Bella POV

I hated it. The lying, the secrecy. I made a vow to never tell anyone about my true life, a vow that I can't break. I desperately wanted to tell Edward and our family the truth, but I know without a doubt that if I do, it'll be my death. I was silenced by a vow, an unbreakable vow that I made with Dumbledore, when I was only fifteen, to not reveal my true self to anyone whilst in America. I could only tell my secret if I was needed back home, in England. 'It is for your protection, Miss Potter.' he told me. I could do nothing but agree.

It has been exactly three weeks since the Volturi came to kill my daughter. Three wonderful weeks, where I could try and forget my past life and just enjoy the new one I have been given. But of course, my life could never be that simple. There had to be some kind of trouble lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce on me and ruin my happiness.

Everyone was in the main house when it happened. The familiar patronus of my brother galloped into my sight. Several gasps were heard around the room as well as the snarling of Jasper and Edward. I simply ignored them however and abruptly got to my feet. Whilst approaching the white stag I reached a hand towards it. "Harry?"

The stag looked in my direction and the voice of my twin soon filled the room. "Bella. Ron, Hermione and I are going to Hogwarts. Be prepared. It's time."

I slowly nodded my head as my brain tried to make sense of his words. This was it. I had to go fight. I could now tell the Cullens my biggest secret. Fear racked my body as I thought of the battle ahead of me. How many of my friends would die? How many lives would be lost, all because of me and my brother and the stupid prophecy? As the stag slowly turned to nothing more than a silver mist, I remembered the others that occupied the living room. I became aware of Edward in front of me, hands on my shoulders, looking into my eyes. His own swam with concern, curiosity and confusion.

"Bella, love? What just happened?" He asked in his velvet voice. My own voice was lost as I tried to find the right words. How do I tell someone who thinks they know everything about me, that they have it all wrong? I avoided his gaze and looked to my left. The entire family were now on their feet, the same questioning look on their faces. Jacob stood with Renesmee in his arms off to the side with a confused expression. Would they still want me after this? Would Edward?

I shook my head to clear these thoughts. If I was going to tell them my story then I needed a clear head. I closed my eyes and backed slowly out of Edward's hold, so I stood facing everyone. Without opening my eyes I began.

"Look, there's no easy way for me to tell you this. When I'm done you'll probably want nothing to do with me, which I suppose I'll understand." I took a deep breath, not wanting to look at their faces. "I'm a witch."

There was no noise, only complete silence. I opened my eyes and saw all of the vampires looking at me in shock, obviously not believing what I was saying. Edward finally let out a breath. "Bella, wha-?" he began, but was unable to finish his sentence. I sighed. We were vampires, how could they not believe me? Jacob let out a snort. I whipped my head round in his direction.

"Why is it so hard to believe? This room is full of the supernatural! Jacob, you turn into a wolf but me being a witch is too far-fetched " My narrowed eyes bored into his. He shrunk back from the intensity of my gaze.

When no one else made a move to say anything, I decided the only way they would believe me was to demonstrate. I reached down to my ankle where my wand was strapped to my leg. I kept it on me most of the time. As soon as it was in my hand they all jumped back, probably unsure of what I was about to do. Or worried for my sanity.

I turned to Rosalie, the magazines she had been reading now at her feet. I waved my wand and said, "Accio magazines." Straight away the magazines came flying into my hand. Eight startled gasps surrounded me. I didn't dare meet anyone's eyes, anyone except my daughter who was acting oddly calm. She gave me a small smile and a giggle escaped her lips.

I quickly scanned the room, taking in their reactions. Carlisle stood next to Esme, both of them staring at me with wide eyes, mouths open. If the situation had been different then I might have found their expressions amusing. Jasper stood protectively in front of Alice. I held back a snort. Why on Earth would I attack my best friend? Alice was muttering, "But why had I not seen this?" to herself. Rosalie was just staring at me in confusion, eyes narrowed slightly. Emmett's shocked expression had slowly melted away, leaving a grin on his face. Jacob had his eyes closed tightly and was shaking his head back and forth quickly. I then braced myself for the most important reaction, the one that mattered most.

Edward, like Carlisle and Esme, was staring at me in evident shock. I looked into his eyes, not wanting to see the betrayal and anger they held, but when I did I saw something completely different. His eyes were swimming with confusion and hurt but the love that was always present when he looked at me hadn't disappeared. I let myself feel a small glimmer of hope.

Carlisle recovered first. "Bella, can you explain . . . this?" He managed to say. I let out a deep breath and nodded.

"Of course, but please don't interrupt me. I'll answer your questions at the end. I promise." When everyone agreed I continued. "My real name is Isabella Potter. I'm from England and - oh that reminds me -" I waved my wand once again to remove the charm placed over my voice box When I continued I spoke with my real accent. "Anyway, I'm really from England. I have a twin brother, Harry." I nodded to where the stag had once been. "Charlie and Renee aren't my real parents. Dumbledore - the old headmaster at Hogwarts - confunded two muggles to think they had a daughter together. Oh," I noticed their confused looks. "a muggle is someone who can't do magic. My real parents were murdered when Harry and I were barely a year old by a dark wizard called Voldemort." I knew about the taboo, but at this point it didn't matter. "When our father was dead he came to kill us. He said he'd spare my mother's life, we were the ones he really wanted, but she tried to protect us so he killed her too. He fired the killing curse at Harry first but we were huddled together so closely, it managed to hit us both. Harry and I are the only people to ever survive that curse. I was left with a lightning bolt scar on my collarbone, while Harry has one on his forehead." I pulled down my shirt to show them the red scar. I took a deep breath before continuing.

"There was a prophecy made about us. That's why he came to kill us. The prophecy stated that Harry and I were the only ones with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord, so he set out to kill us before we even had the chance. His plan obviously failed though." I smiled slightly, even though there was no humor in the story. "We were sent to live with our mother's sister after that, muggles they were. Horrible people, Harry and I shared the cupboard under the stairs as our bedroom while our cousin had two bedrooms." I shook my head at the memory. Esme placed a hand over her still heart, motherly instinct taking over. Edward's eyes turned darker and his hands balled into fists. I didn't comment though, his actions showed that he still cared. Everyone else showed similar reactions. I started again before they could speak. "Anyway, we lived there until our eleventh birthday. That was the day we received our Hogwarts letters. Now, Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft and wizardry. It's where I went for five years before coming here. Oh! That's another thing. "I glanced sheepishly at Edward. "I wasn't seventeen when I moved here. I was fifteen." Once again the room was filled with their astonished gasps. Edward looked like he was about to say something but clearly thought better of it, as he simply nodded his head at me to continue.

"I'm glad you waited to change me, otherwise I would be unable to do magic outside of school." I briefly filled them in on the events that happened in my five years at Hogwarts. I had to fight back sobs as I recalled the graveyard and the ministry. Cedric had been a good friend and Sirius had been like a father to me. It killed me to lose them and it was painful to bring those memories to the surface after so long.

"At the end of my fifth year Dumbledore and the rest of the Order agreed that it was too risky to have both Harry and I in one place, so it was decided that I would be sent to America for my own protection. Dumbledore had already sorted out all the details for me so all I had to do was show up." I paused before telling them about the vow. Maybe this would lessen the hurt they all felt. "Right before I left, he made me make an unbreakable vow. An unbreakable vow, obviously, can't be broken. If I had told you about my true self before now," I paused again. "I would have died."

All at once their expressions changed to shock and understanding. Edward immediately rushed forward and embraced me. "I'm so sorry, Bella."

I looked up at him, confused. "Why are you sorry?"

"I was angry and hurt that you didn't tell me. I thought you didn't trust me." He looked down, clearly ashamed.

I placed my hand on his cheek. "Edward," His eyes flickered to mine. "I completely understand why you would feel like that. I wanted more than anything to tell you, all of you. Of course I trust you, I would trust you all with my life."

No one said anything. Edward simply kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me once more. I took a deep breath, breathing in his scent.

"You know what happened to me from there. Back home though, a war started. Voldemort and the Death Eaters - his followers - want to destroy anyone who isn't a pureblood. You see, a pureblood is someone born from a full magical background. A half-blood is someone who has some muggle heritage, like Harry and I. Then there's a muggleborn or 'mudblood' as they like to call them. They are witches and wizards who have no other magical relatives. Voldemort believes that anyone less than a pureblood is unworthy of magic. My father was a pureblood, my mother a muggleborn, so despite the prophecy, he would want me dead."

I waited for someone to speak but they all seemed to be processing the information. I looked at the clock on the wall and realized that my story only took fifteen minutes to tell. Resting my head back against Edward's chest, I watched them in silence, my mind beginning to wonder. Would Harry, Ron and Hermione already be at Hogwarts? From the end of my fifth year all three of them have been sending me updates on the wizard world. I knew what they'd been doing this past year and could only be disappointed and guilty that I wasn't there to help them. No, I was off falling in love. I had also been telling them about my new life, and about my being a vampire.

It was Esme who finally broke the silence. "Bella, you have been through so much in your short life and I'm so glad to have you in our family. I completely understand that you couldn't say anything before, but thank you for telling us now. It can't have been easy for you." She reached forward and grabbed my hand, squeezing it lightly.

"Thank you Esme, that means a lot." I smiled at her in appreciation. Suddenly I had been swept into a hug by Emmett. Even without needing to breathe he managed to choke me. When he finally let go he had a big grin on his face.

"My little sister's a witch! This is so cool!" The rest of the family each told me that they didn't blame me for not telling them and still loved me as a member of the family. The only people who hadn't said anything were Jacob and Edward. Nessie was still smiling happily, giggling every now and then.

I turned to Jacob first. His confused expression slowly melted into a smirk. "Well Bells, you always have been a bit of a strange one." I couldn't think of a comeback so I stuck my tongue out at him. Everyone laughed at my immature response. I took a deep breath and turned to Edward. He had already proved that he didn't hate me, but I didn't know how he really felt about it all. He still had his arms wrapped around my waist so we were standing quite close. I looked up into his eyes, waiting for him to speak. When he didn't, I whispered, "Edward?"

"Bella, I don't know why you look so worried. None of this has changed how I feel about you, nothing ever could." He said, giving me his crooked smile. My insides melted as I took in his words.

"Wait. You still want to be with me? Even after finding out about the real me?"

He shook his head in exasperation, the smile never leaving his perfect face. "Of course I do, you silly girl. I love you." He said and then his lips were on mine. I was overwhelmed by the happiness and love I felt. We could have been kissing for three seconds or three hours. Time didn't seem to exist anymore. Everything else faded into the background, our family, Voldemort and the war. Edward and I were the only two people in the world in that moment and I couldn't be happier. When we parted I was radiating happiness. Poor Jasper was stood with a big, goofy grin on his face.

"Bella, your future just disappeared." The happy mood that has settled on the room evaporated with Alice's words. Edward let out a growl, a low rumbling in his chest. I was the only one who didn't panic.

"That will be because of Hogwarts. It probably won't show up in your visions. It has loads of enchantments all over it to protect our secret from muggles." I said.

"Why would you be going to Hogwarts though?" She asked. The rest of the family all murmured in agreement, clearly confused. Hadn't they just heard the patronus? Hadn't I just explained to them how vital a part I played in this war?

"I'm going to Hogwarts because a fight is about to start, I know it. If Harry has asked me to go then I obviously need to be there. He wouldn't put me in necessary danger. He said it was time. Voldemort will be on his way there already. I'm going to fight." There was half a second of silence before the protests began.

"You can't be serious!" Jacob.

"But you just said it was dangerous!" Rosalie.

"But Voldemort will be there, you can't risk it!" Esme.

But the worst was Edward. "Bella, if you think I'm letting you anywhere near that place then you're deluded! It sounds far too dangerous!"

I ignored the others and focused on my husband. "Edward, I need to be there. The only way to end this war is for me and my brother to kill him. We could save thousands, millions of lives by ending it! Don't you see?" I stared into his eyes, trying to show him that he didn't need to worry. We stared at each other for a good three minutes before he finally relented.

"Fine, I can see there's nothing I can do to stop you." I smiled smugly. "So I'll come with you." My smug smile dropped.

"What? No! You have to stay here, all of you do! It's too dangerous." I all but screamed at him.

"But it's not too dangerous for you?" He asked, eyebrow raised. I sighed, knowing that I was going to lose this one. He was right, it was too dangerous for me. Me more than anyone, except Harry. Even though I knew it was pointless, I still tried to get him to change his mind.

"Please Edward. I have to be there, the war is centered around Harry and I. I don't have a choice, but you do. You don't know a thing about witches and wizards, you'd have no way to defend yourself. If they find out you're a vampire they'll use fiendfyre. It's the only spell that could have any dangerous affects but-" I was interrupted by Jasper.

"Wait, your kind know about us?"

I was taken back by his question. "Of course, we learn all about magical beings at Hog-" I was cut off again.

"So you knew what we were? Before Edward told you?" Ah, I could see where he was coming from now.

"Oh, yeah." I glanced sheepishly around the room, then at my husband. "I had to pretend though, otherwise you would have wanted to know how I knew. You know I've never been the best liar." Edward snorted. I glared at him as he tried to stifle his laughter.

"Anyway, I have to be going soon. Real soon. I don't know if it's started yet but it won't be long until it does." I tightened my grip on my wand, already planning. I could apparate to Hogsmeade and sneak into Honeydukes and go through the cellar. Right now it seemed like my only option.

I opened my mouth to say goodbye but Emmett beat me to it. "Bells, we are all coming with you. Maybe we could help. Magic or not they won't be much of a match against us, right?"

I sighed in defeat, looking at all of their determined expressions. "You're not going to let this go, are you?" All seven of the vampires shook their heads. Jacob was too busy gazing down at my daughter, worry evident in his eyes.

I let out a breath. "Fine! You can come with me, on one condition." I looked at Jacob. "You stay here with Renesmee. You won't be immune to magic and I will not allow my daughter to go to that place. It's too risky." Jacob looked like he was debating with himself but the look on my face must have settled it for him. He gave a curt nod. "Okay. But you have to keep me posted." I nodded at him, smiling brightly.

"Well, we need to get going." How would we get there? Apparating was out of the question, there were far too many of us and I wasn't that confident to risk it. I had no floo powder. I'd have to make a portkey. Looking around the room, my eyes settled on the bookshelf. "Accio Romeo and Juliet." The book came soaring into my hands. I pointed my wand at it yet again and said, "Portus."

Almost immediately it started to glow an luminous blue colour. "Everyone place a finger on it. We have thirty seconds." While everyone shuffled forward I ran at vampire speed to kiss Renesmee on the head. "I love you, Nessie. Never forget that." With the same speed I ran to the portkey and stood next to Edward, my finger touching the spine. Just as we lifted off the ground I shouted to Jacob, "Look after her!"

We were spinning incredibly fast through the air, the Cullen living room melting away until it could no longer be seen. The familiar grounds of Hogsmeade came into view and I screamed at my family. "LET GO!" They all gave me bewildered looks, but complied. I let go myself and I was soon hurtling towards the ground. With my new vampire gracefulness I managed to land on my feet. Looking around me I saw my family all sprawled out on the ground, each wearing a dazed expression. The sight was so comical, I couldn't hold in the loud laugh making it's way out my mouth.

My laughter soon ended though when a loud siren noise filled the air. I gripped my wand tightly in my hand, holding it at arms length, my head whipping in all directions, looking for the source. The scent of human blood filled my nose, the burn in my throat barely noticeable given the current situation. Soon the air was filled with the stamping of human footsteps and loud shouts. It took me several seconds to work out what they were saying. "IT'S POTTER!" What sounded like thirty men were screaming about me and my brother. From snippets of conversation, I gathered that this had happened not ten minutes ago. Clearly my brother had already arrived. 'Good,' I thought. 'At least they don't know which twin it is.'

Suddenly, the door right next to me opened and an old, tired looking man with a familiar face ushered us inside. Deliberating for half a second on whether we could trust him, I decided it was worth the risk, and hurried into the small building. The Hogs Head, I realized as I got a real look at the place.

Once all of my family were safely inside, I turned to the familiar man. I gasped as I took in his face. "You're Dumbledore's brother, aren't you? Aberforth?"

He regarded me with a look of distaste but nodded in reply. "Your brother has already gone up with two friends of his. More and more kids keep turning up in my fireplace wanting to get to Hogwarts. It's a pub, not a train station!" Once he had finished his rant, he looked at me intently, studying my face.

"Vampires? What you hanging about with vampires for?" He studied me yet again, his gaze finally resting on my now butterscotch eyes. "Gold eyes, animal blood..." He trailed off, then sighed. "Alright, I suppose I can trust you." He pointed to a portrait of a girl hanging above the fireplace. "You'll want to go through there."

I gave my thanks before running to the portrait and throwing it open with ease. I signaled for my family to follow me and together we ran down the narrow corridor. At the end of it I could make out a large, square door. I wonder where it leads to? As we reached the end the familiar scent of human blood filled my nostrils, making my throat burn, but only slightly. I could hear the voice of my brother talking to what seemed like a large crowd of people. I almost squealed with excitement. It had been two years since I had last been here, since I had last seen my brother and my friends.

I pushed open the door and took in the room before me. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff banners filled the walls, the house colours could be seen in every direction. I noticed how there was no green or silver anywhere in the room, no surprises there. There were chairs and cushions and even some small cots cluttered about the room, giving it a cosy feel. I knew straight away that this was the room of requirement. No other room in Hogwarts could look like this. After I thought I had surveyed every detail of the room I realized there was one thing I may have overlooked. About fifty witches and wizards all gaping at me and the Cullens. A deathly silence came over the room and that's when I remembered. Most of the people here had no idea what had happened to me. Some thought I were dead, some thought I had gone into hiding, some thought I had been kidnapped. These were just some of the rumours going around Hogwarts after I moved to Forks. I couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Uh..surprise?" No one said anything for what seemed like years. I shuffled my feet on the floor, gazing down. I was aware of my family standing behind me, Edward placed a hand on the small of my back, trying to reassure me.

"Bella?" I looked up into the familiar face of Neville Longbottom. I smiled slightly. Wow, he had definitley grown up since I last saw him. "Is it really you?"

"Yeah." I managed to choke out. "It's really me."

I looked to my left and for the first time saw Harry, Ron and Hermione, all beaming at me. They all looked so worn, so tired since I last saw them. Looking around the room I noticed that everyone did. Everyone seemed to have aged since I was last here.

"Harry." I breathed. Then I ran forward, not caring about the speed or anyone else in the room. Only my twin brother who I hadn't seen in so long. I embraced him so tightly that I'm sure I nearly broke a rib or two. If he was hurt at all he didn't say anything. He simply hugged me back as tightly as his human strength would allow. "I missed you so much." He whispered. The room erupted in cheers, all of my old friends, my old classmates, finally believing it was the real me, Isabella Potter. When I finally released my brother I was engulfed in a hug by Hermione. I smiled with glee. It was so good to see my best friend again. Then it was Ron's turn. I ended up being passed around the room, each person wanting to welcome me back after so long. People were shouting and screaming things like "THE POTTER TWINS ARE BACK!" and "WE HAVEN'T LOST!"

When the reunion was finally over, I glanced back at my family and smiled. All seven of them were stood in the corner of the room, looking around in wonder and awe. I ran over to them and took Edward's hand, giving him a swift kiss on the cheek. He smiled his crooked smile and I almost forgot how to breathe. We hadn't had much of a chance to talk yet and I didn't know when we would, so I decided now might be the only time for a while.

"What do you think so far?" I asked with a grin.

He turned and wrapped his arms around my waist so I was facing his chest. "It's amazing. The-portkey, was it?" I nodded. "-was certainly interesting." He smiled down at me, pushing my hair off my face and behind my ear. "Although it may take a while to get used to that accent of yours." My still heart dropped, did he not like the real me? I must have given something away on my face because he locked my lips in a passionate kiss. "It's very . . . alluring."

I smiled wickedly back at him, placing my arms around his neck, stretching up on my toes so we were closer in height. "Really?" I asked, then placed my mouth back on his. We were interrupted however by an impatient cough. I turned my head to see every one staring back at me. Some giggling, some in shock. Some even looked envious and annoyed. I quickly figured out that Harry had been the one to cough as he was stood with his arms crossed over his chest, eyebrows raised.

I took a step back from Edward. "Uh, everyone this is my husband, Edward." There were several gasps at the word 'husband'. I continued as if it didn't happen. "And these are his adoptive parents, Esme and Carlisle, his sisters Rosalie and Alice and his brothers Emmett and Jasper." Each of them smiled brightly at the occupants of the room. There were murmurs of acknowledgment, but everyone seemed to be waiting for Harry's reaction. After a full twenty seconds, he simply nodded and said, "Nice to meet you." I sighed in relief, that could of gotten awkward.

Everyone seemed to have accepted that the Cullens and I were vampires as no one commented. Maybe Harry had filled them in before hand?

Behind me I heard some people clambering through the door. I didn't recognize the scent so I had to turn and look at who it was. I grinned widely as Ginny, Fred and George Weasley were dusting off their muggle clothes. The three of them took in the room before their eyes landed on the 'inhumanly beautiful' people. Ginny squealed and immediately ran forward to embrace me. "Bella!" I laughed and hugged her back with as much enthusiasm, if not more. Ginny and I had always been close friends, she had confided in me after her first year and about her crush on my brother. I saw her as a sister, like Hermione. Harry had told me all about his relationship with the youngest Weasley and I was so happy for her. Even though they weren't together now, I knew my brother. Judging by the look on his face, I could tell he was still hopelessly in love with her.

I blocked out Ginny and Harry's reunion though and focused on the twins, each wearing an identical grin. Fred's grin not as wide, his eyes holding more emotion than his twin's. Out of the two I has always been a little bit closer to Fred. I loved them both like brothers, but Fred always seemed to be there more than George. It wasn't until my fifth year that I found out why.

It was October and Fred and I were walking near the lake. He was telling me all about their plans to open the joke shop, how they had most of the details sorted out already. I listened, happy to see one of my best friends so happy. I hadn't realized until then how attractive the twins really were. To me, Fred had always been one of my best guy friends, nothing more. But as I watched him, the excitement growing on his face, I started to feel something different.

"It'll be strange not seeing you two everyday." I said when he had finished. He grabbed my hand, an unusual action for Fred. Strangely, I didn't mind.

"I know it will be hard not to see this handsome face everyday, but you'll go on." He said with a grin, his eyes dancing with humour. Then he suddenly turned more serious. "I'm gonna miss you, Bella."

I smiled slightly at him, trying not to show how sad I really felt. "You too, Fred." We stood in comfortable silence for a few minutes, each left to our own thoughts. All of a sudden, he pulled my hand so I was facing him and looked me in they eye. His voice strained.

"Bella, I-" He didn't finish and looked out at the lake, his eyes distant.

"Fred?" I waited until he was looking at me again. "What is it?"

He stared into my eyes for a few seconds, searching them. Then without any warning, he crushed his lips to mine. It took me a few seconds to work out what was happening. I was kissing Fred Weasley, one of my best friends. I was kissing Fred Weasley. Fred Weasley was kissing me. Fred Weasley and I were kissing. I twisted and turned the words over in my head, they sounded wrong, but a part of me liked the way it sounded. It felt right to be kissing him. With these thoughts in mind, I kissed him back, responding enthusiastically.

When we broke apart, we were both breathless. "Fred, what was that?"

He sighed. "Bella, I've liked you ever since the yule ball last year. I've never had the courage to do anything before now, but it's my last year. I figured I may as well give it a shot, right?"

I processed his words. Fred Weasley liked me? As in, he fancied me? The thought made my stomach flip and I couldn't stop the smile spreading across my face. I didn't care if it was too sudden, I just went with my gut instinct. I kissed him again.

We had dated for the rest of that year. We had never officially broken up, but we both knew that it was over. I couldn't hide my delight at seeing them both again, a large grin spread across my face.

"Only you Bells, could leave for two years and come back a vampire. How do you do it?" George asked, shaking his head in mock exasperation. He obviously didn't care that I was a vampire as he strode forward and hugged me tightly. I giggled before turning to his twin.

"Fred?" I asked, hesitant.

"Bells." Was all he said before I ran at him. As we hugged I knew that it was OK. We would remain friends, as we always were. I stepped back out of his embrace, though he kept an arm slung over my shoulder. I looked to my vampire family, all of them were smiling politely. Edward had a small grimace on his face. Someone was probably remembering my fifth year.

"Fred, George, this is Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper." I said, pointing to each person in turn. "And this," I said, walking forward and taking Edward's hand. "Is my husband, Edward." The twin's faces were hysterical. Their mouths dropped open, eyes wide, both of them spluttering words but neither forming a full sentence. I giggled.

Edward wrapped an arm around my waist. He leaned down so his mouth was at my ear. "Fred, huh?" He asked. I could hear the jealousy in his voice that he was trying to hide. I giggled again.

"Bella! Why didn't you tell me you had a boyfriend? I thought you loved me! Why wouldn't you tell me this?" My pixie sister pouted.

I laughed. "It was just the easiest thing to do." I shrugged.

"Wait, wait. You thought Bella had never snogged anyone before?" Fred and George looked at each other before bursting into peals of laughter, attracting the attention of the whole room.

My family exchanged confused glances, before looking at me. I let out a huff of air, annoyed. So I had kissed several people throughout my time at Hogwarts. Is that such a bad thing?

The twins were leaning on each other for support, wiping tears from their eyes. I let out a growl, both of them sobered slightly but amusment still danced in their eyes. Edward, along with our family, looked at me, eyebrow raised.

"Sorry Bells, but you were a bit of a sla-" George was cut off by my brother.

"Alright! Sorry to break this up, but we are all here for a reason." Harry rolled his eyes, annoyed. Hermione stood next to him, her brow furrowed. Ron was stood next to her, a neutral expression on his face.

Everyone turned to face them, including me. "What's the plan then?" Seamus shouted.

Harry signaled for me to join him. "Well . . . there isn't one, exactly."

"What we going to do then? Wing it?" Neville asked.

Harry scanned the crowd of people for a minute. "We need to find something. We're not sure what exactly, but it will be something small. Something significant to one of the houses, probably Ravenclaw. Has anyone got any ideas?"

"It could be Ravenclaw's lost diadem." Luna spoke up, I hadn't noticed her before. Oh, I loved that girl. She was another of my close friends. She never failed to make me smile. She was so quirky and individual, I couldn't help but admire her. I thought about what she had said. The Lost diadem? But that's the whole point, it's lost.

"Luna," I began. Everyone's heads whipped around to look at me. "No one knows where that is. It's lost." I said, emphasizing the word.

"Well, we'll have to find it, won't we?" Harry said to me. Then he spoke to the crowd. "Does anyone know where we might find it?" No one spoke for a while. Then Cho Chang spoke up. I had never really liked the girl. I understood her pain after losing Cedric. I, myself was devastated, but she had been so unfair to my brother. She also postponed Ginny and Harry getting together, so I didn't agree with their relationship.

"In the Ravenclaw common room, there's a statue of Rowena Ravenclaw wearing the diadem. I could take you if you like." She said in a hopeful voice, hurriedly getting to her feet. I looked at Harry, he didn't look too keen on the idea, but then Ginny saved him.

"Luna will take you, won't you, Luna?" She asked. I had to hide my smirk. The jealousy was clear in her tone. I heard her brother's sniggers from behind my family.

"OK, lets go, Luna." Harry said and the pair of them walked to the exit of the room. Before they went out, I saw Harry get out the invisibility cloak. Oh, how I had missed that.

While watching them, I failed to notice the crowd had turned to look at me. Silence filled the air for a few seconds, but it was broken by Neville. "Is it really happening Bella? Are we really going to fight?" His face was filled with a fierce determination. I looked him in the eye as he spoke.

"Yes. Voldemort is probably on his way. A fight is unavoidable."

Suddenly, there was a big commotion behind me. More people had arrived. I turned to see most of the Order walking through the door, Remus Lupin leading them in. They each surveyed the room, before their eyes were drawn to the eight beautiful people in front of them, or more specifically, me.

"Bella." Remus breathed, clearly amazed. He, along with the rest of the Order, stood like that for a full ten seconds before all of them broke out into enormous grins. He rushed forward to greet me but as he reached a few feet away, he stopped, staring at me in shock. His eyes then flickered to the Cullens who were now stood off to the side again, then back to me. When he spoke his voice was laced with anger and concern.

"Bella you're a-" I cut him off.

"Vampire, yes. I am aware of that, Remus."

"But, but why? Did they-" I once again cut him off. His voice was getting slightly more hostile with each word and I knew the assumptions he would make.

"Yes, they did turn me, but only because they had no choice. I was dying, Remus." It was then that I remembered we were stood in a room full of people. Despite their loyalty, I didn't want to share too many personal stories with them. Remus seemed to agree as he gave a small nod.

"Well, I can see that none of you drink human blood, so I guess there's no problem." He resumed his grin and walked forward yet again, slower this time, to pull me into a hug.

"I can't tell you how pleased I am to see you, Bells." He whispered into my hair. If I'd have been human tears would have been streaming down my face. Remus, like Sirius, had always been a father figure to Harry and I. When he released me I was quickly pulled into a bone crushing hug, one that could only be given by Mrs Weasley. Even as a vampire I could feel the strength behind it.

"Oh Bella, dear! We've been so worried!" She pulled back, placing her hands on my cheeks, inspecting my face. I couldn't help but grin at the familiar gesture.

"I'm fine, Mrs Weasley. It's good to see you all." After that, any tension left in the Order disappeared as it became clear I was not a danger.

As I was about to turn and speak to Remus again, I noticed some of the elder witches and wizards sending small, curious glances towards my family. At vampire speed, I ran to Edward's side, took his hand and pulled him to where I was standing previously. A second later, the rest of them followed.

"Right everyone, this is my family, the Cullens. That's Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, Esme and Carlisle, and this is Edward," I paused, nervous about their reactions. "My husband."

They all stood, gaping at me. "But Bella, you're so young!" Mrs Weasley protested. Before I could respond, Mr Weasley said, "She's not much younger than we were when we got married, Molly. Besides, she's frozen at seventeen, why wait?"

I smiled and mouthed 'thank you' at him. He returned my smile with one of his own, then he turned to Carlisle. "So, you live as muggles, yes?"

I couldn't help but laugh. Carlisle looked shocked. It was strange to see him lose his calm demeanor. He turned to look at me, "Uh . . ." I nodded quickly. "Er, yes."

"Fascinating." He whispered, eyes wide. "So do you use eclektricy?" The expressions on my families faces were hilarious. Fortunately for Carlisle, Remus intervened.

"I don't think now's the time, Arthur." He said whilst patting his arm.

All of a sudden the door opened as Harry and Luna entered once again. Harry looked quickly around the room, before his eyes rested on the Order and me. He made his way over to us. "Did you find it?" I asked him, my voice quiet.

He shook his head. "No, but I know what it looks like." He then turned to the rest of the room. "The younger kids are going to be evacuated, anyone else is welcome to fight. The teachers are going to try and secure the castle for as long as possible. Snape's made a run for it." He paused and let out a sigh. I knew what was coming, but I dreaded hearing the words out loud. I grabbed his hand and gave it a small squeeze. "Voldemort is on his way."

Panic filled the room, I didn't need Jasper's power to feel it. Everyone began muttering among themselves. Harry ignored them and carried on. The room fell silent at his voice. "We're supposed to be meeting in the Great Hall to get organised."

Immediately, people surged towards the door, the energy and fear in the room was rising, I could almost taste it.

The large crowd grew smaller. Now there was only the Weasley's, Remus, Harry and the Cullens left. I could hear Ginny and Mrs Weasley having an argument over something, but I wasn't quite sure what it was about.

"Wait, where's Ron and Hermione?" Harry asked, turning to me. I looked around, but couldn't see them.

"I, I have no idea." That was odd, I expected them to wait for Harry and I. "They've probably already gone to the Great Hall."

"I said no, Ginny! You're under-age!" Mrs Weasley was shouting at her daughter. I turned my full attention to them.

"I need to fight, mum! I'm in Dumbledore's Army -"

"- a teenager's gang!"

"A teenager's gang who are about to take him on!" Shouted Fred.

"She's sixteen!" She shouted to no one in particular.

"Mum, I can't go home. My entire family is here. I need to be as well." Ginny's voice softened, yet I could still sense the anger behind it.

"I will not allow it!"

Ginny let out an aggravated sigh. She then turned to Harry, a pleading look on her face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry shake his head. I didn't agree with him, but I understood his reasoning. He was in love with Ginny and I knew how much it would hurt him if anything happened to her.

She then turned to me, probably knowing I would take her side. Before I could say a word, someone else clambered out of the doorway. I gasped. It was Percy.

There was a moment of tense, awkward silence before Percy began stuttering. "Am I too late? I only just got the message, I-" I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. The awkward silence pressured down on the room, made worse because, although the Cullens were my family, they were strangers to these people. They had no idea what was going on.

Fleur broke the silence by turning to Remus. "'Ow eez leetle Teddy? And Tonks?" I let out a gasp. I had completely forgotten that Remus had married and had a child.

A startled Remus pulled a photograph out of his pocket. "He's fine, they both are. They're at her mother's." He showed Fleur, Harry and I the picture. I couldn't help but smile. The small baby in the picture had a tuft of turquoise hair and repeatedly waved his hands in the air."

Behind me, Emmett whispered, "Is that photo moving? Did anyone else see it move?"

I ignored him. "Oh Remus, he's adorable."

He turned to me, smiling. "That reminds me. I've already asked Harry. Tonks and I, we would love it if you could be his Godmother."

I felt my eyes sting with tears that I would never shed. "I'd love to." Strong arms wrapped around my waist and I leaned back against his chest, a smile plastered on my face.

"I was a fool!" Percy roared, bringing us back to the awkward atmosphere. "I - I'm sorry. I was a pompous prat, I was a - a,"

Fred finished for him. "Ministry-loving, family disowning, power-hungry moron."

Percy nodded. "Yes, I was." Mrs Weasley burst into tears and rushed to her son, pulling him into a fierce hug. Percy returned it whilst looking at his father. "I'm so sorry, Dad." Mr Weasley hurried to join the hug.

When the reunion was over, everyone in the room began to make their way to the exit. "Ginny!" Barked Mrs Weasley. I decided to interrupt.

"Mrs Weasley?" She turned her gaze on me, softening slightly but still fierce. Even as a vampire I shrunk back, this woman was terrifying. "Why doesn't Ginny stay in here? That way, she'll be here in case of emergency, but she won't be involved in any fighting."

Mr Weasley nodded. "Good idea, Bella." Then he looked at his daughter. "Ginny, you stay in here, you hear me?" I could tell she didn't like the idea, but she nodded nonetheless.

I had just stepped out into the corridor when I felt a searing pain on my collarbone and I could no longer see the room around me, everything was blurry. That's odd. Usually when this happened, I was looking through Voldemort's eyes. Maybe it was my shield? I'd think of it later, I decided. There was more important matters at the moment. It was a pain I had felt many times before throughout my time at Hogwarts. Beside me I heard Harry buckle over and gasp.

I couldn't help it, the pain was too great. A hiss escaped through my clenched teeth. Almost immediatley I felt arms around me. "Bella? What's happening to her? Bella!" Edward's voice was clouded with worry and fear. I don't know if anyone answered him or not. All I knew, was that as the pain increased, Voldemort was getting closer.