Epilogue ~ 5 Years Later

A small girl ran away from the three men chasing her. Even though she was five years old, she was still out running the fully grown men. Her wild tawny streaked brown hair whipped behind her while her dark blue eyes gleamed with mischief. She rounded a corner and ran into a pair of female legs, knocking her to the ground. "Dear, what are you doing?" the woman asked, startled by the child.

The child looked up and her eyes widened. "Mama, i. . . I was . . ." the child began to say but the woman began to laugh as the men came gasping up.

"Apparently the Lord Marshall needs to be training you boys more. Especially since you can't get a 5 year old girl." The woman said, her voice more a laugh than an actual voice.

"My lady, my apologies. We didn't know that this was your daughter. If we had known –" the first guide said but a deep voice cut him off.

"What did I tell you about callin' me Lord Marshall?"

The woman turned and gave the man a smile. "My apologies Richard. Then again, I wasn't really talking to you."

"That still ain't no excuse darlin'." Richard B. Riddick said, smirking at her.

She smiled wide and gave the man a deep kiss. "Apology accepted." Riddick said, smirking at her.

"EW! Gross!" the child said, clamoring to her feet.

"And what is so gross about me kissin' your mama?" Riddick asked, scooping the child into his arms before tossing her into the air.

"Daddy!" the child exclaimed, laughing.

"My lord." The guard acknowledged the Lord Marshall.

"Vaako." Riddick replied, shouldering the child.

Vaako bowed to the Lord and Lady Marshall before turning and walking away. "Now, what exactly were you doin' that earned Vaako chasin' you, Kyra?" Riddick asked, placing the child down.

"Nothing!" she said.

"Kyra . . ." the woman warned.

"I was playing with Lucy in the war room." Kyra admitted, hanging her head.

A small hell hound came bounding down the hall, stopping short at the sight of her masters. "And what did Mama say about playing in the war room?" the woman asked, addressing the child and the pup.

"It's dangerous." Kyra said.

"Right." The woman said, crouching down to be eye level with Kyra.

"I'm sorry Mama." Kyra said, looking up to her.

"You're forgiven by me, but you need to go and apologize to Lt. Vaako." The woman said, standing up.

"I'll do that right now!" Kyra exclaimed. "Come on Lucy!"

The pup and the child ran off to find Vaako. The woman sighed loudly, earning a throaty chuckle from Riddick. "She's getting' more like you every day darlin'." Riddick said, taking the woman in his arms.

"Careful Richard." She warned, pulling back and placing his hand on her slightly swollen stomach.

Riddick waited a moment but then he felt it. A small kick from his unborn child. Riddick smiled and kissed the woman. "I'm always careful Guide." He whispered into her ear.

Guide smiled and soundly kissed him. "You had better be." She replied, taking his hand and leading him to their chambers.

Riddick smiled and let himself be led by her. Oh, how he loved his life. Beautiful woman in his bed, gorgeous child running rampant, another on the way, and worlds at his feet. As he watched his woman lead him to their bed, he couldn't help but smile.

The End.