about daily, and you still came out of imprisonment willing to change the world!

"That's something that only a very few people would do having your kind of money! That only shows a little bit of how amazing, loving, caring, brave, gentle, handsome and sexy you are." Steve was aware of his last words, but it didn't make it any easier to stop. His cheeks became redder after every word that left his lips.

At Tony's dumbfounded face, Steve started to babble, "Sorry, it's just hard to concentrate in one topic when you are shirtless in front of me. Darn it! I can't control it! Make me shut up, please!" he begged.

Tony, never leaving Steve's embarrassed eyes, started turning slowly his lips upwards until his little smile became a full laugh. Soon, they were both laughing until they couldn't get enough air and they were panting for dearly missed air.

"I know the feeling of not being able to fucking stop, remember?" Tony was the first to talk, eyes still dancing with mirth, "Serves you right."

"I do deserve it," Steve confessed with a chuckle, but couldn't help to try and defend himself a little. "But my intentions were noble, I swear."

"I know." Tony said tenderly, as if he didn't think Steve was capable of anything else.

Then the miracle happened.

Tony closed the distance between them slowly, willingly; never breaking eye contact until he was millimeters apart of Steve and then he permitted himself to close his eyes. Steve wouldn't dare to move nor breathe, hardly believing what was happening, blaming it all to a wonderful dream where his feelings were reciprocated, until he felt the very real, very soft lips upon his own.

Steve was probably slow to answer the kiss since his mind was too busy trying to convince him that this was, in fact, happening and that Tony was really kissing on his own initiative for the first time ever.

When Steve managed to snap out of it enough to respond properly and move his arms to pull Tony closer, they were interrupted.

"Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt," JARVIS' mechanical voice came from the ceiling, making them break the kiss but not the embrace; they tried to make up for the lack of lips upon lips by looking at each other unblinkingly. Steve was waiting for a panic-scenario from the smaller man that gratefully didn't come.

"What is it?"

"It seems that the Avengers were gathered around the living room inquiring about yours and Captain Rogers' whereabouts before they decided on the movies that will be displayed on movie night, even though it's only two o'clock in the afternoon."

"Were?" Steve couldn't help but ask.

"Indeed," JARVIS affirmed with what could be amusement. "They got suspicious about the both of you, and decided to come down the workshop to look for you. They appear to find your physical affection amusing and Agent Romanov is attempting to enter using Captain Rogers' codes."

"What?!" They both yelled letting go off each other and turning around as fast as their bodies allowed towards the glass wall where all the Avengers were waving at them. All but Natasha who seemed to be successfully overriding Tony's security code.

They barely had time to blush when the door swished opened and the cat calls of the group were finally listenable.

"Holly fuck!" Clint cursed loudly glaring at them both, "You weren't supposed to be together until next month!"

"Don't be such a sore loser, Clint." Coulson called seemingly uninterested but being betrayed by the twist of his lips.

"You bet on us?" Tony asked as if he couldn't believe it. Steve, from the other part, suspected it because of the constant inappropriate questions that they had been asking him for a while now.

"Who won?" Steve asked with sincere curiosity.

"Thor." All of them replied as one. Some were bitter about it (Clint), some apparently nonchalant (Natasha), some happy (most) and some ecstatic (Thor and Jan).

"Indeed, my friends!" Thor boomed happily taking a step toward them. "Rest assured, I did not cheat as I recall warning the participants of this mighty competition of divination that I was an expert in the matters of the heart!"

"Oh my god." Clint and Tony muttered at the same time.

"I lost about a year ago." Jan confessed happily bouncing from foot to foot. "I couldn't believe you guys couldn't just get over yourselves and get to it already!"

"We have been having sex for months now."

Everyone got shockingly silent when the words left the less expected lips in the room: Steve's.

The super soldier, of course, just wanted to die already so he would be spared the shame. His confession didn't seem to affect Tony much since he was laughing at his lava-red-blush.

"Really?" Jan asked bouncing in excitement. "When exactly?! We need an precise date so we can determinate the real winner!"

"None of that, Lady Jan!" Thor boomed indignantly, "I've predicted the exact week when their relationship had publicly started correctly, as indicated by the Widow's mighty rules!"

"True." Natasha confirmed simply, a pensive scowl on her face.

"But, but! I want details!"

"Jan, darling," Hank tried to contain his wife by taking her hand and pulling on it gently towards the door, "why don't we just head to the living room before Steve dies from embarrassment and so you can choose the movie before Clint?"

"Hey!" This got Clint and Jan running upstairs as if it was a matter of life or death, when they were just out of sight, Clint's yelling could still be heard, "Flying is considered cheating!"

Hank sighed and followed his wife.

"We shall celebrate!" Thor continued as if nothing had happened behind him, "We had two glorious victories today! The one where Steven finally won Anthony's heart and my mighty victory that granted me a lot of dollars to take my lovely Jane out on a mortal's date!"

Without saying anymore, he went out of the door happily.

The rest, Steve noticed, were still staring at them intently.

"Can we help you?" he asked cautiously while willing his blush to disappear.

"Well, even if I didn't win the bet, I can say it was worth my money." Spider Woman replayed almost… leeringly?

"I agree," Natasha backed her up with an almost identical look.

"A~nd that's my cue to leave as if hell-hounds were after my butt." Peter said as he ran up the wall by the stairs. "See you all later!"

"This may be the smartest thing you've ever said, kid." Logan stated going after Spiderman and followed by Coulson and Luke who seemed to share his opinion.

That's when Steve noticed that Tony was still shirtless with his pants unbuttoned. Then he looked at himself and the super soldier blushed even more than before.

Steve had apparently mistaken his pants for his boxers in the heat of their argument, and it was the only thing covering right then.

"Come on Tony," Jessica Drew and Jessica Jones came to drag the scared genius to the stairs with Natasha leading the way. "Let's give Steve some privacy to make himself presentable before he passes out or become red permanently."

"Steve! I'm a little scared, here! You know I can't lie! Help! Three super women are dragging me away!" Tony yelled after him, the girls didn't even seem winded at his struggles. "They must be planning something wicked! Hurry, assemble the team!"

Steve started hurrying because it was a matter of time before the Avengers realized that they were both hexed –especially with Tony yelling he can't lie- and started to have fun at their expense.

Before Tony and the girls could get out of the workshop, Tony looked back at him.

Steve was a smart guy, maybe not on Tony's genius level, but smart enough to know that Tony's complexes wouldn't disappear after all their sincere but impossibly honest confessions; they wouldn't have said a lot of things they'd had without the potion, even if they had been willing to be honest in a normal situation. He knew.

But it was a big step, nevertheless. Especially if the fond, love-sick expression -which Steve was usually granted only the moment when they lay between the sheets, both panting after a few rounds of fulfilling sex- that was now being formed willingly on his lover's face was any indication.

Many questions remained unasked while the spell held power, but there will be even more along the normal, relationship-oriented way; some will be answered, some others will be forgotten. And it didn't matter because Steve managed to achieve the opportunity of, at the very least, being able to think about them both not only as one individual questioning himself the 'what if's', but as a couple trying to figure out what is to come. Together.

No matter what Tony avowed to the sky and above, for Steve, magic, he decided, was incredible.

The End.

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