The bedroom was cold and there seemed to be a stronger than usual breeze blowing in from the bathroom window. Michael shivered as he wearily rose from his slumber and ambled across the room towards the hallway, he heard Maria stir so he stopped in his tracks to return to her and adjust the covers so she was warm.

While he was pulling the blankets up to her chin he smiled and stared at her, she looked so beautiful in the dark, her face seemed to take on a whole new personality when she slept. During the day her face seemed so radiant so full of life and yet there always seemed to be a subtle hint of vulnerability in her eyes. But when she slept - it was as if she were at complete and utter peace totally relaxed unhindered by pain or worry, she seemed so solid and strong when she slept.

"Spaceboy how many times do I have to tell ya get your kicks some other way and stop staring at me sleep" Maria murmured out without opening her eyes

" Sorry, go back to sleep I'm just gonna close the widow in The other room are you warm enough?"

"MmmmmHmmm" was all Maria managed to get out before she had fallen back into her deep sleep. Michael kissed her softly on the head and moved away.

So much had happened in such little time, Michael sometimes had to just stop everything so he could take it all in. Ever since he could remember all he could think about was finding somewhere to belong, somewhere where he could be free to be himself - his true self, no games, no pretenses, no stone walls. Somewhere he could just be loved. He had always thought that unattainable place lay somewhere out in the big blue sky among the stars across the vast universe, he never imagined that his home could ever be right here in Roswell New Mexico.

Reaching out both his arms to pull the window down he cast his gaze out into the dark indigo sky liberally sprinkled with glitter and moondust, sparkling like something magical and surreal. He knew now, at a time when they were so close to discovering all they had ever dreamed of about themselves and where they came from, that home isn't a place in the physical sense but it's created by all that you love and all that love you. And Michael knew for the first time in his life that he loved someone but what was even more of a miracle, was that she loved him right back.

Wide eyed and with a smile on his face he pulled the window pane down and closed the flimsy curtains, resting his hands firmly on his unkempt mop of hair he let out a sigh that turned into a giggle as he remembered all that he and Maria had been through over the past two and a half years and how completely intoxicating it felt kissing her for the very first time at the Crashdown. His heart pounded at the thought of holding her face in his hands, running his fingers down her arm and suddenly he longed to be with her again touching her, smelling her surrounding himself with her so he quickly made his way back to bed.

Climbing in behind her he snaked his hand around her waist and gently pulled her close to him like a spoon she gave a small smile " I thought you were never coming back" she yawned

"Maria" he whispereed kissing that back of her neck "that is one thing you will never have to worry about - I will always come back". Slowly his eyes began to get heavier and heavier, sleep came to him easy with a deep satisfaction. And even though he knew there were still so many unanswered questions and still so many things to sort out with Max and his son and that the future seemed so uncertain he felt good in knowing that he wasn't lying - he would never leave Maria, whatever happened. He had searched too long for her, he had finally found home.