Guide In The Darkness

Start: 3/14/2012 Finish: 3/18/2012

Summary: As the darkness closes in, a lone figure protects the survivors of the crashed crew. The young woman doesn't speak much and doesn't even seem human. However, she convinces them to trust her to protect them from the biraptors. Along the way, Riddick finds himself drawn to this woman who responds to the name Guide. Somehow, some way, he plans to get at least him and her off that rock in relatively one piece. But Guide is holding something from the group, something that could either kill them all or end up saving them... At her death. Riddick x OC

Author's Note: So, I'm going to try and keep Riddick as badass as possible but there are bound to be some OOC moments due to certain influences. I'm also going off of Script-O-Rama, tail end of the actual movie, and other FanFictions I have read in my pursuit for Riddick-ness. Please, be nice to me, since I have a tendency to completely change badass characters into pansies. I really don't mean to but it is hard to write a character that isn't my own.

Chapter 1 ~ Crash

A slight framed woman watched as a ship came crashing down to her planet. Her palely light blue eyes, framed in a brown fabric with eye slits just showing her pupils, watched the entire thing and she began to move. Under her eyes, her pale skin was marred a sickly burned flesh colored scar. The scar was like a three spire castle, two short spires bookended the larger one. The two small ones touched the edge of her cheek bones while the larger on reached mid-cheek. She moved low to the ground, her bone spear gripped tightly in her hand. A pair of bone blades was strapped to her back as she moved over the desolate land. Her wild, unkempt hair was pulled back by a leather chord but still some hung in her face. The only thought that ran through her mind was 'Fresh meat.'

She moved closer to the wreck and lingered around the graveyard. A male came out of the wreck, dragging a body. He dug a hole and buried the body. Re-entering the wreck, the woman tried to see when he would exit again. Instead, a large male came slinking out of the hole. Her sharp eyes saw his features clearly. The male was a strong looking specimen and moved with a liquid agility. His skin was tanned and hairless. His eyes were hidden by a pair of black eye coverings. He quickly disappeared from her view, but she knew that he wouldn't go far.

Next, a group of beings appeared from the wreck, males and females. They set off towards the graveyard. The woman lingered, concealing herself behind the ribs of a huge creature. The band moved towards her location. The first single male returned again, with another body. The band was literally on top of the woman before she dropped down behind them and scurried off again. She could smell them close by. She thought of following the group but thought it better to keep near the single male burying the bodies. They were around.

When the group of beings left, she could hear them slithering around near the burial ground. The male began to dig but was dragged into a tunnel, screaming loudly and spilling blood everywhere. The woman moved fast but she was too late. They had taken him. She lingered at the hole before crouching down near it. She could sense the other male approach. She didn't move, just gripped her spear tighter, ready for any move.

"What the hell happened?" he asked her, like he knew who she was.

She shrugged before straightening up. The group approached and the male ran. Another male pursued him. The woman didn't move away from the hole. "What the hell happened? Who the hell are you?" a female questioned her, clearly the leader.

The woman pointed towards the hole with her spear . . . and clicked. The leader furrowed her brows in questioning. The pursuing male returned with the larger male in bindings. A female lashed out towards the large male, but the woman moved to block her. She spoke quietly, "Not fight amongst self."

The woman jerked her head towards the wreck. "Safer there. They come after sun sets." She said, waiting for the group moved.

They mutely moved off, the larger male being dragged by the pursuing male. The woman followed them, covering them.